What is a half-attached figure

Documentation and research of people: what is a half figure?

Do you know that Search term half figure? In an earlier article we already gave a few general insights into the captioning of images. Today we're going to show you more details from the Documentation of pictures of people.

Because even if you mainly do research, it is helpful to know how documentaries work in photo agencies. Awareness of the existence of certain search terms will ultimately help you get a good result faster.

Subdivision of images of persons into portrait, half-length and full-length

In order to be able to narrow down the search for pictures of people, many picture agencies use the in their documentation Subdivision of the depicted image sections. The following subdivisions are common: Portrait, half figure and full figure.

During research, this has the advantage that you can narrow down pictures of personalities more quickly.

What is a portrait?

The picture is a portrait if the Main focus of the image section on the face the person lies.

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When is a person a full figure?

Full figures are images of people whose whole body - from head to toe - can be seen in the picture. The person can stand as well as sit.

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And what is a half figure now?

The half-figure is practically the image section of a person who lies between portrait and full-length. Sometimes the distinction is not easy to make. As a guideline, a half-figure represents a person from head to waist. It shows a larger image section than a portrait and does not depict any feet.

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In the INTERFOTO database, we use these terms to delimit the many images in the personal archive, i.e. primarily for personalities.

Further delimitations of personal images

The three-part structure mentioned is no longer used when depicting several people in one picture. Instead there are the following keywords:

Did you know that our competent team is also available to support you in keywording and image research?

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