How does wheat germ smell

"To whitewash" the smell of wheat germ oil?

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The day before yesterday I made a pseudo version of the sheacado, which is so highly praised here (the original recipe did not work because I am still waiting for the appropriate oils) and I am also very enthusiastic about the order behavior and how soft the skin becomes afterwards. Aaaaaaber, I think I can throw the whole pot away as it is (luckily I only made 1/3 the amount). I have used wheat germ oil, among other things, and find this smell to be a heron: cry: Of course I knew that before I stirred it, because I sniffed the bottle once, but I thought it could be covered with a few fine essential oils. Well, puff cake! I have about 10 drops of sandalwood and 10 drops of bergamot in it (unfortunately my choice of ÄÖ is still quite limited) and it's as if I didn't have anything in it. The next day, before whipping up again, I added a few drops of ylang-ylang, because I think it's pretty intense, but that didn't do any good either. The only thing you can smell is this hideous wheat germ oil, which is certainly very valuable, but unfortunately has a terrible smell for my nose. Isn't that how you feel? How do you "mask" the smell of not very fragrant oils? I've read that avocado and olive neutralize each other, but wheat germ oil?

And now one more question: can it be that oils go moldy? So far I always thought that they would just go rancid, but in two of my oil bottles you can see something at the bottom, on the bottom of the bottle, that strongly reminds me of a "mold landscape". Since the oil is in amber glass bottles, I can't see it that well, but at least it looks like it. By the way, the oils are wheat germ oil (no, I don't think that's the cause of the smell, because it smelled like that when I bought the bottle fresh and opened it about 1 month ago) and hemp oil.

Thanks in advance for your tips and opinions!