Where is my prince charming poem

The tinder

Right in the middle of life
wonders who I am as a woman.
Men come and go
the prince did not stop yet.

Oh, I'll just be found online
checks to be more comfortable with whom to bind.
The main thing is that there is no pack
I don't want a pig in a poke.

Can I screw the pictures a little bit?
Yes, I want everyone to get excited about me!

You not, you not, you not ...
Where is my prince with peppermint?
At Westernhagen I always felt uneasy.

Oh finally, it will be.
He will set me free.
My heart in my chest
always knew.

Big as a tree
blew me away.
Wide as a closet
drives me crazy.

He will carry me in his hands
Send love letters daily.

Come on, write to me at last,
but I won't let anyone go that fast.
You will have to make an effort
I want to celebrate it with pleasure.

He says I'm one of many
and he is looking forward to playing?
He wants to go to bed with me right away?
But that's not nice at all!

Picture three is not a goose neck at all,
but testosteral Gebalz.
A picture of his member,
to insure his instinct.

Now he even wants three
I won't take part!
Quickly erased the bum
i want real men.

© M Z

I like it, I don't like it anymore!

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Yes, what does the woman want?

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Re: The Tinderin

Author: Verdichter Date: 04/01/2020 2:44 am

Comment:Tinder offers quick bed opportunities. So the prince probably doesn't.

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