Sweaty hands during yoga

Sweaty hands are a particularly bad thing when it hits the person concerned extremely. In the case of excessive hand sweat, this can even go so far that a dermatologist diagnoses a disease: the so-called palmar hyperhidrosis (med. Hyperhidrosis palmaris).

Due to the immense amount of sweat that sweaty hands can exude (see video below), "hand sweats" often develop a panic fear of situations in which they have to shake hands with other people (e.g. a date, celebrations, job interviews, business meetings, Meetings, presentations, lectures in school etc.).
Shaking hands becomes torture.

The emotional burden for “hand sweaters” is very great, as sweating can hardly be concealed at this point on the body (if necessary by wearing gloves). Those affected often try to secretly dry their hands before shaking hands, e.g. by stroking them over their trousers or using a towel they have brought with them. This measure, which is carried out unconsciously and automatically or compulsively after a while, is not infrequently far more noticeable for the person opposite than the sweaty fingers when shaking hands. An embarrassing situation - for both sides.

It is understandable that those affected become more and more nervous and insecure in the face of such situations. Much more serious, however, are subsequent developments such as social isolation, withdrawal from society and even phobias (e.g. Aphesmophobia) and depression. Especially when the described, alleged embarrassing experiences already occur in youth, a “fear of visible sweating” often develops. Since psychological stress and suffering negatively affect the body's sweat production, i.e. increase it, those affected quickly get into a real one Vicious circlein which sweating and the shameful fear of it are mutually reinforcing.

Specific causes of hand sweat

Palmar hyperhidrosis can have organic causes (secondary hyperhidrosis) if the sweaty hands are triggered by internal illnesses, but in most cases it is one primary hyperhidrosis, which is innate and therefore also inheritable. With the necessary Root cause researchwhich should be carried out together with a dermatologist, it makes sense to consult a psychologist or behavioral therapist so that the psychological influences on sweating can also be clarified (and treated).

Why your hands sweat ...

Sweating on the hands (palmarHyperhidrosis) does not have a thermoregulatory function, it is rather of evolutionary origin. In primeval times, the wet hands (and soles of the feet) were used for better grip, e.g. when fleeing from predators on trees and rocks. This prehistoric holdover shows that sweating and the mind are closely related. When we are excited, afraid or frightened, we automatically start to sweat.

Nevertheless, the exact processes involved in sweating are still a mystery to science today. The researchers are struggling to make progress with their investigations, which of course have to combine biology, physiology, neurology and psychology with one another. Based on the palmarIt was not until the early 1980s that doctors succeeded in understanding hyperhidrosis. Apparently they react sympathetic nerve endings in people with palmarerHyperhidrosis particularly sensitive. This has also been shown by experiments with measurements of the nerve stimuli in fingers that have been immersed in cold water. The brain reacts particularly strongly to the “temperature measurement” of the hands, whereupon it expands the capillaries of the skin and pumps full of blood in order to increase the warmth. The opposite of this can be observed in "fear sweat", where the body "draws" the blood "out of caution" from the upper layers of the skin, which among other things creates the typical "fear pale". At the same time it sends Acetycholine which also stimulates the eccrine sweat glands. As a result, the hands sweat more, curiously, especially in the cold. A vicious circle begins because the sweat on the skin surface creates evaporative cold, which in turn triggers the above-mentioned cold stimuli. In this way, sweating continues indefinitely.

Immediate measures against sweaty hands

Immediate therapy for the symptoms of hand sweating can be followed by a sound research into the causes and sustainable therapy by specialists (e.g. Dermatologist, Internists, Nutrition specialists, psychotherapists) complement, but not replace.

Over time, the affected person becomes very diverse Home remedies for sweating have tried: are known Sage tea, Oak bark brew, Imperial Soda, Baby powderorRubbing alcohol. Unfortunately, these traditional methods on the hands rarely bring the desired success.

Since it is important to break the vicious circle described above as quickly as possible, proven therapies are required. Regular use of high doses would be recommended at the beginning of one's own initiative Antiperspirants, or alternatively the Tap water iontophoresis (DC baths):

Recommended therapies for sweaty hands:

Further possible therapies with their advantages and disadvantages are described in detail under the heading "Therapies against sweating" in the menu (top left).

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