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Wade Adams

Wade Adams



Unique (yourself, feminine side)
Mc Napfkuchen (Jesse)
McKinley High's very own Tina "with a belly" Turner, two eggs Carrie, naive, gender-confused boy in a dress (Sue)
Picture book woman (Figgins)
Ladyboy (kitty)

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most outstanding single show choir performance at the 2012 Nationals

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Unique Adams , born as calf, made her first appearance in the episode Saturday Night Glee-ver. When she can live out her true identity as a woman, "Unique", she gains more self-confidence. She was the main voice of Vocal Adrenaline and at first hesitated to appear in front of an audience in women's clothes. In The new and the old Rachel she moves to William McKinley High School and prefers to be addressed as "she" or "Unique" because it is the "real you". Her best friend is Marley Rose and her crush was Ryder Lynn. But since she was too afraid to show herself to him, she created the chat profile "Katie" to be so close to him.

Unique is named by the runner-up winner of the Glee Project Alex Newell shown.


Season three

In Saturday Night Glee-ver Wade goes to McKinley and interrupts Kurt and Mercedes in their conversation. He tells them first that he's a huge fan of theirs and has been to all of their performances,

except for West Side Story, which he boycotted because the two didn't star in it. When Kurt is asked, he introduces himself and tells them that he is going to Carmel High School, where he is a member of Vocal Adrenaline, which actually makes him an archenemy but swears to them that he is not here to spy. He is here to ask her advice on something and reports that Jesse is her coach who is extremely mean to him and pressures him. When Mercedes thinks he's terrible, Wade replies that he is nothing compared to the other students or his parents and lets them know that he can only take it when he pretends to be someone else, the real me, "Unique ". Wade tells them that at first he was too nervous to speak to, but then figured out how "Unique" would do what is shown in a recording. Kurt, who thinks that the other me is a "he", is pointed out by Wade that it is a "she", which is why he needs her advice. He plans to appear at the Regionals in a dress and high heels because he feels that way inside, unique. Wade wants to know what the two of them would do, but theirs becomes

Answer not shown. Kurt and Mercedes later tell Sue that they didn't think it was a good idea, but they contradict it because this is exactly how they can make New Directions win. She even gives them high heels, which they should give Unique so that they can complement their outfit. Thereupon they sneak backstage shortly before the appearance of Vocal Adrenaline and it is learned that Kurt had actually given Unique the shoes, which he regrets meanwhile. When they meet Wade, they are relieved that he looks like a boy, whereupon he says that is about to change. When the two try to talk him out of performing in woman's clothes, he replies that he just thought Kurt would understand him and shows them that he is wearing high heels. He then performed as Unique together with Vocal Adrenaline Boogie Shoes and thus inspires the audience.

In Human prop SueKurt and Mercedes tell that the two created a monster, alluding to Unique, who has developed into a show choir personality and could thus endanger the New Directions. At the end she can be seen in a video that Kurt recorded from a sample of Vocal Adrenaline.

In And the winner is ... is first mentioned when Kurt tells the others that while they are rehearsing, Unique receives the key to the town from the mayor. Mercedes and Kurt leave just before Vocal

Adrenaline performance in the locker room and at Wade, who misunderstands you and says that you don't need to worry if you want to be stupid to him because he won't go on stage anyway. When the two explain their reason for showing up, namely that they just wanted to wish Unique luck, he explains to them that she has run away and that he cannot conjure her up what he tried. Kurt replies that he only has stage fright and mentions his last appearance as Unique, which, according to him, was fantastic, but Wade says that it was different because nobody knew the other self and he didn't have to pretend that he was could be who he was. He adds that they are all coming for him now, whether Jesse, the rest of his team and not admitting to the pressure

to be able to go. Wade tells them that the only thing he always wanted to do was sing in a dress, but now he's the figurehead for every child who is different and who can't figure it out. Kurt and Mercedes comfort him and encourage him to step on. Wade wants to know if they are not quasi enemies and if they still help him, to which the two answer that it is the New Directions way. Wade, who has changed his mind, now asks her which lipstick to use before he mentions, shortly before they leave, that "Unique" might change schools next year. Then she performs Starships and Pinball Wizard and wins the award for the most outstanding single performance in a show choir. After that, it is announced that Vocal Adrenaline has finished second.

Season four

In The new and the old Rachel Will announces that Wade "Unique" Adams is the newest member of New Directions. She explains her change with the fact that she wanted to go somewhere, where being different is still celebrated. The enthusiasm of the others, especially Blaine, Brittany and Tina, is rather moderate, as they are considered to be

see another competitor in the competition for the post as "new Rachel". After she has sat down, Unique makes it clear to her colleagues that they shouldn't be fooling themselves because she is going to be the new lead singer. The four of them want to clarify the "Thunderdome-style" and arrange to meet in the auditorium Call Me Maybe compete against each other, with Artie choosing the winner. Because of their victory at the Nationals, the New Directions have become a bit conceited, so they tell Wade, among other things, that he shouldn't put on make-up at McKinley because things are different here and he is Unique for himself

should save their appearances. At the moment he stops and she says that he is now removing "his face", but later dresses again as his alter ego. When Artie announces that Blaine is the "new Rachel", she asks him why he hates "black strong women". Then she and the rest of New Directions go to Marley's to apologize for insulting her mother even though she didn't contribute anything herself. Unique tries to convince her to join the Glee Club because it is a special place because there, although she dresses as a woman, she is welcomed with open arms. Then she is insulted by Kitty and gets her first slushie together with Marley. After that, Unique is present at the Glee rehearsal and sings with the New Directions Chasing Pavements.

In Britney 2.0 She is in the choir room first when it is announced that "Britney Week" will be repeated and then approaches Marley, who tells her that they are both new here and should therefore stick together. She goes on to say that the first point for best friends is "men" and she wants to know if she's watching someone. When she learns that Marley thinks Jake is cute, she calls him the "black sheep" and tells her to forget about him because he's an artist in the making and here

"Debris from broken girls' hearts" are lying around everywhere, even though he has only been at school for two weeks. To clarify her point of view, she performs with Tina and Marley Womanizer and follow Jake through school flirting with any girl he comes across. When Marley agrees to meet with him, Unique shakes his head, implying that it is a mistake. Then she is back in the choir room and watches Tina's, Sam and Joe's performance before screaming when she notices Brittany is about to shave her hair. Then she is present at their intermission and wants to help her, as well as the other New Directions. After Kitty calls that Gimme More While singing full playback, Unique takes the soda bottle out of Brittany's hand, but everyone has already noticed the fraud, so the New Directions are booed, whereupon Mr. Schuester compresses them because that's not their style. She's in the choir room when Jake is introduced as a new member and Marley sings her song.

Unique dives into Is separation the death of love? only appears at the end of the episode when the New Directions discuss which school musical they want to perform. She is for though Hedwig, but is also happy when the decision is made in the end Grease falls.

In The role that was intended for you she goes to the girls' bathroom and is therefore approached by Marley about what Unique is commenting on the fact that she sits peeing. The topic comes to the audition for the musical and she says she won't go at all. To justify this, Unique states

that she really wants the role of Rizzo because she's a real bitch, but has a heart of gold, which is kind of the story of her life, but she firmly believes that she will never be given the role. She says that for the others she is only a "role model" and a joke, but playing Danny Zuko is out of the question for her either. Marley talks to her until Sue comes out of a booth and tells Unique that she won't allow her to play Rizzo. In doing so, she does exactly the opposite, since the two are now determined to sing to what they are with Blow Me (One Last Kiss) also do. At the end of their performance, the jury applauds them and when asked what role they want, Unique replies that she would like to play Rizzo. Finn later talks to Mike, Mercedes and Artie about how he would like to give her the role, but Sue doesn’t want to leave that because she doesn’t want to set a precedent and save her from negative feedback. Unique is in the auditorium, where they first get the callbacks for the roles

of Sandy and Danny before she goes on stage with the others and closes in the background Born to Hand Jive dances. Finn later comes to her in the library and wants to talk to her about the play. She replies that she already knows about Sue's seizure, but is surprised to find out she's getting the part. Unique states that she can do the song and has the wig, i.e. is prepared for the role, and then admits that she feels wrong in the boys 'locker room, but is not allowed to go into the girls' room, just as she feels wrong in men's clothes , but can not wear "fumble" every day. She tells Finn that it sucks not to know where her place is and that it is so nice to get the feeling that you have found it. When Finn asked, she confirms that she is ready to play the role, as a dream is not given to you. When the list of roles is displayed and she now has it in front of her in black and white, she looks happily at Finn and gives him a grateful smile.

Unique is in Glease in the choir room when Will announces that he is going to Washington and that Finn will take over the reins. Then she's backstage at the dress rehearsal with the other girls when Kitty comes up to them and invites them to their overnight party. Unique wants to know if she is allowed to come and, thanks to Marley, is also invited. There she comes with chocolate donuts

and is undecided what to think of it when Kitty imitates Marley and is only moderately involved. In Rector Figgins