What does a bison look like


This is how we tested the BISON app

The evaluation of the Bison app included the criteria of user-friendliness, scope of functions, fee structure, trust in the provider and help & support. In the following the individual areas


Full marks for general usability, the registration and verification process, the mobile app and the German interface.

The duration for euro deposits and withdrawals is also good. Cryptocurrencies take a little longer (up to 3 working days) and are the only point deduction in this category.


There were clear point deductions for the selection of coins (currently only four) and payment methods (SEPA transfer only). Compared to other providers, this is a real drawback. According to our information, we are working on integrating other payment methods.

Some of the extra features (tax evaluation at the push of a button) are nice, but popular functions such as a savings plan for regular purchases or the option to swap cryptocurrencies for one another are missing. Both of these functions should be available in the future.


The fees are not that transparent because they are included in the purchase price, but there are several places where you can find out about them. Only a slight deduction of points.

The price is determined by the “Bitstamp” exchange (more are to follow) from which BISON receives the purchased coins. In a market comparison, the fees that BISON adds to the course are absolutely competitive. Especially in comparison with other providers who take over the broker service (direct purchase), the market prices are very good.

Both the custody and the payout of cryptocurrencies are free. It is very likely that this is used very little, because otherwise BISON swallows the transaction costs of Bitcoin & Co. for its users. Top service!


Here, too, the BISON app manages to collect a lot of points. With the Stuttgart stock exchange, a serious provider guarantees that everything is going well. and the regulatory clarity due to the German provider also has a positive effect.

Coin storage is done by a separate company whose only job is to keep the coins safe. That creates trust.

The app lacks the 2FA authorization that is usual for crypto exchanges, but since the app is only used with the smartphone anyway, that doesn't make any sense. Instead, there is the option of unlocking the app with biometric features instead of a password (fingerprint).

For the cryptocurrencies managed by BISON there is neither a deposit guarantee (there is practically nowhere), nor an insurance. The euro account is subject to the statutory deposit protection.

There are also small deductions for the fact that the app has not been around for that long and therefore does not have a long history in which they have proven their safe handling of cryptocurrencies.

Help and support

There is no telephone support, but the email response times in our test were fixed and it was helped very well.

The help area consists of a series of frequently asked questions (FAQs) that can be found both on the website and in the app.