What is a sublenticular cyst


Cysts often develop in the knee, kidneys, and ultimately anywhere in the body. They usually show no symptoms and therefore go unnoticed for a long time. They often appear in the female breast, where they can feel like a lump. If they remain without symptoms, treatment is usually not necessary. The cavities are filled with tissue and surrounded by a capsule. Inside they are filled with industrial fluid, with blood, with pus or sebum.

Causes and Risk Factors

Cysts in the skin are common, but they also appear inside the body. In the female breast, they occur when the mammary gland tissue narrows a milk duct. Functional cysts can develop on the ovaries; they develop until ovulation and should then go away. In the jaw, cysts can press on the jaw and teeth. They are caused by an inflamed tip of a tooth, but can also develop on wisdom teeth that have not yet erupted. Cysts are usually harmless, but should be removed if they have symptoms.

Symptoms and Effects

Symptoms can be diffuse pain, you can also feel the lump under the skin. On the face, cysts are visible and annoying, they can narrow the sinuses, then mucus cannot drain away. The result would be a recurring sinus infection. Cysts can cause pain if they burst. If the symptoms are diffuse, cysts can often be found with an ultrasound scan.