The hinge releases the device

SEPTOMAX® // functionality & conception
Multi-joint concepts as standard hinges, special hinges & free kinematic application

SEPTOMAX® // from the user's point of view

  • Created as industry-independent concept for hinge as well as excavation applications
  • Allow that Implementation from to date with common hinges unrealizable kinematics (max. degrees of freedom)
  • Suitable for all sectors (Industry / small business / private users)
  • Can be installed in Door, flap or hatch area (horizontal & vertical)
  • For complete freedom from gaps and "clean" undisturbed surface
  • Combined solution for connections Mitred as well as on and enclosed
  • As Standard execution as well as specific customer solution (extended standard) available
  • Fulfillment too security related aspects (possibly TÜV-relevant)
  • For the Small to large series segment available
  • Produced according to certified specifications (ISO 9001: 2015 / REACH compliant)

SEPTOMAX® // from a technical point of view

  • Fully internal assembly (Corrosion / damage protection)
  • Opening angle up to 180 degrees realizable (up to 270 degrees on request)
  • Out (Stainless) steel and aluminum manufactured (coating selectable)
  • For loads from lightweight construction to heavy duty
  • layout individual collision-free kinematics depending on the installation space
  • Based maintenance-free components With patented manufacture
  • Also with Gas spring assembly / detent actionable
  • In different sizes for different overlaps
  • Prototyping in Series quality or as a 3D print variant
  • CAD-constructed, ASOMv7 simulates as well endurance tested
  • Usable for all substructure materials (Metals, wood, glass, PA)
  • Multi-joint kinematics concept too Can be used as a non-hinge application, e.g. as a pure excavation, pivoting or linear movement