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Celebrities Who Can't Stand Ellen DeGeneres

In 2016, two-time Emmy-winner Kathy Griffin published a tell-all book dubbed Kathy Griffin's Celebrity Run-Ins: My A-Z Index. In the book, Griffindished dirt on more than 125 celebs, including Ellen DeGeneres who, interestingly, she didn't name outright. "I'm almost positive a certain beloved daytime talk show host once had me kicked out of a backstage dressing room at the Emmy Awards, "Griffin wrote (viaUs Weekly), leaving little doubt about the host's identity. "I can't prove it, but this person, who has short blonde hair, has a mean streak that all of Hollywood knows about."

Meanwhile, DeGeneres called Griffin "very mean" in an interview withW. magazine. "I know she had a big thing about wanting to be on the show ... She did a whole thing that I banned her from the show," she said. "I didn't ban her from the show, because first you have to be on the show to be banned."

Years have passed, but the drama is ongoing. Griffin told The Hollywood Reporter in 2016 that she received a harsh call from DeGeneres about Celebrity run-ins. "[DeGeneres] was extremely upset, and I think she had a thought that she was going to, like, put me in my place, or whatever, but as you know I'm not shut-uppable," Griffin said. "We kind of got into it ... I admire her and, you know, it was a difficult conversation. But hey, it came with the territory."