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WhatsApp: Exciting features that Messenger is still missing

The WhatsApp blog "WABetaInfo" is actually known for examining the beta versions of the popular messenger for any new functions or designs. In the past few weeks, a new discipline has been dared: In a series of tweets, the site operators have presented a series of exciting and practical concepts that you would like to see in Messenger in the future.

In the following we will introduce you to the previously fictitious features of WABetaInfo in more detail. Important: None of the concepts come from WhatsApp itself - it is completely unclear whether the functions like this or something like that will find their way into Messenger at some point.

"Voice Messaging Head" are supposed to solve annoying voice messaging problems

The problem should be familiar to many users: If you want to listen to a voice message from a conversation partner, you cannot leave the respective chat without the audio message being interrupted. Especially annoying with longer messages - you could, for example, answer text messages from other people while listening to them.

The concept solution from WABetaInfo: So-called "Voice Messaging Heads". If you leave the chat while a voice message is being played, an icon appears on the display that can be moved back and forth on the screen as desired. If this icon is not paused with a tap or ended by dragging it into the respective chat bar, the audio message continues in the background while the user can devote himself to other chat partners. When the message is over, the "heads" automatically disappear from the screen.

The principle of "messaging heads" should also be known to some smartphone owners from the Facebook Messenger app.

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"Last seen" option with a practical addition

Another concept idea relates to the "last seen" display. WABetaInfo suggests that in future users can choose which of their friends can see when they were last online in WhatsApp. The contacts who can see the time of the last WhatsApp login could be entered under the "Nobody but ..." option.

"Vacation announcements": Reminder for archived chats in vacation mode

The "vacation mode" means that archived conversations no longer slide into the chat overview when a new message arrives there. Conversations that you don't want to actively follow can be effectively blocked out.

So that you don't forget the archived chats completely, WABetaInfo has an additional option for the future that reminds the user once a day that new messages have been received in archived chats.

No auto-downloads when group chats are muted

Especially in group chats, in which the participants send a bunch of new messages every day, it can be worthwhile to mute the group so that you do not receive a notification for every new message. WABetaInfo suggests that for silent groups it can be set that files are not downloaded automatically. This could be very practical, especially with a flood of pictures or videos, so as not to overload the smartphone memory.

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