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Creativity and biography of Eduard Asadov

Edward Asadov - poet lyricist, the enchanted man with her lines of verse about love, life, friendship, loyalty. He still has a lot of admirers. Eduard Asadov has long been dead, but he still leaves traces in the soul of every lover of poetry.

A person in poetry sees the reflection of his experiences and reconsiders with reading lines. The article examines the biography of Eduard Asadov, a brief description of the poems and describes the author's deep feelings.

Childhood writer

Eduard Asadov was born in an intelligent Armenianfamily. Nobody could imagine that there would be a future celebrity on September 7, 1923. Azadov's parents were teachers. They spent a lot of time raising their son, they rushed to read, they talked about the beautiful surrounding world. Probably it was the luminous outlook on life that eventually made the writer famous.

The boy's father died when he was just six years old. Mom had no choice but to move in with his father Ivan in the city of Sverdlovsk. Edward studied well, attended a theater company.

When the boy started the second grade, they wrote the first poetic lines. Asadov's mother was invited to work in Moscow. They moved to the capital in 1939.

On the day of the Soviet Army on February 23, Edward read his poetry for the public. This was his first speech. He was then 16 years old. However, on this biography of Eduard Asadov, of course, didn't end. His life has only just begun.

Teenage years

Asadov was a creative person. So he doubted where to go. He had two options: the literary and theatrical institutions. However, the dream does not come true. On June 22nd, after graduation, the war began. The young man did not think twice and joined the army as a volunteer.

Edward served by faith and truth under Moscow and Leningrad. In 1942 he was appointed commander of the weapon. But he did not stop writing poetry, all free time gives creativity. Many poems about the war are included in numerous poetry collections.

In the fall of 1942 the young man enteredan artillery mortar school in Omsk, which ended at one five. After graduation, Edward was promoted to lieutenant. In the spring of 1943, Asadov was appointed head of the communications department. Over time, he became the battalion's deputy commander. He gave himself everything to service. That is why he later became the battalion commander.

Asadov's difficult job was badly wounded, and he was between life and death. Doctors fought with all their might for the hero and performed a miracle. The young man survived, but as it turned out, the misfortune still befell him. Edward Asadov's biography is complicated and sometimes difficult to read because the author walked a difficult path.

The tragedy of Eduard Asadov

As mentioned earlier, the writer was the commandant battalion. When most of the soldiers died, Asadov noticed that they still had a lot of ammunition. He decided that they would be very necessary in the next part. Therefore, without much thought, Eduard and the driver drove the remaining ammunition there.

However, it so happened that they traveled on the opencountry. They were noticed by enemies and opened fire. Shell exploded near the car, wounding the writer. The splinter took away most of the skull. Therefore, the doctors at the hospital decided that his wound was incompatible with life. They believed he only had a few days left. However, a miracle happened. Survived Eduard Asadov, whose biography is of interest to many to this day.

This is not all, because the writer has lost his sight, whose life will be much more difficult. He traveled to various hospitals and experts everywhere endured the same judgment: vision cannot be restored.

The writer dropped his hands. He didn't want to live and didn't understand why he was saved. It seemed impossible to exist without the colors of the world. Nevertheless, he continued to write and decided to devote himself entirely to creativity. Edward Asadov's biography is full of impressions. After reading it, everyone thinks about their life and feels its worth.

Biography of Eduard Asadov: personal life

When the writer was wounded in the war, he climbed a hospital. There he was visited by numerous fans. Six of them loved Edward and offered his hand and heart to him. As a result, the scribe couldn't resist. He chose a companion for life. Young people got married but soon divorced. The woman fell in love with someone else.

Eduard Asadov did not stop and in 1961 married a second time. They met on one of the evenings when the future wife was reading poetry. She was well acquainted with the writer's work and fell in love with him. Soon they became husband and wife.

The wife of the poet Karina Razumovskaya workedactress in the Moscow concert. When her husband had literary evenings, she always visited them. She thought it was good that the audience enthusiastically welcomed a blind author and was proud of her lover.

The biography of the poet Eduard Asadov is fascinating. Thanks to her, a person will better understand the writer's works and look at him with completely different eyes.

Awards and titles from Eduard Asadov

The writer made a great contribution to the domesticliterature. The government valued his services and awarded E. Asadov the Order of Friendship of Peoples. Through his work, Asadov has strengthened inter-ethnic cultural relations.

Eduard Asadov fought relentlessly. Devoted to his homeland, he often risked his life, for which he received the Order of the Patriotic War and the Red Star, medals for the defense of Leningrad and Sevastopol. In 1989, Asadov was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. He is still remembered and loved.

The creative activity of the writer after the war

Left behind an enormous poetic legacyEduard Azadov. Biography, poems of the poet open a peculiar, clean world without anger and hatred. He wrote about everything: about life, nature, war and love.

To his creative work successfulHe went on to our hero article in 1946 he entered the Institute of Literature. The study just ended A. Two years later, his poems began to appear in magazines.

The first collection was published in 1951. Then he became very popular. He had many readers who fell in love with his spiritual poetry and wrote him letters of other kinds. Some people praised the poet, others asked his advice. The writer tried to give each reader as much time as possible.

Now Asadov was invited to the literary evening, so that he would please people with his verses. Despite the fact that he became a famous person, his character did not change for the worse. Asadov remained a humble and kind person.

Eduard was easy to write, he was inspired by readers. Thanks to them, he knew what he was living for. He had a goal of which he made sure.

On the poems of Eduard Asadov

Often said of the writer: "He did not become a poet, he was born to them." It really is. Asadov wrote heartily about what he had seen, heard or read. That's why he loved readers so much. A wonderful poet Edward Asadov. Biography, his poems tell us that he is also a man. And few poets can convey feelings and experiences as the writer did.

Asadov has a lot of poems about love. In them he described his experiences and feelings. Almost every reader admires how vividly he conveys his feelings and attitudes towards life in a poetic form. He wrote not only about sadness, but also about happy love. Therefore, everyone who reads his poems will find his own.

During the war, the writer wrote spiritual poetry about peace, anger and sadness, about girls who are not soon seen by soldiers. Knowing the biography of the poet, it is easy to imagine that every word is written in creative agony. In his poems, he demanded not to be forgotten as a writer and front-line soldier who loved his homeland and fought for it, and even at the front, he composed poems in free moments.

Poems and miniatures of the writer

Asadov composed various poems. He was no stranger to voluminous poems and very short miniatures. He found peace while writing. The poem was written on days of inspiration when I wanted to tell a story.

Miniatures came about when a few interesting lines pounded in my head. In order not to forget them, he immediately printed out or wrote short rhymes. That's why he always had a notebook and a pen in his pocket.

Miniatures Asadov wrote about women, nature, love and did not forget about the difficulties of life. It was about her that he wrote the most.

Eduard Asadov's life is over

Moscow's Kunzewo Cemetery accepted the poet on April 21, 2004. He asked very much that his heart be buried in Sevastopol on Sapun Mountain. There he made a military masterpiece in 1944.

The death of Eduard Asadov brought fansa lot of sad feelings. After all, there will be no continuation of his creative activity. Thank you that there are many books after him that can be reread regularly.

Many people came to bury the great poet and proverbial writers. His poems were read in the cemetery and they were dedicated to him. After all, everyone knew that Eduard Asadov was a creative person with a kind heart and a great love for people.

He lived for 81 years, at times going through difficult times, at times a happy life. Before he died, he said he had no regrets. He walked around with a black bandage for many years, seeing nothing but feeling everything.


Once upon a time there was a beautiful poetEduard Azadov. Biography that cannot be briefly told touches the hearts of most people. They loved the poet, but did not know the main thing - that he was blind for many years. At first I suffered from it. A little later, when he saw the meaning of life, he continued his creative activity and was even able to receive a red institute diploma.

There are people who did not like the poet Edward Asadov. The biography of the texts will be of no interest to them. Many authors criticized poems and poems, believing that his work was not worth paying attention to. It is good that such critics were few.

The biography of Eduard Asadov will teach a lotreaders. Despite his problems and tragedy, the poet did not stop, but continued to develop. This is a lesson for every person. Thanks to the writer, you can rethink yourself and understand the meaning of life. Learn, develop, no matter what. One day your lesson will be a successful person too.

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