This is how you get a context object in the servlet context listener

Set up Salesforce Flow for Service

To test her call script, Maria creates a new case. It works: after opening the case, the list of steps is displayed. The Verify Caller action is at the top of the list and a red asterisk indicates that it is mandatory. It also displays the Triage and Repair, Order Replacement, Log a Call, and Customer Feedback actions. When Maria up recommendations Clicks, you will be shown the best offers from Einstein Next Best Action.

By clicking Add agents can select and start another step.

Sometimes agents or customers stop a flow when information is missing to close it. (A process automation setting determines whether users can suspend flows.) The component shows whether there are any suspended flows associated with the record. This allows agents to quickly find and complete paused flows.

Maria believes the agent work environment can be transformed positively with Salesforce Flow for Service. She is looking forward to introducing her call script to Roberto and the agents.