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Natural stone floor for inside - flooring in living room, kitchen, bathroom & the whole house

Natural stone floor for indoor and outdoor use

Natural stone floors give your living area a natural and elegant look and impress with their high level of functionality. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or living room - natural stone floors in the interior ensure a unique floor design, which can be optimally adapted to your personal furnishing style using different types of natural stone and their color scheme. In this article you will find helpful tips on cleaning, care and the advantages of a natural stone floor. Let yourself be inspired by our 10 design ideas with pictures that show the whole variety of our natural stone floors.

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Natural stone floors in the interior

Natural stone floors bring an elegant and at the same time natural look into your own four walls. Depending on the type of natural stone, you can choose between warmer or cooler colors. Natural stone also offers numerous possibilities with regard to its surface quality: from ground to antique to smoothly polished, they fit every furnishing style. Regardless of whether you want to set up a kitchen in a rustic country house style or a living room in trendy minimalism - the look is completed with the right natural stone. In addition to the optical refinements, the natural material also offers convincing advantages on a functional level. Natural stone is extremely resistant and very stable. Especially in a busy area of ​​your house, such as in the hallway or the kitchen, you benefit from natural stone floors, as they are less prone to discoloration and signs of wear, especially compared to fine stone. Due to the efficient heat storage capacity, they are also ideal for integrated underfloor heating. So you can enjoy a pleasantly warm floor in winter and a refreshing coolness in summer.

Types of natural stone at TRACO Manufactur

In the online product catalog of TRACO Deutsche Travertin Werke you will find natural stone tiles in various sizes, colors and textures. These are made from the natural stone classics, travertine, shell limestone and sandstone as well as German dolomite rock. These types of natural stone are quarried in our twelve quarries spread across Germany and processed in the TRACO works in Bad Langensalza, Thuringia. Here you can get stonemasonry from years of experience and professional skill from one of the most traditional natural stone manufacturers in Germany.

Formats and laying patterns

Once you have decided on one of the types of natural stone, the important thing to do is choose the appropriate pattern, according to which the slabs or tiles are laid in the room. The correct laying pattern makes a decisive contribution to the overall effect of the new floor. One of the most popular laying techniques is, for example, the modern format pattern, in which the stone slabs are placed next to each other. For a Mediterranean flair, it is better to choose the so-called Roman Association. Laying in strips with a fixed width and flexible length is also popular. In large and wide rooms, large stone slabs in a straight laying pattern look particularly elegant. Ultimately, however, the choice is entirely up to you and is always a question of individual taste. For the design of natural stone floors, TRACO offers a total of four different types of natural stone and 13 different natural stones in several colors. You can also choose from various options for the surface finish, from sanded to polished to rustic. The pattern of the stones makes each tile unique. Particularly popular types of natural stone for indoor floors are antique and dark gray shell limestone, light travertine and dolomite.

Natural stone floors in the living room

Due to its natural beauty, a natural stone floor gives every living room an exclusive and tasteful ambience. In the living room, sandstone, shell limestone, dolomite or travertine create a warm, cozy atmosphere and radiate friendliness. In combination with a laying pattern in the "Roman Association", a Mediterranean look is created that is wonderfully suitable for rustic furnishings. For modern styles and minimalist design, on the other hand, surfaces that are sanded or filled and sanded are suitable.

Eat-in kitchen and dining area with gray shell limestone, floor slabs laid in strips
Travertine Troy lightly filled and sanded
Dining room Laying pattern "Floor slabs in strips" Travertine Troy leveled and sanded

Natural stone floors in the kitchen

Thanks to its easy-care properties, natural stone is also ideal for use in functional rooms such as the kitchen or in storage rooms. A growing trend in interior design are large, open-plan kitchens - that is, the classic kitchen is increasingly being integrated into the living space and part of it. Cooking, eating and spending pleasant hours together - there is a lot of hustle and bustle in the kitchen and the floor is often stressed. Our robust types of natural stone are made for these requirements; even falling objects leave no traces. Thanks to an impregnation, the stone is even water and dirt repellent and light soiling can be easily removed.

White kitchen with travertine tiles Troy light laid in strips
Modern kitchen with dark natural stone floor Muschelkalk Memphis Osiris
Light kitchen with finely honed travertine floor Troja

Natural stone floors in the bathroom

Since natural stone is an excellent heat store, it is ideal for the floor design of your bathroom and can be combined well with underfloor heating. After a comfortable shower, you will look forward to a warm bathroom floor. In addition, the natural stone scores with its special ease of care and easy cleaning. Impregnation makes the natural stone floor water-repellent and less prone to dirt. You can easily clean it with lukewarm water so that your bathroom always remains hygienic and clean. The natural stone floor in the bathroom looks particularly beautiful in combination with a color-coordinated wall cladding made of natural stone. This creates a small spa area in your own home.

Gray limestone Memphis Osiris; Format panels in the minimalist bathroom
Bathroom with travertine tiles Troy light laid in the "Roman Association"

Natural stone floor throughout the house

A natural stone floor gives an individual character not only in the bathroom, kitchen or living room. With its optical and functional advantages, it can be used throughout the house. The material is particularly suitable in frequently used rooms such as entrance areas and hallways. The robustness and longevity of travertine, shell limestone, dolomite or sandstone show only a few signs of wear even after many years. The robust natural stone tiles are also the perfect floor covering for storage rooms, cellars and laundry rooms, because here the material scores with its high resistance and ease of care. A professional impregnation also makes the stone slabs or tiles water- and dirt-repellent and can be cleaned very easily.

Warm travertine Troja bright in the home sauna
Shell limestone flooring in Memphis Ra strips in combination with wood in the hallway

Cleaning and care

We have 7 golden rules that you should follow when cleaning and maintaining a natural stone floor:

Procedure for cleaning a natural stone floor

The corresponding cleaning and care products can be found in our online product catalog.

Prices of natural stone floors

The costs for our types of natural stone vary depending on the type, size and number of the selected natural stone slabs or tiles. We adapt our offers individually to your customer wishes and ideas. Our diverse design options for the surface structure allow us a wide range of different colors, structures and shapes of your natural stone slabs.


For the interior of your home, TRACO offers high-quality types of natural stone, some of which are made by hand using the latest technology. Our stones come from our 12 quarries in Germany and are then processed in Bad Langensalza in Thuringia. Whether sandstone, travertine, dolomite or shell limestone - our types of natural stone are characterized by their durability and resistance. As a purely natural product, production is also ecological, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Each stone is unique and offers a variant for every taste thanks to its individual surface structures, grains and colors. If you have any questions about natural stone and would like personal advice, please contact us on 03603 852 140 or send us an inquiry using our contact form.