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Who installs and maintains mobile air conditioning systems and split devices?

Summer is there and it is 30 degrees outside and the heat in the apartment is almost unbearable. The solution is a well-functioning air conditioning system. Specialist dealers or hardware stores assemble or install air conditioning systems and ensure that your home is always cool.

Who can install air conditioning systems?

The installation of an air conditioner belongs in the hands of a certified
Professionals. A split air conditioner is connected to a small pipe that runs through a small opening in the wall. An air conditioning installer coordinates all components well and ensures safe operation of the air conditioning unit.

Self-installation of the air conditioning

If you have bought a split air conditioning unit, it must first be integrated into the room. You can of course hire a professional to do this if there is additional cost, or you can consider installing the air conditioner yourself. If you want to install an air conditioning system yourself, there are a number of things that you need to be aware of.

Observe the law

According to the law, the EU regulation stipulates that the commissioning of split air conditioning units may only be carried out by certified specialist companies.

Because of this, you should consider installing the air conditioner be sure to hire a specialist. If you still install the air conditioner yourself, you are moving in a gray area. Of course, you can also put a mobile device in your room, but it is not as powerful as split air conditioning units. Nevertheless, good cooling is also possible with the mobile devices.

Advantages of a professional installation of an air conditioning system

An installer who specializes in the installation of air conditioning systems will properly assemble the device and also offer you detailed advice on which air conditioning unit is best for your needs. The air conditioning is not only installed professionally, it is also quick and dirt-free.

Maintenance and repair of an air conditioning system

To avoid costly repairs to the air conditioner, you should have the air conditioner serviced once a year. In this way you reduce disruptions and ensure hygienic operation. By a yearly maintenance the service life of your air conditioning system is significantly extended.

Often it is only soiled fins on the external unit that the air conditioning technician cleans so that the device cools properly again. In addition, you must have air conditioning units that have more than three kilograms of refrigerant every year according to regulations Leak test undergo. This is done by a certified specialist company. Fresh and healthy air is only guaranteed through regular air conditioning cleaning.

You can find more about the maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems in our guide: Who installs and maintains mobile air conditioning systems and split devices?

Filling the air conditioning

No matter what model of air conditioner you own, that Coolant needs to be replaced regularly and refilled to ensure that the air conditioner works properly and that you have no loss of quality.

Professional filling is carried out by heating, air conditioning or sanitary specialists. Depending on the size of the system, you must have the filling done by an electrician.

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