My groin area hurts when I lie down

Headache - lying on your head hurts!

Hello everybody,

I've been living with regular headaches for a number of years. Sometimes I am spared the pain for a few weeks, but most of the time I have headaches several times a week, often daily and often I wake up with the pain.

The doctors can't help me, I've already done a CT - everything is fine.

For a few months now, however, there has been a new development: When I have a bad headache again and lie down or go to sleep in the evening, the exact spot on my head that I'm lying on hurts. That means if I turn on my side, the side of my head hurts, if I turn on my back, the back of my head hurts. If I'm not totally tired and fall asleep straight away, then I can no longer lie in one spot on my head and have to turn around constantly so that my head doesn't hurt so much. I can't sleep sitting down ...

I had already come to terms with my regular headaches - as bad as that sounds. This "new development" with the pain when lying down worries me, however ...

Can one of you help me or know the same pain?

I would be very happy to receive an answer and thank you in advance!

P.S .: Do you also know the problem that doctors absolutely cannot help you with a headache? Or do you also have the impression that they are overwhelmed with a headache to make a diagnosis?