Who is the consumer cellular actress

They can be seen on television every day. Hardly anyone knows who is behind the well-known roles in television commercials. The resolution brings some surprises with it.

There is, for example, the family man Paul from the advertisement on the Internet comparison platform Check24. It meets all the criteria that producers set up for good advertising. Paul has no model measurements - which should help identify with the figure. Paul's dance to the song “Gonna make you sweat (Everbody dance now)” in Check-24 advertising has almost enjoyed cult status. His skilful dance steps are remembered, as is the cult song.

But now it comes: Paul is called Simon in real life. And doesn't speak a word of German. Behind the advertising figure is the British actor Simon Hibbs, who plays minor supporting roles in films such as "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". It is synchronized for the commercials. He can dance for that: he is a trained ballet dancer.

Not an isolated case in the advertising industry and definitely wanted. If roles in commercials are filled with well-known actors, there is a risk that the spot will be immediately associated with the film or series with which the actor became famous. But not with the actual advertising product. This danger is averted with faces unknown in Germany.

Another example of this is the famous figure of the grandfather from the Edeka Christmas spot Coming Home. Two years ago, advertisements for an old man faking his death to reunite his family for Christmas touched millions of TV viewers. But anyone who thinks that there is a German actor behind their grandfather is wrong. It's about the British Arthur Nightingale. In his home country he only managed to get smaller roles.

But thanks to the advertising, the turning point came: "There is a hail of inquiries," said his agent Anita Alraun when asked by the Süddeutsche Zeitung after the advertising was such a great success in 2015. Meanwhile, the now 86-year-old Nightingale plays in the Netflix series "The Crown".

And who is the pretty, blonde woman from the current Ikea spots? Again no German actress. Celie Sparre (29) is the name of the Swedish actress who has taken on the role of the likeable Smilla. In Sweden she is a well-known television star, happily engaged and, according to information from the Bild newspaper, the mother of a two-year-old daughter.

And what about Mr. Kaiser from the former insurance company Hamburg-Mannheimer? His real name is Nick Wilder. And instead of continuing to shoot insurance advertising, the 64-year-old German is now treating the passengers on board the ZDF dream ship.


Florian Quanz

Born in 1984 in beautiful Eschwege. In the HNA newsroom since 2017. Fan of the Kassel band Milky Chance as well as the Kassel Huskies and MT Melsungen.

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