What does VJ mean on a necklace

What does a travel necklace mean?

A travel necklace is a relatively new type of jewelry that is used to commemorate and recognize special moments, dreams, adventures and journeys in life. These necklaces can either be thought of as gifts for loved ones or even bought for yourself to remember something special.

What does a travel necklace mean?


A travel necklace is typically shaped in a variation of an "S" shape with stones embedded in the "S". These gemstones can either be diamonds or more affordable gemstones. The "S" of the travel necklace can be made from gold, sterling silver, or cheaper metals. There are other variations of the travel chain, but this is the most common style.


Journey necklaces can be introduced to someone entering college or a new job to wish good luck on that new adventure. Journey chains can also be given to a future bride by the groom as a symbol of the journey they will undertake together as a married couple. An expectant mother is someone else for whom a travel necklace would be a fitting gift.


Journey necklaces are popular for their simple and clean lines. They are not overly decorated or fancy. Their design is classic and modern and this design is expected to stay stylish for years. The recipient of a travel necklace can wear her timeless necklace during her special trip.

Prevention / solution

When travel necklaces were designed, they were only made from expensive metals and with diamonds. However, because of their popularity, designers have created less expensive travel chains from man-made gemstones and less expensive metals so that more people can enjoy giving travel chains to loved ones.


Consider buying a travel necklace for yourself to commemorate a significant event in your life. A travel chain can be a useful way to mark something special or important. It can also be a way to motivate yourself to stay on track if the journey becomes difficult along the way.

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