How stackable potato chips are made

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Potato chips are a popular product in the food industry around the world. The hearty snack is made from fresh potatoes. In the factories, the potatoes are processed under strict quality controls into wafer-thin crisps of all flavors.

Potato chips - a snack that is popular around the world

Potato chips are one of the most popular snacks around the world. Every German consumes an average of one kilo of potato chips per year. The basic ingredient for the crispy delicacy is of course the potatoes themselves. Freshly harvested, the tubers are brought to the factory where they are processed into chips.

How does the food industry make potato chips?

In the factory, the potatoes are first thoroughly washed and then put into a large peeling drum. It is checked whether the quality and size of the potatoes meet the requirements of the food industry. Then comes the crucial step of processing the chips: the tubers are cut into wafer-thin slices. It is important that the dimensions are exactly right so that the chips get their unmistakable appearance and crispy taste. The potato slices are then fried in hot oil in large deep fryers and, depending on the desired flavor, seasoned with paprika or chilli, for example. Now the finished potato chips only have to be packed and delivered to the shops.

Potato chips are calorie bombs

Potatoes count as a healthy food. Processed as chips, however, the fried potato slices are real calorie bombs. A look at the nutritional table for a bag of crisps shows that 175 grams of potato chips contain around 30 to 35 grams of fat, depending on the manufacturer. If you eat half a bag of chips (approx. 100 grams), you consume around 500 calories. Many manufacturers also add salt, spices, flavor enhancers or yeast extract. Everyone knows the effect: you can't stop nibbling until the bag is empty.