How long do compressed wooden furniture last

How long does teak furniture last?

The exotic teak wood is so popular not only because of its beautiful golden brown color, but above all because of its good material properties for outdoor use. Its high fiber density and the narrow vascular structure make this wood very robust. Added to this is the naturally high rubber and oil content, which protects the wood from penetrating moisture and makes it resistant to pests and fungi. If you would like to find out more about precious wood, take a look at our guide "Teak a closer look".

How long does teak furniture last?

- For decades and across generations- with high quality teak.

The resistance to moisture and pests make teak an excellent raw material for the production of garden furniture, so that teak can hold a candle to synthetic furniture materials in terms of durability and maintenance properties. Due to their natural appearance, the wooden furniture fits wonderfully into your outdoor area and represents a permanent, timeless alternative to the rapid consumption of mass products. Especially in times of crisis, as "Corona" shows us, wooden furniture gives us unique and unimaginable properties , Stop. Pieces of furniture that we have learned to perceive and love with all our senses are not disposed of so quickly either, and we use them sustainably until the end.

The long service life and long usability of high-quality teak furniture are the main arguments against the negative ecological balance. The long route for tropical timber to be transported cannot be denied and the increased demand is fueling overexploitation of the rainforest. A trustworthy dealer and, above all, pieces of furniture made from certified plantation wood are essential when buying teak furniture.

Premium garden furniture made of teak can be used for decades. The wood used in Kai Wiechmann's premium products, e.g. B. Table Notting Hill or Teak Bank Brighton, grows for 50-80 years. The wood can mature slowly and then has a correspondingly high oil content, so that the products made from it are extremely robust. It is precisely these products that you are happy to give away to your children after a long period of use or that you may still have from your grandparents in the garden yourself. High-quality teak furniture is timelessly beautiful and will benefit you across generations!