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Where is Singapore located? Where is singapore in which country? Which continent is Singapore?

Where is Singapore located?

Singapore in which country? Which continent is Singapore? Singapore lies between the northern latitudes of 1 ° 15 '- 1 ° 28' 'and the eastern longitudes of 103 ° 40' - 104 ° in the Indian Ocean. Singapore is a country in Southeast Asia and borders Malaysia to the north and Indonesia to the south. Its area is 719 square kilometers. 135 km from Ecuador, Singapore is the smallest country in the region, although its level of prosperity is the highest.

Where is singapore

Singapore is a closed country with the Strait of Jahore to the north and west and the Strait of Singapore to the east and south. The capital of Singapore is again Singapore. It holds the title of the smallest country in Southeast Asia with almost 40 islands of its own. As Singapore is one of the city countries, it has no other city than itself. However, in general it is possible to divide the country into four regions: Orchard Street, Little India, Sentosa Island and Chinatown.

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