My eye twitches when I chew

Eye twitching: what to do when the eye twitches?

What does the twitching of the eye mean?


We have all experienced twitching in our eyes. We are therefore aware that the twitching of the eyes could be really annoying. In addition, there are worries that it could be a symptom of an illness. You also think it would be embarrassing to see the doctor for such a trifle.

Aren't we going to make a fool of ourselves? Wouldn't we be thought of as being paranoid?

What to do when you twitch your eyes

When the eye twitches ...

Healthy eyes

The twitch of the eye in the story

The twitching of the eye has preoccupied people for many centuries. It was the basis for many superstitions. It was believed that this was a premonition of the body. Most of the time you didn't associate it with very good things. Perhaps this also plays an important role on an unconscious level in our finding the twitching of the eyes for evil and bad.

What does the nervous eye twitch mean?

Mostly a not so wild thing

Thankfully, the twitching of the eye turns out to be a not too wild thing. You shouldn't worry about that. So that you can deal with it even more relaxed and calm, we bring up further arguments for this thesis.

Is Eye Twitching Eye Disease Or Not?

Blocked nerves

In most cases, the twitching of the eyes is due to blocked nerves. Furthermore, the twitching of the eyes is usually very subtle. This means that the others hardly notice anything.

Most of the time, this state goes by on its own. We don't have to do anything special to make this happen. So wait a few days.

In most cases, blocked nerves cause eye twitching

What if the twitching of the eye does not go away for a long time?

There are some cases when the twitching of the eye does not go away for a long time. Then it could be a more serious neurological disorder. Now is the time to see your doctor. But even in this case you must not panic.

The symptoms of twitching eyes are not associated with dangerous diseases.

Tired eyes

When is an eye test necessary?

If you have chronic eye twitching, visit your eye doctor

What if the twitching of the eye happens often?

If the eye twitches too often, even if for a short time, it is a sign of a not so healthy lifestyle. Then try the following measures to improve your condition:

  • More sleep and rest;
  • Look longer into the distance so that your eyes can relax;
  • Drink less coffee and stay outdoors longer;
  • Avoid strong winds and bright sunshine;
  • Eat healthy and take as much vitamin B as possible;
  • Drink more herbal and other calming types of tea.

Fatigue and vitamin deficiencies often cause eyelid twitching

More sleep and rest are recommended in this case

... as well as face masks with cucumber