How to use dark magical flooder kicks

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The throwable bar

Full illustration of how to equip and play a barbarian attacking with thrown weapons.

The physical spear parrot

Since the physical close combat skills of the Amazon have been neglected so far, I would like to explain them in more detail here. They are considered stubborn and difficult to handle, which is actually true. With the exception of Jab, which, usually only with a dot, serves to somehow kill Java's Blitzimmune, hardly any of the skills are used. Well, apart from Fend there is no real alternative either, as Impale is simply too slow - but more on that later.

PvP Necromancer

Guide to a necromancer who attacks in duels with a bone spirit and a bone spear.

OW + CB Barb for CS runs 1.12

This sketch is aimed at more advanced players and describes how you can do solo CS runs in 1-2 player games with a WW Barb without ripping on IM.

The shouter

A barbarian who deals physical damage and gets through Hell well? Can actually only be the swirler, luckily but not only. And since that apparently surprises as many as I did myself, I made a few notes on my last one and made this kind of guide out of it.

The bright physical Bowie in Classic

Since I finally got an Amabuild with a bow after a lot of trying things out, which can do it alone without any problems worth mentioning, with constant speed, few ribs, no leech problems and, last but not least, low-cost to Diablo Hell, I would like to give you a short sketch here describe.

The Armageddon Werewolf

Fusion of elemental and melee druid in changing form. The main attacks used are Armageddon and Fury

The fire / ice druid

The elemental druid's rare combination of fire and ice is discussed here. Two skill variations in the fire area are examined in more detail, on the one hand with crack and on the other hand with firestorm.

The Cs Stormer

Based on the classic tornado storm, it is specifically optimized for quickly emptying the chaos sanctuary. Requires a solid item pool and is more recommended for players who have already gained experience with the tornado former.

The tornado storm

A comprehensive guide for the elemental druid with tornado and hurricane as the main attack. Hardly a question remains unanswered and the item section not only deals with the high-end options, but also finds good alternatives for the smaller budget. A comprehensive guide for the elemental druid with tornado and hurricane as the main attack. Hardly a question remains unanswered and the item section not only deals with the high-end options, but also finds good alternatives for the smaller budget.

The rift kicksin

The Rift-Kicksin is an assassin who uses the Dragon Talon / Dragon Talon skill to damage opponents. In contrast to the normal DTalon assassin, she does not only rely on the physical / elemental damage that is transmitted through the kicks, but supports these attacks by triggering the "Frost sphere on attack" skill on the rune word Tornness / Rift, which you helps to additional area damage.

The hunter

Ranged druid who supports his animal companions with a firearm or thrown weapon from a safe distance. Unconventional, but very funny type of druid, which is recommended to every Duid lover.

Throw, Cut, Lay The Bladefury Trapsin

In my opinion, Bladefury can do more than mess up the trap equip; and vice versa, the skill does not degenerate into a keyword under Lightning Sentry, but rather becomes an accentuator that allows a more progressive style of play.

The Whirlwind Assassin

Guide to an assassin who receives the alien skill Whirlwind from the rune word Chaos.

Natalya's hatred when style kills

"With this little guide I want to go into the advantages and disadvantages of Natalya's hatred and present a sketch for suitable variants to help owners of the set with their decision-making."

The traitorous Medusa

This guide aims to explain the "treacherous Medusa". As the name suggests, the concept is based on using the runic word betrayal and Medusa's unique shield, Medusa's Gaze, to amplify the effects of the Poisonous Javelin skill.

Paladin and Hellfire Quest

A sketch with the aim of converting an already existing paladin (no matter if Zealer, Smiter or Hammerdin) to a ÜTrist-Smiter.

The Charger and its possibilities

The Charger is a type of paladin that offers a very wide range of possibilities through its main attack (onslaught). It can even be said that the charger works with any aura.

The burner

A burner is a paladin who fights with the aura of "holy fire". The main attack is zeal in order to be able to distribute the damage as quickly as possible.


The Venomancer or Poisonnecro mainly causes poison damage, its main attack is the Poisonnova. Since there are only two synergy skills for the Giftnova, the Veno needs relatively few skill points and is therefore very variable in terms of skill.

Melee-Sorc types

TenthManDown: “A Melee-Sorc is a sorceress who, with the help of her mastery, increases the elemental damage of items and spells in the inventory in order to cause more damage in close combat. Most of the concepts are based on elementary mastery and the skill enchanting. "

The Cold-Melee-Sorc

Duglum: “In principle, this variant is a pure classic in terms of attack. However, it differs greatly from this "basic variant" in terms of skill, equipment and style of play. While the other Melee Sorcs usually rely on a combination of fire and lightning damage, this variant primarily uses the combination of fire and cold damage. Even the mercenary has different requirements. "

The two-handed ax avenger

Mat Cauthon: "The idea was that of a Melee Sorc who uses revenge from this rune word (regicide / Kingslayer) as an attack skill, whereby the resulting elemental damage is then amplified by the masteries."

The IK - MeleeSorc

DoubtlessOne: “The IK-Melee is a sorceress who is named after the name of her equipment, she wears the character-specific set: Immortal King. This build tries to use the elemental damage present on the set with the help of the enchant ability. "

The Melee-Sorc

The Melee-Sorc primarily does not go into long-range combat like its (be) enchanting sisters, but becomes active as a close combat fighter. To do this, she primarily uses fire damage from the Enchant skill. At the same time, she uses Blizzard to freeze opponents around her and deal cold damage.

The 125 fc Max Block Boner

Author: “In this short guide I will deal with the 125 fc Maxblock variant of the boner. The 125 fc boner is the most flexible and in my opinion the best boner variant. He is very fast with 125 fc and does not need Revus to have a chance against Barbs or Amas. Although it has a little less life than the No Block variant, Max block is simply worth gold compared to the chars mentioned. "

The Mage

methamorvere: “The Mage is a paladin hybrid that combines the skills of the heavenly fist and the blessed hammer and thus has as few fears as possible to fear. The Mage requires a certain amount of experience in dealing with paladins and is therefore not a suitable beginner character, especially since he also requires relatively expensive equipment. In addition, a Mage should be brought to at least level 90+, otherwise he cannot deal enough damage. "

The Max-Block, High-ES, 105fc Fb Sorc

“I'll go into 105 Fc, Maxblock, High Energy Shield Sorceress. There are 3 variants of the items: The low-cost, normal and high-end variant. Thanks to the Maxblock you can easily refuel many opponents. "

The Foh / Aura, variant: Holyfire

RoC-Mf: “I'm going to go into the variant of the Palas, which is called Foh / Fire. I say right at the beginning that you should only play the Foh Pala if you are 'rich' in items. Without good equipment, the character just doesn't work. The character is a lot of fun and can kill almost everything except absorbers (which also have a hard time because they have to absorb fire and light) and pure Fohs who have a higher aura level! "

The Blizzard 105Fc Mb ES

.Amun-Ra .: “In the following I will go into the variant of the blizzard sorceress, which plays with 105 Fc (faster magic rate), has max block and has ES (energy shield). This variant offers the sorceress a lot of protection and defensive potential - it is a real tank! "

Ghost trap

The Ghost Trap is an assassin who attacks with traps, relies on weapon blockers and always has Fade active. Because of the constant use of Fade and its resulting ghostly shape, it is called "Ghost-Trap".

TvT tactics guide

Many play FFA or 1vs1, but have little idea about TvT (team vs. team) - the guide should be an advisor for people. This guide is intended to provide advice and suggestions for both newbies and experienced players who may want to play against other clans and do not know how and what to play.


This necromancer defeats his opponent by poisoning him with a poison nova and slowly bleeding him to death.

The Foh / Aura, variant: dream

RoD-Mf: “I'm going to go into the variant of the Palas, which is called Foh / Träumer. I say right at the beginning that you should only play the Foh Pala if you are 'rich' in items. Without good equipment, the character just doesn't work. The character is a lot of fun and can kill almost everything except absorbers and pure Fohs, which have a higher aura level! "

BvC Barbarian Guide

The BvC (Barb vs Caster) is a variant of the WW Barbarian that is only designed to kill Mage Chars. He waives Max Block and has a relatively low defense. Since he doesn't want to block anyway, he always plays with 2 one-handed weapons, which causes significantly more damage. He also uses a very effective skill, namely jump (eng = leap). With this skill at a high level you can stun all opponents on the screen (and beyond).

174fc Kick / Trap Assa

SoD_PuNiShEr: “In the following I will go into the variant of the Assassin, which plays with 174 FC (faster magic rate) and uses kicks and traps to create a stunlock. Since these FC values ​​can only be achieved with very special items (i.e. few alternatives), the equip is actually already prescribed. "

The Fire Sorc Bible

Probably the most comprehensive collection of knowledge on the subject of fire orc in PvP. Both the variant with / without block and with 95% / 75% energy shield are treated.

The 125 Fc PvP Boner Guide

An FFA necromancer who fights his opponents with a bone spear and a bone spirit. Both the block and the non-block variant are dealt with.

The BvB (Barb versus Barb)

A barbarian specially designed for fighting other barbarians. For the fight against other character classes, the BvA is recommended.

The Melee / Caster Hybrid Sorcs

Duglum: “This form of the sorceress should combine the playing styles of Melee-Sorc and Caster-Sorc equally. They should fully merge into one and not just serve to kill immuns. Combining the strengths of both basic concepts without, however, also taking over the weaknesses turns out to be very difficult at first. "

Bear Melee Sorc

Melee Sorcs are quite unusual, and among these unusual Sorcs the she-bear is again unusual. It is not playable without a Ber rune for Beast (for the bear transformation), but the result is also corresponding: A she-bear develops an enormous damage potential with high security and can kill every monster in the game with the standard attack, including the bosses in Überertristram.

The Cbolt / Cbolt Dual Sorceress in 1.11

Cbolt actually means Charged Bolt, i.e. Comboblitz. So this sorceress attacks mainly with the Comboblitz skill. If you have always wanted to kill bosses like a Java does, this Sorc is the right choice for you. But if you are looking for a Java replacement, you are wrong here. Unfortunately, the Cbolt Sorc cannot match the kill speed of a Java, but it is still a fast and strong character

The shopping guide

Everything you need to know about shopping. Top guide to get rare magic items.

Frenzy Barb

Good alternative to the Frenzy Guide from b.haart. The item section is not that detailed, but there is plenty of material for people who like arithmetic.

The collecting guide

Complete listing of all valuable items. For the people who are wondering what is worth keeping.

The razor almanac for mild winter evenings

Very detailed frenzy guide. Both for beginners due to its very extensive item explanation, as well as for professionals who want to get ideas for the final touches.

The MF-Trapsin

Seisset outlines very vividly how a female traps should be equipped and skilled, who mainly concentrates on finding objects. The way of playing the common bosses / areas is also briefly discussed.

The Bowazin

This guide describes different ways to use a bow with an assassin - even off the path of poison. Both PvM and PvP are addressed, with a separate chapter dedicated to the latter.

The Meleesummoner

Detailed sketch for all Necs who would rather strike than mumble mystical formulas.

Venomancer selffound

How do you actually play a Gift-Nec when you don't want to trade but just get by with what you find? Drago describes it.

Training for summoners

What do you do with all the remaining points when you have fully expanded your army as a Summoner? ColonelWicked gives tips.

Summoner Self Found

How do you actually play a summoner when you don't want to act but only get along with what you find? Drago describes it.

[Fun] The fridge

We want a sorceress who can protect herself excellently in close combat, and at the same time can deal passive damage. We achieve this through a sorceress who has completely mastered her armor spells and also masters the skill in dealing with shields. Personally, I see this build as a purest fun build with a strong tendency towards tanks.

The PvP Java

Also in PvP an alternative: The Javazon. Murder04 briefly introduces which items are needed and how best to use them. Still a reference work for this character variant.

The Nova / Nova Dual Sorc

Kamikaze1464: “And the same problem again ... how do you start? Yeah, what were the reasons this time. First of all, the Nova-Sorc is extremely fun to play and, secondly, there have been a lot of threads about the Nova-Sorc lately and over and over again it seems to me that many see the Nova Sorc as a long-range fighter, but that's probably

Enchantress game tactics

Kamikaze 1464 explains in detail how the most common skills are and how they are best used.

And it works! - The excess ama

A daring undertaking: mastering the Überertram with an Amazon. The Conqueror has taken on this great challenge and presents a concept that can do this job.

Bowies for beginners

Do you already know a little about Diablo and would you like to try an arched amazon next? Then DerBK's “Bowies for Beginners” is exactly the right thing for you: The possibilities of the Bowie are presented in an accessible and uncomplicated way and provided with easy-to-find item suggestions.

The melee

The Melee Amazon is an Amazon who deviates from her usual ways of the spear and the bow and uses daggers, hammers, swords and other weapons. She uses her skill points purely in her powerful passive abilities.

Java and you: the way to the right sign

Which shield for my Java ?, a standard question about the Amazon. With the help of this overview of the best Java shields, everyone can choose the perfect shield for their Java zone.

All Things Punishment - Everything about punishment

Streuen / Strafe - in earlier patches still a real competitor to multiple shots - is now leading a small shadowy existence. DerBK presents the sometimes exotic applications in which punishment is still the non plus ultra today and also goes into the latest findings about Amazons.

The frost-only Bowazone

The coolest Amazon: A Frostmaiden who relies solely on cold attacks. The frost arrow develops together with the skill Pierce a frosty-deadly potential. In this guide, blutworschd presents how to best utilize this potential.