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Instructor license costs: That costs the further training

The training to become a trainer is one of the most popular and sought-after training courses in Germany.

The Instructor license is in one of the requirementsto work as a trainer in your company or operation to be allowed to train.

However, before you start training, you should thoroughly study the costs involved.

Because there are different preparatory measures, which vary in the amount of Instructor license costs significantly differ from each other.

Even the cost of the exam is different.

All information about the instructor license costs can be found below in this article.

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What do the instructor license costs consist of?

Basically, they sit down Instructor license costs composed of two components.

For one, the cost consists of the Preparatory coursein order to acquire the contents of the trainer certificate and on the other hand from the Examination costs for the theoretical and practical test.

Depending on which preparatory course you choose for your trainer training, the costs will be accordingly.

It is important that you find a suitable course for you that suits you and your life situation and brings you effectively to your goal - namely the successful trainer aptitude test!

The costs for the AEVO examination are determined by each chamber at which the examination takes place.

You therefore have little or no scope for decision-making in this second cost component, as you cannot freely choose your chamber, but have to take the exam at the chamber responsible for your place of work or residence.

Instructor license costs in face-to-face lessons

A conventional trainer certificate preparation course takes place in face-to-face classes.

The events are offered by chambers such as IHK and HWK or by private providers.

The instructor license costs for this are on average between € 600 and € 900.

The IHK and HWK instructor courses can be taken in a two-week intensive course at many institutions.

Two weeks is a short time for the large scope of study.

These courses are known as “crash courses” for good reason and should only be taken when there is pressure on the deadline and agreement with private life and work.

A popular preparation period is part-time training, which usually lasts three months.

The choice of private providers is much larger, both in terms of the duration of the courses and the range of services.

Even if the same exam is taken across Germany for both the theoretical and the practical part, there is drastic differences in the services of the providers.

Each provider defines its own services and conditions.

So it may well be that you are missing important content for the exam in the case of supposed bargain offers, as this is not part of the curriculum and is therefore not taught.

Tip: Be sure to pay attention to the scope of the courses!

Instructor license costs for distance learning courses

Distance learning courses are much more expensive in comparison.

For a distance learning course, you must € 700 to € 1,400 plan on.

You learn flexibly when you want from home and receive a large selection of readings to study.

Usually the course lasts six months, but can be extended if necessary.

Long journeys and mandatory appointments are mostly omitted in distance learning courses.

Mandatory courses can only be held on individual days.

However, these usually take place in large cities, so that depending on the location you still have to cover a few kilometers.

However, learning requires one high discipline and motivation can dwindle over time, as the learning material can become very monotonous and there is no variety.

Instructor license costs in the online instructor course at the AEVO Academy

We at the AEVO Academy therefore have a proven learning system Developed for an online trainer course to avoid journeys or mandatory attendance days and to create a modern, time-adjusted learning environment that is suitable for everyone!

With this instructor course, you can easily and comfortably acquire all of the contents of the instructor's certificate from home or at work, without being tied to specific attendance dates or having to study thick books.

you are completely flexible, independent and save an enormous amount of time (including no operational downtime) and can do your trainer certificate online.

The content is conveyed to you using compact and easy-to-understand learning videos.

After each video unit, you can take a test to test and consolidate your knowledge.

This not only makes learning more comfortable, since you decide when and where you want to work through the content, but you also have fun learning and you learn more efficiently!

In addition to the tutorial videos, you will receive a Instructor course manual by post as well as other additives, such as all Content as an audio book.

Everyone learns differently - with our course you use the learning materials that appeal to you the most!

The more senses that are addressed when learning, the higher the likelihood that what has been learned will quickly solidify.

For example, use the built-in notes function in the course, in order to save important information for yourself in addition to watching the learning videos and to download or print it out later.

If you have finished all four fields of activity and would like to prepare for the written exam, you can do so in several real exam simulations to do.

As a special bonus, we provide you with all the important materials and templates that you need for your approach in the practical exam in the online course area.

You can also send us your Training concept gladly by email for control and we will give you one individual feedback with tipsso that your exam is sure to be a complete success!

9 out of 10 of our customers pass the test immediately!

All information about the online trainer course can be found here.

How much does the exam for the trainer license cost?

If you have successfully completed an instructor course and acquired the necessary knowledge, you must register for the written exam at least six weeks before your desired exam date.

The practical exam usually takes place a few weeks after the written exam.

The examination costs for the trainer certificate are determined by your competent chamber.

The costs range between 160 € and 250 €.

If you don't pass the exam right away, you can take one exam twice Repeat examination compete.

This is about € 50 to € 100 again a little cheaper than the initial test.

Please note, however, that you will not be automatically registered for a repeat exam!

This step must come from you like the registration for the initial test!

You can usually find the amount of the examination costs on the website of your responsible Chamber of Commerce.

On the Chamber's website you will also find possible examination dates and the examination form that you have to fill out to register.

The examination form contains your contact details as well as the address, the desired examination date, the type of examination, i.e. whether it is the first or second examination, information about the preparatory course that you have completed and the assumption of costs.

This can be done privately or by the employer.

Tip: You don't know which chamber is responsible for you?

In general, you have to take the exam at the IHK in the region in which you live or work!

The address of your home or your employer is relevant.

If you are unsure, you can use the free IHK finder:

Why is the trainer license worthwhile despite the costs?

"An investment in knowledge still pays the best interest."

With further training to become an instructor, everyone can Career paths open some doorsthat you would have been denied without the trainer license.

The trainer license costs are manageable compared to other training courses and in most cases pay off again, as sooner or later the graduates with AdA license take on a job as trainers.

So becoming an instructor is definitely worth it!

How can you minimize trainer license costs?

Obtain yours employer with a and ask them for assistance!

Often it is entirely in the employer's interest that you are able to continue your education and skillfully train and promote trainees in the company.

The importance of the quality of training has increased significantly in recent years and will increase year after year in the future.

The company's good reputation for solid training is therefore a basic requirement in order to find suitable trainees for open training positions.

Therefore, ask whether your employer will pay the training license costs or deal with a part of the Costs involved.

But even if you want to lift the AdA certificate on your own, you can take advantage of the advantages.

Put the instructor license cost in your annual tax return as advertising expenses!

The costs will reduce your taxable income and you will get at least part of the money back.

Conclusion: The trainer license costs are manageable

Instructor license costs can vary widely depending on the type of preparation and the location where you will take the exam.

In the end you have it in your hand for which one Preparation course You decide and can at least something will affect the cost of the instructor license.

In general, for a good preparation course including exam fees, whether online or in Plan for attendance costs of around € 600 to € 1,000.

Compared to other advanced training courses, the costs for the trainer license are definitely manageable and keep within reasonable limits.

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Instructor license costs: questions and answers

What do the instructor license costs consist of?

The trainer license costs consist of the costs for the preparation and the examination costs. The preparation costs are mostly preparatory courses that are carried out online or in face-to-face classes.

How high are the instructor license costs?

There is no general answer. You should plan around 600 to 900 euros for the instructor license. Depending on which preparatory course you attend and where you take the exam, the cost of the instructor license can vary greatly.

How can I reduce the cost of the instructor license?

Ask your employer about reimbursement of costs or include the trainer license costs in your tax return as income-related expenses. Also, choose an inexpensive prep course that covers all of the content. We recommend our online trainer course with a pass guarantee. If you fail the exam, you will get your money back with no ifs or buts!

Why are the instructor license costs not the most important thing?

Many of the cheaper preparation courses only offer a compact presentation of the content, which may lead to the feeling that you are missing the exam. We recommend choosing a course not just for its price.