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As promised, I will continue the worship series with a mixtape. The following 12 songs are from "normal" bands with a Christian background who actually make genre music. However, there are bands like “Third Day” or even “Violet Burning” where the line between worship band and rock band is very fluid.

One source of extraordinary worship music that I always enjoy coming back to is, as you can see, themed albums like Reggae Worship: A Roots Revival from Christafari or the Skalleluia series the insyderz.

Is it actually okay to be “showered” with worship music at work or in the car? A reader raised this interesting question in the last article. Here are the comments, where you are welcome to join the discussion.

But now on to the songs:

1. Audio Adrenaline - King

I think I already had the first album of Audio Adrenaline on a music cassette. Must have been in the early 90s sometime. Since then, the band's sound has continued to expand. And also the variety of content.

The song is available at

2. Solomon Jabby - Your Mercy

With “Rocksteady” Solomon Jabby has delivered a wonderful roots reggae / ska album that brings the spirit of Desmond Dekker and the old Wailers records into the modern era. Several songs on the record deserve to land on this list (for example “Rejoice” and “Got This Feeling”).
The song at and Amazon

3. Loud Harp - Hide Me Away

The song at and Amazon

4. Rivers & Robots - You Saved My Soul

Rivers & Robots is an indie worship band from Manchester. Does she belong on that list if she's just making worship music? Good question. In any case, the sound is surprisingly fresh.
The song at and Amazon

5. Christafari - Selah

A song from Christafari's first Reggae Worship album.
The song at and Amazon

6. Christafari (feat. Geneman) - Jehovah

And Christafari again. This time together with Geneman from the album "Gospel Reggae Praise".
The song is available on Amazon.

7. Rock n Roll Worship Circus - Your Crown

As far as I know, the Worship Circus no longer exists. Too bad. At the turn of the millennium they released a couple of fine albums.
The complete CD is still available from Amazon.

8. Third Day - All The Heavens

There are also numerous songs by the southern rockers Third Day that are suitable for such a mixtape.
The song at and Amazon.

9. Gungor - You Are The Beauty

The singer-songwriter Michael Gungor should of course not be missing in this mixtape.
The song at and Amazon.

10. Sarah Brendel - Yaweh

A German artist also makes it onto the list. Unfortunately, with the American and British competition, it's not that easy. But Sarah definitely deserves it.
The song at and Amazon.

11. Snubnose - you command your way

This punk version of a hymn book classic should of course not be missing, even if Snubnose unfortunately no longer exists. On their “second hand” concept album they collect songs of praise and interpret them as fast 3-chord punk songs. Some of the songs are even in German!
The entire album is still used on Amazon.

12. The Violet Burning - Maker Of The Stars

As stubborn as the indie rockers around Michael J. Pritzl may be (means: difficultly compatible with the Christian mainstream) - their first album was still distributed by Vineyard Music. The heart of the band beats for worship to this day.
The complete album "Faith and Devotions of a Satellite Heart" is still available on Amazon.

The next mixtape will then deal with the "real" worship band ...