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Connect TV to the internet. Set up the Internet on a Samsung TV. Use the internet browser on the television. Connect the TV to the Internet and home network via WiFi. Activate WiFi on Samsung TV. Instructions on how to connect the TV to the Internet can be found here.

Connect TV to the internet

In order to be able to use all functions of a Smart TV, it should be connected to the Internet. If the television is connected to the Internet, you can download apps, use streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, browse the Internet, browse the ARD media library and much more. In order to be able to connect your television to the Internet, you need a network connection on the television. Alternatively, you can also connect to the Internet via WLAN.

I would like to give you a short guide on how to set the television so that it is connected to the Internet. I will do this using my Samsung TV as an example.


A router in your home network is required to connect to the Internet. Configure the router and secure the WiFi. I have connected my TV to the WiFi. There is no need to lay a network cable. The WiFi speed is sufficient to stream HD videos from the Internet.

My TV is connected via WiFi and I can use it to watch HD films on Amazon Prime and Netflix without any problems. If the WiFi speed is not sufficient, try to improve the WiFi reception.

This works very well and you can increase the WiFi speed by locating the WiFi router correctly.

How to connect Samsung TV to the internet

Step 1: Switch on the Samsung TV and go to the menu via the menu button.

step 2: Select the option network.

Now you have to Network settings choose. You can connect the Samsung TV to the Internet via WLAN (wireless) or via a network cable.

In my example, I'm connecting to the Internet using WiFi. The Network type was up with me Wireless preset. In the lower part of the image you will see the available WiFi networks. Now select the appropriate WiFi network.

step 3: So that the Samsung TV can connect to the WLAN, you have to enter the WLAN password.

Step 4: After successfully entering the password, the Samsung TV connects to the WLAN. You can see from this picture whether the internet connection has been established.

Step 5: To check the network status again, click Network status. The current status of the internet connection is displayed here. The IP address of the television can also be seen. In my example Gateway and DNS server should be the IP address of the wireless router. The assignment of the IP address works automatically if you have activated DHCP in your WLAN router. The DHCP function is activated by default in the router. You don't have to make any changes here.

Step 6: The configuration is now complete. Now the TV is connected to the internet. For the test, I opened the web browser on the television and entered any website. Everything works without any problems.


❓ How do I connect the TV to the internet?

You can connect the Samsung TV to the Internet via WiFi or a network cable. The settings can be made in the menu in just a few steps.
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