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Noble prostitutes - the wa (h) re woman

Noble prostitute / noble prostitute - meaning

A noble prostitute is a term for an escort lady / gentleman who has few customers, but receives a lot of money for the booking or time. In the dictionary, a noble prostitute is a wealthy prostitute with a wealthy clientele. It is not to be confused with a sugarbabe.

To put it less vulgarly, these women are now called companions in the singular and companions in the plural. The translation of the word “Edelprostituierte” or “Edelprostituierter” from German to English (English) is a little more difficult. Usually it is in the dictionary as a form of "high-class prostitutes".

However, the business with high-class prostitution continues to boom. Many people accept this escort service, even more than some would believe. Noble prostitutes accompany lonely businessmen on business trips, business lunches, trade fairs and various events. You are not forced to have sexual intercourse, but most customers expect it.

Why is a high-class prostitute popular with men?

Sex with a top woman? A dream of all men! The look of a noble whore is definitely a big difference to the normal woman. The hair, clothes style and figure is very similar to a top model. Most men have no chance with such women - with a noble whore, however, you can realize your imagination for money.

The high-class prostitute is usually booked by different mostly married business men, whereby it is already clear at the beginning that the night is spent in bed. All sexual dreams and desires are fulfilled by an almost top model. She is attractive, sexy and sophisticated. She is always perfectly styled and always dresses seductively. Not every man would get this type of woman in normal everyday life, which is why the attraction is all the greater to indulge in this fantasy. In this case, however, a manager prefers to turn to a high-end prostitute agency and may also spend over 2,500 euros a day. That's not a lot for a manager, because the price doesn't really matter.

Noble prostitutes as a trend

The trend of noble prostitutes in the German-speaking countries has become stronger in 2020 and 2021, especially in Berlin. Hessen follows in second place. In the English-speaking world, e.g. in the USA, Florida and Louisiana are the states with the highest demand for luxury prostitutes. This knowledge also applies to the years 2020 and 2021. The search demand is largely related to the Internet, so this text entry is primarily intended to provide information. Logging into a portal for noble prostitutes and the associated quality of the platform is the top priority for the user. Some noble prostitutes are also active on Twitter.

How expensive is a high-class prostitute?

We now have a large market for escort agencies whose services are in great demand. The customers are serious and international businessmen who treat women with respect. You invest a lot of money and time in accompanying these ladies. The search for a noble prostitute has therefore become easier in German-speaking countries.

Most high-class prostitute agencies divide the prices and tariffs into platinum, gold and silver. The prices are very different from each other. A distinction is made between two types of meetings. On the one hand, a woman can accompany you for a dinner or at trade fairs. The man can of course show off the pretty women super.

The dinner meeting, however, is purely an accompaniment to dinner or a business meeting, i.e. there is no sexual activity or contact. The focus here is primarily on pleasant company. Such an arrangement is much cheaper than the private meeting. In the case of private dates, on the other hand, there is sex and other sexual acts. You have to spend a lot more for that. Some information is listed here:

Dinner dateplatinumgoldsilver
2 hours350 Euro250 euro210 euros
3 hours450 euros350 Euro310 euros
4 hours550 euros450 euros410 euros
Private date
2 hours500 euro400 euros300 Euro
4 hours700 euro600 euros510 euros
8 hours550 euros450 euros410 euros
24 hours1800 euros1500 Euro1200 euros
1 week6000 euros5250 euros4500 euros

Difference between noble whore and prostitute?

The price is decisive! There are street prostitutes, prostitutes who work in brothels and high-class escorts. Normal whores on the street pay by action, for example 50 euros for a blowjob or sex. There is no room for data protection here. Escorts always calculate with time. In this form of the industry, the focus is on time, which is classified as noble and valuable. You are not paid for the sexual acts, you are paid for the time. Noble prostitutes get 500 euros to 1000 euros an hour if they work in the escort and high class sector.

Another difference is that the prostitutes in most cases work full time, i.e. they see a lot of customers a day and that is the main source of income. The noble prostitute class is about students, women who have a job, who do it for fun and also bring a little extra cash into the till. Most high-class prostitutes also see it as a change from boring everyday life. Noble whores / noble prostitutes and high class whores have a very good education, good manners and can also hold conversations on various topics with ease. They also usually speak several languages ​​such as English or German, so that communication is simplified. This is particularly important for high-class prostitutes, as many customers also come from abroad and are not just German.

The most common language spoken is e.g. English, Romanian, Spanish, French, Russian, Swedish, Italian, Hungarian and German. Words that are not understood at first glance are usually looked up using a digital dictionary that is designed internationally. Such translations can remove some barriers. However, the plural and singular are often confused.

How do you book this type of lady?

It's now as easy to order sex as hamburgers. You first enter the postcode or address and get suggestions for potential sex partners. You can choose between age, cup size, figure, language (for example German or English). In addition, there are requirements that the high-class prostitute must meet: on the one hand, they must be between 18 and 40 years old and, on the other hand, they must have an attractive and well-groomed appearance.

Noble prostitutes must be self-confident and have a good general education. In addition, high-quality discussions must be a matter of course. Anyone who books a luxury prostitute for a private date also has to dig deeper into their pockets. But he also receives various additional benefits. Every high-class prostitute has its own set card in which all characteristics are listed. Among other things, photos and voice samples. The man can choose between the noble prostitutes on the agency's homepage and arrange a meeting in his free time. Data protection is particularly important here.

Advantages and disadvantages of this profession

The image of the prostitute is known to be very bad. It is also losing popularity in German-speaking countries. In the Panorama section of the news magazine Focus, this profession was repeatedly reported. In particular, the tragic case with the noble prostitute “Rosemarie Nitribitt” was the main topic of the Focus Panorama for weeks. Focus (Panorama) describes Rosemarie Nitribitt as a beautiful, rich and provocative woman. However, she was addicted to heroin and also needed the money. Rosemarie Nitribitt heard was killed 50 years ago. She was one of the most famous whores.

Prostitution is killing and very dangerous work. Women are referred to as goods that are bought and used. Prostitution enables men to live out their misogyny and violent fantasies with the noble prostitutes. Ultimately, this article should not only reflect the positive sides of the noble prostitutes, but also the not so shiny sides.

In this sense, this text entry should also be taken seriously and the life of a noble prostitute should not necessarily be seen as easy. With all this information in this article, you can gradually get an idea that the life of some noble prostitute women does not necessarily have to go well and that in some situations they really need help.

Prostitutes can earn a lot quickly and, above all, a lotThe job suffers a lot from a bad image, prejudice and disrespect
Making desperate men happyBad treatment of women
Fun and lots of sexVery strenuous work - morning to night. No freetime.
The noble prostitutes can afford luxuryMental problems. More and more suicide attempts have been reported among noble prostitutes
Get to know many different people in a short timeHealth risks! Sexually transmitted diseases are not uncommon in this job
Violence and mistreatment by the gentlemen
Women very often meet old, unkempt and drunk men

The Google Manger and the noble prostitute

International athletes, politicians, well-known businessmen and managers are customers of high-class prostitution. Again and again at Focus Panorama bizarre stories were written. This clientele also included a Google manager. A 51 year old family man who works as a manager at Google was found dead on a yacht.

The relationship with a whore finally became his undoing. The whore injected the Google Manager with an overdose of heroin and then ran away as Focus Panorama wrote. She was sentenced to six years in prison for the death of the Google manager. Heroin stories like the one from Google Manager, which are often linked to death, create a bad image in the prostitution scene. The high-class prostitutes do not admit it because of the image, but they actually consume heroin more often.

Safety tips

Although “sex work” is associated with high risks and has a bad image, this profession will apparently also be important for one or two young women in the future. That is why we have summarized some safety tips here:

  • Never allow unprotected sex
  • Don't use drugs
  • Find reputable and legal high-class prostitute agencies
  • Get prepaid
  • Create a safe environment
  • Never turn off the phone completely