Man gutted girlfriend

Help to the man who saved my girlfriend

A person who is very close to me was severely sexually molested just over a year ago. A total stranger grabbed her by the neck in the stairwell of a student residence hall, pressed it against the wall, and grabbed her between her legs. Fortunately, our friend Liri heard their calls for help and hit the attacker. He went down. When my girlfriend tried to help him up, he yelled "you whore" and spat on her. The rescue and the police were finally called. At the police station, in the presence of several police officers, the guy shouted "I've grabbed the bitch by the neck."

The result of the whole thing: The Austrian health insurance company demands 6,000 euros from Liri due to the hospital costs incurred as the attacker broke his jaw. The court acquitted the man who molested my girlfriend and who would have tried worse if Liri had not been there, acquitted. He gets away with what he did.

I'm glad Liri was there and I'm so grateful to him. I don't want to imagine what would have happened if he hadn't intervened. His moral courage has now been punished. He has to pay dearly for his commitment and courage. Together we could take the burden off his shoulders. We would be very grateful for every penny!