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LETS are invigorating communities across the UK. As grassroots initiatives, they are open to everyone - people of all ages, skills and abilities, local clubs and associations, voluntary groups, charities, community initiatives, housing co-operatives, small businesses and local services - helping everyone to give and take a connection to new resources , And find a real community identity. LETS offer equal opportunities for everyone - whether employed or unemployed, financially secure or on a low income, black or white, able or disabled. LETS use a system of community credits so there is no direct exchange. People earn LETS credits by providing a service, and then the credits can be spent on whatever is offered by others on the system: for example child care, transportation, groceries, repairs, or rental of tools and equipment. Research in the mid-1990s showed that at least 40,000 people were involved in 450 LETS systems, most of them based on the democratic and cooperative LETS model developed by British LETSLINK UK, which began operating in 1991. List of over 300 indicates that they have some shrinkage - if we say that membership averages 100 per system, that means about 30,000 or fewer members in the UK. However, this has been accompanied by an increase in related initiatives such as Timebanks, Freecycle, Commercial Barter, Fairtrade Campaigns, and Community Networks of all kinds, which affirm people's continued interest in making things happen in their community. Our ongoing research project, launched in September 2003, aims to establish the current state of LETS in the UK and the needs of LETS organizers. We are now looking for greater resources to revitalize and support our organization so that we can provide better resources to our members and will make progress on this page - check out this room. Don't miss the jargon of the month “at the end of this article. (Excerpt from the LETSaholic Twist) Keeping Score No More So, my LETS philosophy is 8230 Don8217t think of LETS points like dollars. Think of them as favors. LETS favors. It was easy for me to accept this attitude because my first contact with LETS members at the NM LETS Get-Together presented them in the same way. They offered their services to me without obliging me to give myself back. Then when Robert cruised all the way to my house and gave me a massage that lasted for two long and extremely relaxing hours, I felt that he was doing it in the same careful way. I didn't ask for a two hour massage, but Robert noticed my muscles were very tight and needed extra massage so he did what was best for me. And when I volunteered to design the newsletter for CampD LETS whenever I was paused and needed help, it was given to me immediately and without hesitation. I'm very similar to most people so I'm sure I would hesitate to 8220give8221 if I tried the LETS members to take advantage of me. It is human nature to treat people as they treat you, so if LETS members gave me selflessly, I gave them back the same way. This is the LET attitude I tried to tread on every LETS member I came in contact with ever since. So what is a LETS point for me Let me start by saying that the generally accepted view of all LETS people is that a LETS point is not cash or federal currency and I agree. However, I don't feel comfortable considering LETS points as an alternative currency with cash equivalent. I prefer to interpret LETS points as LETS favors. That has always made trading more pleasant for me. I love doing member favors and they show real appreciation for the 8211 in LETS points favor. It doesn't get any better than what I see LETS more like a volunteer support group where like-minded people in a local community give their time and experience to help their members and feel welcome to return the same in 8230 just to ask you would from family and friends. But rather than helping all of this without even recording, LETS Accounts Keeping allows the group to have an overview of the members8217 activities so that they can balance their trading activities fairly, knowing that once their accounts are back to zero they are given to the group as much as they have received. Basically it's just a question of guiding the guests and nothing more. This is how I explain LETS accounts to new members: The LETS groups function is to act as accountants for their members activities, keep record of these 8216favours8217 and put the members accounts into debit or credit accordingly. An account that is in credit identifies a member who has given more favors than they received, and an account that is in debit identifies a member who has received more favors than they have given. These credits have no value and cannot be exchanged for cash. Its sole purpose is to keep track of any involvement of the members in the group so that they can aim to bring their accounts back to zero, a sign of just and equitable participation in the system. The presentation I gave to LETS groups around the world was aptly titled "LETS Favors" 8230 LETS Favors: Improving Your Lifestyle Through LETS I noticed that the biggest impact I had on an audience was when they realized the LETS Favors concept. I am very proud of an immediate increase in membership, half of the guests in the audience entered that same evening, and an increase in trading for the following month (usually about thirty percent). The kind of feedback I got from viewer members, especially inactive members, was that if I believe I'll be helping people, I'm much happier about the trade. So it seemed that members were more likely to act if they thought LETS points as 8216favours8217 instead of 8216money8217. I also found that focusing on helping members create a community spirit within the group, and put a friendly tone on every trade. That motivated me much more than profit motivation. As for me, LETS points had no monetary value. They simply represented the value of appreciation from the member who had been supported. The LETS members I have helped over the years knew that I was under no obligation to help them. Trading through LETS was never mandatory, it was always 8211 and is still optional. The members were grateful for my help, in fact, to receive any help. It was obvious how appreciated they were because whenever I performed tiring services for members like mowing lawns, painting and trash 8211 they always offered me snacks and drinks. They never complained when my work wasn't 8216spot on8217. Why would they complain to your neighbor if he'd agreed to help you with some tedious work, you'd just be grateful that he agreed to be there and help you as best he could. That was how a community spirit was built within the group. That was how trading became a friendly and enjoyable activity. And so I saw LETS: a voluntary self-help group of members who were ready to help each other in times of need. Here is a detailed example of the maintenance and sharing that took place with my LETS hosts while I was traveling overseas 8230 IT8217S ALL ABOUT CARING AND SHARING March 2004, Kit, my LETS host in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada asked 8220Can you paint a room for me. My stay in Kitchener was originally only for one week: January 11-18. Nine and a half weeks later I was still there. Aside from a couple of weeks in Welland, Brantford, Montreal, Granby, Ottawa, and Toronto, I spent the rest of my time in Kitchener 8230 and it looked like I would be there for another seven weeks, so it was more than three months in total now not in the habit of staying in the same place for so long my average stay with a host was about a week. But so it happened when my plans to visit South America fell only a few months earlier. Not only that, but Kit also organized: two performances of my play, The Glory of Athens three speaking engagements with local toastmasters groups a murder mystery night a winter camping weekend with thirty-seven other crazy Canadians a visit to an emu farm an elevator to Montreal, that was a six hour ride two elevators to Toronto and back (one hour each way) a cross country ski trip and an 8230 ice hockey game plus my daily needs as was originally requested when I first contacted KW Barterworks, the LETS group Kit belonged to. My commitment to the LETS group, and their commitment to me, ended after my first week so all of these extras had been provided by Kit. When the visits to the South American countries had to be canceled, Kit immediately offered to entertain me for a while longer, because I was the ideal guest here: I washed the plates every day, I regularly snow off the paths and the driveway around the See shoveled house I registered a domain name for Kit8217s business website I also do the web hosting I gave web page design lessons and I was a good company to always have something positive to say. The more I did for my host, the more my host did for me. It was all about worrying and sharing, and after saying I warned not to paint a room 8230 I'd paint the entire freakin first floor That was four rooms and a staircase that meant stripping off all the woodwork 8211 doors, Windows, baseboards and stairwell made cracks in the plaster then painting the ceilings and floors. Why wouldn't I? In my travels there have been many times when I have 8216Given more8217 or 8216Given more8217 than our original agreement stated. To be completely honest, I found that my hosts exceeded their commitments on almost every opportunity. Here are some examples that I remember from my European and African LETS speaking tour in 2002: In England I had use of a bike for a week and refunded the favor by doing a few hours of house refreshing for another member. I also cleaned a kitchen, bathroom and toilet in England. I didn't get any extras in return, but I knew my host was expecting a visitor for the next couple of days, and because he'd been working all day, he wouldn't have enough time to clean the rooms himself. So I did it for him and when he got home he couldn't believe it. In Spain I washed the dishes one morning while my hosts slept. I just wanted to be helpful. In Norway I was given a Polynesian massage and the favor was refunded by helping in a couple of ways before leaving. Details Chapter 3 In South Africa I got my first taste of my bum for LETS. I gave up to three LETS presentations each day for four days, and on the fifth day I lost my voice. As you can see, we just helped each other whenever possible. But I digress, so back to painting the four spaces for Kit 8230 When was the last time you 8230 removed paint, that is. Well, I only allowed two days for paint stripping. Meanwhile, six days later I was still stripping I had a torturous couple of days sanding the woodwork to a neat finish. Why Torment Since I didn't use sandpaper, I used steel wool soaked in mineral turpentine. Very soon I found that applying pressure with my thumb gave the best results. Unfortunately, it made them so painful that I couldn't snap my fingers for six days. Just as well, I didn't play my game during this time, because when I was playing the role of Archimedes, the snapping of my fingers was an essential part of my act.Started as a simple weekend paint job, it turned out to be a self-inflicted rate of about three weeks last. However, the results have been very rewarding and I have never regretted it for a moment. How I went about my job In a very organized way just like everything I did. Here's how long it took: - a day of planning and reorganizing four rooms - a day of emptying three rooms of all furniture - a day of removing a strip of wallpaper, filling wall cracks and seventy-nine holes, repairing a door handle, removing loose Plaster of paris from the kitchen ceiling, purchase of lacquer and painting equipment - six days of stripping the lacquer from woodwork - two days of sanding - two days of painting - and one day of replacing furniture in rooms and stacking books and CDs back on the shelves. That completed three rooms of painting before I had to leave on my Ottawa LETS trip. However, on my return I finished the job by painting the kitchen as well. That took another: two days of stripping paint - a day of filling cracks - a day of sanding - and two days of painting. A large sum of 20 days But what a great job I was very neat and considerate, cleaning up after me at the end of each day. In fact, it was very comforting to know that if I ever ran out of audience, speaking, and designing websites, I could always bid to renovate houses. Until the soldier moved to the small town, every hotel room was taken. "I have to have a room somewhere," he said to one owner. "Well, I have a double room with an inmate, but he's an Air Force Guy" admitted to the manager and he might be happy to share the cost. But to tell you the truth, he snores so loudly that people get in adjacent Have complained about vacations in the past. I'm not sure it'd be worth it for you. "No problem." The tired army guy assured him, "I'll take it." The next morning the soldier came to breakfast bright-eyed and bushy "How did you sleep?" asked the director. "Even better, said the soldier. The manager was impressed." No problem with the other guy snoring all night long "No, I do not close him at any time," explained the soldier. "How did you do that?" Asked the owner. "Well, he was already in bed, snoring when I went into the room, so I kissed him on the cheek, the soldier explained. Then, I whispered goodnight in his ear, and he sat down all night to watch me. quot Free connection to local community exchange groups worldwide International LETS Groups Directory (Free Offers) Your guide to more than 1,500 LETS groups from 39 countries LETS Local Exchange Trading Systems LETS. Is a group of people from a small Community that all agree to trade goods and services with one another without the need for cash. CLICK HERE for more information on LETS LETSHOLIC Twist - Everything you always wanted to know about LETS: Wednesday March 9, 2011 (letter from Shanghai, China) But don't know who to ask. About the book Dear James, Thank you for sending your wonderful e-book so quickly. There is so much useful advice and so much out there drawn suggestions I found that I wanted to give my core group members a digested version, but reluctant to be better than often giving people a chance to discover things on their own. But we have a Christmas Mass on Saturday and auctioning unsold items is a great idea of ​​course we will be happy to appreciate you in any excerpt that we can use in our newsletter or manual. With thanks and best wishes. James, I contacted you earlier to order an e-book, The LETSaholic Twist. Its really a good book well. We have decided to order 20 soft cover books to give away as gifts to all LETS groups that happen to attend our annual LETS. . Erik (LETS Vlaanderen - Sep 8th 2007) Dear James, I read your book (The LETSaholic Twist) and found it a great inspiration. If you come to England I would love to host and have some help in giving our LETS group a boost. . Katy (Dorchester, Dorset - Jan 6, 2008) For more information on LETS. A very sad accident happened with bosses. Maybe you already know he's dead, drowned in his well.Since you first met him, he had moved to another place in the middle of Sweden. I'm so sorry for him. He was a fabulous guy and for a number of years we had very close contacts and cooperations on money matters. Love and respect for you and your work Marianne Paringsse (January 9, 2011) Viktor, my LETS host in Göteborg (Gothenburg) had a trip to Branno Island with Melina (a LETS researcher from Italy), her boyfriend Eli and Eli8217's parents arranged, Aldo and Marina, who had just come to Gothenburg the day before. But they were late in port and missed the ferry by just a minute or two. Viktor and I got on board because it was two hours before the next ferry, and we had someone important waiting to meet. Bo Ljungqvist (pronounced Bor Lioongvist) is a very slim man, about 58 years old, and looks like a hermit. But he is an ideologist who deals with world problems and tries to solve problems called normality. Bo lives on Branno, an island inhabited by only 800 people and just a short 10-minute ferry ride from Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city (on the east coast). Until 3 years ago, this island was outside the borders of foreigners because of 8216 sensitive military issues. And that from a country that has not been at war for almost two centuries. Although their historically neutral military status had to change recently when they joined the European Union. Anyway, Bo has lived on Branno for 30 years and enjoys his natural lifestyle. First, cars are allowed on the island so he can walk or bike8217s his way around. And his house is an ecological project that he works tirelessly. Bo was a human ecology professor for 15 years and he8217s put much of this expertise into practice. He has a large greenhouse butting against the back of his house and apart from that, provides an endless supply of fresh vegetables which it also helps keep the heat and cold from getting into the house. I admired the tomatoes as soon as I saw them. 8220Help yourself, 8221 he said. The tomato was delicious. Bo had covered the entire wall with solar panels above the glass house. You could see his handy work everywhere. In fact, you could even see his workshop 8230 in the lounge room 8220Most people don8217t allow me to put my workbench here, but I can8217t without my tools, 8221 he said. Bo Ljungqvist. One of the most interesting LETS characters I've met. We sat outside in his overgrown and naturally wild yard and ate homemade tomatoes and lemon jam on bread. And he brought out the hot coffee. He was enjoying the hot Swedish summer and only wore a pair of black shorts that contrasted sharply with the long white hair on his chest and head, although many years of smoking had given him a nicotine-stained beard. I smiled as he wandered off the table to wash his hands in a nearby bucket that still had rainwater in it. And I followed shortly afterwards. A lush green reed plant, over two meters high, grew nearby. 8220 I thought it would do so well, he said 8220, but it grew nicely. It is a wild creature you know. 8221 The crowing of a rooster from the neighbors kept our conversation interrupted. 8220 I thought roosters only crowed in the morning, 8221 I said, and I made a gesture that implied I'd like to shoot it. Then, when I turned around, I saw a wire pen just a few feet away with a lone black rooster in it. 8220Oops8221 I said 8220Didn8217t know it was your cock.8221 8220He crows all the time8221 said Bo. The other rooster you hear is across the street and has 5 hens. So mine is probably just jealous. I suppose I should get him a hen. A visit to the bathroom was an ecological experience. If you sit down, everything will go in place, he said. Upon closer inspection, I found that a metal 8216funnel8217 was positioned to catch the urine and divert it into another container to that of the 8216heavy8217 stuff. This was the most efficient way of recycling human waste. At the end of the day we had a whole gathering in the back yard of Bo8217, with a couple of neighbors joining us for a chat over coffee. But the classic line went to Eli8217's mum, Marina, after I mentioned that in China I insisted on being photographed with a large toad and snake before I ate them. She couldn't miss the opportunity and with a big smile she said, 8220 Then it's dangerous to take pictures with you8221 MESSAGE FROM BO. (November 24, 2003) Topic: Renaissance of a LETS on the island of Braumlnnouml, Sweden Hello James, I am happy and proud that our Braumlnnouml Bytesring Sweden system is back in operation with around 30 members. All the best, bosses accountants and ex-coordinators. A word from James Taris October 4th, 2010 (excerpt from the LETSaholic Twist) "Any committee is only as good as the most knowledgeable, determined, and vigorous person on it. quot (Lady Bird Johnson) THE 10 COMMITTEE ROLES The most successful administrative system we had, in the LETS groups I was involved in was the 10 committee role system 8230, in which ten members were elected to specific committee roles by LETS membership were. By giving committee members specific roles and empowering them to perform their duties, the group's administration was given the freedom it needed to move forward by leaps and bounds. Why Because, instead of trying to lead the group by bringing items for discussion to a month-long committee meeting, decisions can be made by individual committee members responsible for their specific roles at any time of the day or day of the month. They were more enthusiastic about their activities, accepting praise for a job well done, and taking personal responsibility for work not so well done. Here are the commission roles assigned in the LETS groups that I had linked to their duties with 8211: 1 - Group Coordinator 2 - Meeting Secretary 3 - Cash Treasurer 4 - Promotions Coordinator 5 - Membership Coordinator 6 - Events Coordinator 7 - Newsletter Publisher 8 - Directory Publisher 9 - Website Webmaster 10 - Office Coordinator with Office Helpers Over the years I have found that the success of a LETS group, like any other organization, has usually been the result of good leadership, that is, with good leadership Group coordinator. What Our Group Coordinator Should Do 8230 NOTHING Now that I have your attention, let me explain what I mean by 8216nothing8217. The most common reason for a new LETS group was 8216dying8217 reluctance for members to replace a withdrawn group coordinator. And why did they want? The typical profile of a LETS group coordinator for a start-up group was this: - had a passion for LETS - would 8230 seek help, but would take things on themselves if they couldn't find anyone to help you or theirs Aides weren't doing their job well enough-thought about LETS twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a year. So one day they would get out of bed and say it was a stupid thing. I was so comfortable in bed. I don't really need this LETS headache any more. Nobody helps me, nobody cares, and I don8217t get a thank you for that. And guess what I 8230 I don8217t care any more, 8221 and they would go back to bed in a heartbeat, getting the best sleep they had since they started their LETS group 8230 their LETS 8216baby8217. Of course, when a replacement group coordinator was sought, the answer was always the same. Did you see Jill before she started LETS? In the past twelve months, when she was ten, her hair wasn't always gray, you know. I could never do what Jill did. She produced the newsletter, and the directory where she organized all group actions, handled all membership requests and organized the LETS events where she kept all member trading accounts and goodness knows what else she did.8221 Yes, Jill had suffered burnout, a very common problem that overworked, and overwhelmed, people in the workforce, businesses and organizations. TO AVOID CO-ORDINATOR BURNOUT To avoid this in our LETS groups, I made several recommendations: First of all, the group coordinator should NOT do ANYTHING, DO NOT coordinate or monitor the other committee members. By sharing the workload with nine other committee members, no one would ever be overwhelmed again, thus ensuring the survival and growth of the LETS group. In fact, replacing another member was not difficult because each role on the committee was reduced to a small time commitment when that role became vacant. In fact, the best, and often overlooked, source for new committee members has been the new LETS members. They were keen on LETS and were able to earn LETS points while playing their new role. Our committee members were rewarded in LETS points for their contribution, but not in cash. After all, LETS was perfectly placed to do that. Remember, LETS points were really just 8216thank yous8217 for 8216favours8217. Why shouldn't we show appreciation for the efforts of our committee members? Your efforts kept our LETS group going. If we didn't want to reward them, it was like slave labor and no one wanted to be treated like that. In our LETS groups, the reward was ten points per hour, which was the hourly rate required by LETS members for their services. For example, a committee member who completed his duties in four hours was rewarded with forty points, while another committee member who took twenty hours a month received two hundred points. All roles were automatically vacated at the annual general meeting (AGM) 8211. This allowed members to choose their preferred member for each role, although I can't remember ever having to. Most of the members were just happy to see a position filled. In fact, once a member accepted a nomination, they were virtually assured of getting the position. The reality was that several committee positions remained unfilled after the annual general meeting. But that wasn't a problem. We continued to advertise the empty reject roll in our monthly newsletter until it was finally filled. In the meantime, the vacant roles have been temporarily filled by the other committee members. Not together, but by several committee members who take on a second role. So, back to the group coordinator8217 Role 8230 In addition to chairing a monthly committee meeting, the group coordinator was only required to keep in touch with each of the committee members to ensure that they were able to perform their duties. That was it HOW TO RUN LETS MEETING Holding regular and productive LETS Committee meetings is a crucial part of running any LETS group. Here are a few tips on how we conducted our meetings: 1) Our meetings were open to all LETS members. 8230 the more the better. In fact, members were encouraged to attend the meeting. In principle, each committee member gave a report on how their role was progressing. If they wanted any help they asked for ideas, and any suggestions that were made during the session were just the 8,230 suggestions. Since each committee member was entirely responsible for his or her own role, they decided what 8230 proposals, if any, to accept (although proposals were usually highly valued and accepted). Instead of being a recipe for chaos, it worked smoothly and avoids a lot of debate and clash (typical meeting scenarios). We weren't concerned about a quorum to make decisions. As far as we were concerned, even if only two members showed up, all interested parties were present and would therefore make any group decisions that did not impose any role on any member of the committee member. We felt that this was a much better scenario than stopping decision-making for months when we couldn't get a quorum at our meetings. 2) We held our committee meetings in the same place as our LETS events, but they happened an hour earlier. There were several advantages of dong this. First, it guarantees that we will have several more members at our 8230 events. Second, it guarantees that the venue for our LETS event would be open and members would not wait outside when waiting if the person with the key8217 was late. Third, it guaranteed that more new memberships would be obtained because guests at the event are greeted and encouraged to join by a committee member. These four friends were so confident that the weekend before the final, they decided to travel and party with a couple of friends from town. You had a great time. However, after all the partying, they slept all day Sunday and didn't make it back home until early Monday morning. Instead of taking the finale, they decided to find their professor after the finale and explain to him why they missed it. They stated that they had gone to visit friends for the weekend with the plan to come back and study, but unfortunately they had a flat tire on the way back, didn't have a replacement, and couldn't get help for a long time . As a result, they missed the final. The professor thought about it and agreed that they could make the final the following day. The boys were thrilled and relieved. They studied that night and went into the next day as the professor told them. He put them in separate rooms and handed each of them a test booklet and told them to start. They looked at the first problem, worth 5 points. It was "is the reason you won't be able to take the test yesterday". (5 points). Said Kool, they thought at the same time, each in their own separate room. This is getting too easy. quot Each ended the problem and then turned the page. On the second page it was written: (For 95 points): "Which tire" A monkey sitting in a tree smokes a joint when a lizard walks past and looks up and says to the monkey, "Hey what are you doing? The monkey says, Joint, come and have some. "So the lizard climbs up and sits next to the monkey and they have a couple of tokes together. After a while, the lizard says that his mouth is dry and that he is going to get a drink from the river. The lizard climbs down the tree, ditty-bops on through the jungle to the river and leans across the river to get his drink. Well, the lizard is so rocky that it bends too far and falls into the river. A crocodile sees this and swims on the lizard and helps him to the side, then the lizard asks, "What's the matter with you?" The lizard explains to the crocodile that he sat in a tree and smoked and also got a joint with the monkey