Pink hits you all over the face

V.doubtful you try to free yourself from the relentless grip of the two guards who are inexorably pulling you forward. Only a few more steps to the abyss. You dig your feet in the dirt to stop the guys from bringing you closer to that cliff. "Now it's off behind the curtain!" the guard on your left gasps in your ear. His long, sweaty, black hair hits you in the face. He grips your left arm and shoulder with a steel-hard grip, while he brutally tries to kick your legs away to break your resistance. The guy on your right laughs maliciously when he pulls your arm with all his might.
You look up. The huge, glowing dome, which you have already seen from afar, extends directly behind the cliff. As if struck by the size of this magical barrier, you freeze for a moment in horror. Enough for the two guards to finally overcome your resistance. The black-haired man kicks your legs away from you, and on your knees you are dragged to the edge of the cliff. The dark hum that was barely audible in the background the whole time is now getting louder. In the center of the magical dome you will see a larger settlement. Smoke rises from the huts. Up ahead is something that looks like the entrance of a mine ... "Put it down!" The king's executioner speaks loudly behind you. The two guards pull you up in a hurry. You twist your neck to look behind you; but can only see the tall man out of the corner of his eye. "Prisoner! Our exalted King condemns you to forced labor in the ore mines for your misdeeds. You will remain there until the end of your miserable life! Guards ..."
UYou indistinctly see how the figure behind you raises an arm. How wildly you throw yourself back and forth to escape the grip of the guards. A kick in the cross tears you out of the arms of the guards and you fall, rush towards the barrier, throw up your arms to absorb the impact, but it doesn't come ... Without resistance you just keep falling, you rush into it faster and faster Towards the ground. No water! You are falling towards a lake! You no longer hear your own scream when you finally break through the surface of the water. Dazed as if by a club, you let yourself slowly drift back to the surface from the depths. Air! You see the contours of the bank blurred. With your last strength you swim towards it and pull yourself ashore. A foot stomps in the mud in front of you. You look up Several prisoners dressed in rags and rotted armor stand over you with folded arms. The guy in front of you bends down, pulls your head up by your hair, looks you straight in the eye and whispers with a stinking breath from a toothless mouth: "Welcome to jail!"

E.t there is war in the human kingdom. Orcs are invading the land from the north. In order to maintain the fighting strength of the royal army, the blacksmiths of the empire are constantly busy making new weapons.
D.he fate of those who break the law during this time is hard: They are sentenced to forced labor in the penal colony, where they extract the ERZ from deep within the earth, which is needed for the manufacture of weapons. There are no guards in the entire penal colony, nor are they needed: the entire area around the mines is enclosed by a magical barrier; a sphere a thousand meters in diameter that spans the prison like a dome and completes itself into a sphere deep underground. The barrier can be passed from the outside without any problems; but no living being can escape from it. Only dead objects can penetrate the barrier from the inside. In this way, the prisoners have the opportunity to give the precious ORE to the outside world once a month. In exchange for this they get essential food, medicine, but also a few small treasures that make their hard life more comfortable.
I.There is a tough hierarchy in prison. It is reserved only for the most powerful of the prisoners to receive the precious goods and to distribute them among the weaker ones at their own discretion. The strong take the lion's share and live in decadence, while the weak are forced to toil in the mines day after day for their measly share.
I.In the penal colony there are two rival groups: on the one hand, the OLD CAMP, which is under the rule of the archbarons, who control most of the bartering with the outside world, and on the other hand, the smaller NEW CAMP, whose inhabitants are different from the old Split camps to build their own little mine and obsessively work on their breakout plan.
A.There is also the somewhat remote SECT TEMPLE, whose leaders prophesy the imminent end of the world. Together with their disciples, they celebrate the last days that they believe remain. The sect temple and the new camp have allied themselves against the great power of the old camp, and so the forces in the prison are (at the moment) roughly in balance.
GOccasionally there are attacks and small raids between the camps, but none of the groups is powerful enough for major carnage. Each of the parties is constantly eyeing the other in anticipation of a little carelessness in order to gain the tactical advantage they would need to mercilessly attack their opponents ..