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All JustMac news from February 3rd, 2020

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03.02.2020 midnight

Mobile app problems could delay Iowa caucus results

Technology is already creating hiccups for the 2020 election mere hours into the caucuses. Democratic county chairs in Iowa told Bloomberg that precinct chairs were having problems downloading or signing into the mobile app used to tabulate and shar

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Tablet market 2019: every third tablet sold is an iPad

Last year, according to IDC, 144.1 million tablet PCs were sold worldwide - a decrease of 1.5 percent compared to 2018. More than every third tablet sold was an iPad. Ten years ago, the iPhone company Apple presented the first iPad. After the launch, around a million of Apple's tablet PCs went over the counter within just one month. A decade later, Apple dominated the tablet market with the iPad - but it is declining. According to preliminary figures from IDC market analysts, 144.1 million tablets were sold worldwide in 2019 read more on

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Here’s a closer look at Apple TV + comedy ‘Mythic Quest’ ahead of Feb. 7th launch

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet is slated to launch on Apple TV + this Friday, February 7th. It's the first comedy that will arrive on Apple’s streaming service and we got a first look trailer giving a better idea of ​​what to expect from the show as well as some commentary from the cast and co-creator / executive producer / star Rob McElhenney. more ...

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ADAC Camping and Parking Guide 2020: New app starts for 4.99 euros

The app is now called ADAC Camping / Stellplatz 2020, with a change of operator at the same time. The app was previously offered by ADAC Camping GmbH, now ADAC Medien und Reise GmbH is responsible as the publisher. As a result: Favorites and notes cannot be transferred to the new app. Very annoying, […]

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Paint !: Free puzzle without in-app purchases is currently one of Apple's favorite games

Every week Apple introduces new games, which then end up in the "Our new favorite games" section. Currently, the free casual game Paint is also located there! (App Store link), which dispenses with any in-app purchases, advertising or subscriptions and can be downloaded to iPhones and iPads. The application is about 23 MB in size and [...]

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Portal: Application for focusing and relaxing gets a big update

Do you have problems relaxing or focusing properly from time to time? Then Portal (App Store Link) could be exactly the right app for you. The app, which is available free of charge, takes you into different environments and provides you with the right acoustic impressions. You can't imagine anything like that? No problem. Portal can be downloaded for free on iPhone [...]

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Very cheap & very good: You should know these Aldi test winners

In addition to branded goods and inexpensive goods, Aldi also offers many own brands - and they are not only inexpensive. In 2019, Stiftung Warentest and Ökotest awarded several test winners from the Aldi Süd range. We introduce you to some of them. You can see in the video whether these are also the best-selling Aldi products.

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Marvel boss reveals: This is the most powerful Avenger in the MCU

Since the mega success of the Avengers films, which are now followed by an entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans have kept asking themselves which Avengers hero is actually the strongest. Kevin Feige, who is responsible for the MCU, recently answered this question. And the answer is surprising.

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Tablet market in decline, but Apple is growing strongly

Last year, according to IDC, 144.1 million tablet PCs were sold worldwide - a decrease of 1.5 percent compared to 2018. More than every third tablet sold was an iPad. Ten years ago, the iPhone company Apple presented the first iPad. After the launch, around a million of Apple's tablet PCs went over the counter within just one month. A decade later, Apple dominated the tablet market with the iPad - but it is declining. According to preliminary figures from IDC market analysts, 144.1 million tablets were sold worldwide in 2019 read more on

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Invirto: VR therapy from Techniker Krankenkasse is supposed to help with anxiety disorders

Unfortunately, it is a reality that in Germany it is extremely difficult to get a suitable place with a psychotherapist for acute psychological problems. More and more health insurances and private providers are therefore relying on options outside of the standardized spectrum of therapies and thus offer online-based assistance or bridging options via app, among other things. The Techniker Krankenkasse is now waiting with a [...]

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Resident Evil: Netflix series could make itself unpopular with gaming fans

The Resident Evil series is primarily at home on PC and consoles, but not only. Since 2002, zombies and the evil machinations of Umbrella Corp. also box office rings, always in connection with the heroine Alice by Milla Jovovich, who was specially created for the cinema. Their adventures are officially over, but

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Apple iPad continues to dominate the tablet market

The market research company IDC has determined the sales figures for the global tablet market for the fourth quarter of 2019 and the entire year of 2019. As in previous years, the Apple iPad remains the market leader and has sold almost 50 million times. What do the numbers say? In 2019 as a whole, Apple was able to increase its market share for tablets according to IDC market figures

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Taboo season 2: release, plot and info

Taboo: One of the darkest and at the same time most fascinating series of the past with Tom Hardy in the lead role is to be continued. We'll tell you all the information about the second season of the Amazon series in the article. In the video you can see the trailer for the first season of Taboo.

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iPhone 2020: Mockups show case and size differences

The 2020 generation of iPhones is expected to offer major changes to the case design. This includes not only the change to a more angular housing frame, which is reminiscent of the current iPad Pro and the iPhone 4 / 4s, but also the display size. While the smaller Pro model should shrink from 5.8 to 5.4 inches, the successor to the iPhone 11 Pro Max is expected to grow from 6.5 to 6

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Reuters: Foxconn will incur ‘big’ iPhone production impact if China factory halt is extended

Apple may be in a for bumpy ride when it comes to iPhone production, if the Chinese factory halt due to the coronavirus is extended another week. Almost all Foxconn production is currently shut down until February 10, in accordance with government rules, and the key Apple supply chain partner is waiting to hear if the date will be extended. Reuters says that Foxconn shipments to Apple will be disrupted if that happens, according to a person familiar with the matter. more ...

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Sengled Solo Color Plus: LED light and loudspeaker in one device

In the past few weeks I've been in contact with my colleagues from, among other things, thanks to them I've been able to test the Twinkly light chain and will soon be looking at the new Philips Hue Impress. In the course of our collaboration, I was asked whether I would also like a product like the Sengled Solo Color Plus [...]

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Back to the Mac 016: Behind the scenes of Jeff’s video editing workspace

Quite a few viewers and readers have asked me to do a behind the scenes look at my video editing workspace, so in this latest edition of Back to the Mac I've decided to do just that. Although my setup is currently built around a Mac Pro + Pro Display XDR, a similar setup can be achieved with virtually any Mac machine and monitor combination. Watch our hands-on behind the scenes video for a look at the hardware on my editing desk. more ...

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eBay classifieds: Bold scam with Amazon vouchers exposed

There are tons of scammers on eBay classifieds. These criminals are currently trying to poke at unsuspecting prospects. They should use Amazon vouchers or Steam cards to pay for the goods that are particularly cheap. We explain how the scam works and how you can protect yourself.

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Deals: Wide Assortment of iPad Pro and 10.2-Inch iPad Models Discounted on Amazon (Up to $ 199 Off, Multiple Lowest-Ever Prices)

A big sale on nearly every model of the 2018 iPad Pro and 2019 iPad has opened up on Amazon today, providing up to $ 199 off these tablets. Both models are seeing lowest-ever prices in the sale, including new lows on both Wi-Fi and cellular options. Best Buy is matching the price of these iPads in a few instances as well. Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Amazon. When you click a link and make a purchase, we may receive a small payment, which helps us keep the site running. For the 10.2-inch iPad, prices start at $ 249.00 for the 32GB Wi-Fi model ($ 80 off), and also include a few cellular options starting at $ 379.99 for 32GB ($ 79 off). Many more models of the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro are on sale as well, including every storage capacity and most colors, with lowest prices hitting 1TB models of the 12.9-inch tablet. 10.2-Inch iPad 32GB, Wi-Fi - $ 249.00, down from $ 329.00 ($ 80 off, lowest ever) 128GB, Wi-Fi - $ 329.00, down from $ 429.00 ($ 100 off, lowest ever) 32GB, Cellular - $ 379.99, down from

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Netflix hit "The Witcher": Showrunner reveals plans for the second season

The first season of "The Witcher" was a huge success for Netflix. The producer of the series has now announced first information about the second season in an interview. One point of criticism from many viewers should be particularly taken into account. Haven't seen "The Witcher" yet? You can find the trailer for the first season in the video above.

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Hit series is making a comeback: Netflix announces "One Piece" live-action series

Great news for all "One Piece" fans: The iconic manga series is being reissued as a live-action series by Netflix. The creator of the original series will most likely be one of the party. You can also find out which films and series are new to the streaming giant this month in the video.

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Changes at Sky: Cinema customers get a new program

Sky has not only revised the logo for the cinema area and given it a new name: subscribers now even get additional channels and new broadcast models. How to watch Sky with the app is explained in the video.

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MacInTouch discussions touch on the following topics, among others: Anti-virus software - Avast removal; Staged Extensions, csrutil disable, kextstat Apple Mail - macOS 10.15.3 bug fixes macOS Catalina - paradigm shift; app launch Microsoft Office - OneDrive client update Password managers - sync / security issues, etc. Web browsers - video downloading

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Scudo is new macOS “hybrid firewall” software from (which previously created WaterRoof, IceFloor, Murus and Vallum firewall apps for the Mac), designed to be user-friendly while letting you choose between a “silent” automatic mode or an interactive mode. Scudo combines both a network-layer and an application-layer firewall. Its purpose is to give all Mac… Continue reading "Scudo"

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Nichi: Collage and Stories Editor is Apple's latest app of the day

Every day Apple selects a new app as “App of the day” and advertises it in large format in the “Today” view in the App Store. The creative application Nichi (App Store link) can currently look forward to this advertising measure. The app for the iPhone is basically free and financed through a subscription that provides additional content. Nichi is [...]

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Quick Look: Portal app mixes sights, sounds & Hue lighting to relax you

Portal is billed as an iPhone and iPad app designed to help you focus, relax, or sleep. It was last year selected by Apple as App of the Day and is a demo app in Apple Stores. I'm not quite sure I buy the ‘focus’ part of the claim - I personally find silence the best thing for that - but it does tick the relaxation and sleep boxes for me… more…

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Apple wants to remind you Arcade exists

Apple was a no-show in the flurry of Super Bowl ads, but it made its presence felt seemingly everywhere else. The tech giant launched a full-on ad blitz for Apple Arcade shortly before the football extravaganza got underway, including a takeover of

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Unlimited data volume and 5G option: Telekom launches new prepaid tariffs

Starting tomorrow, O2 customers can book tariffs with unlimited data volume. Of course, the competition has to go along with it or present it: Deutsche Telekom is therefore now offering prepaid tariffs with real unlimited data volume and a bookable 5G option. We give you an overview of the new offer and explain in the video how you can

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SecuritySpy is video surveillance software from Ben Software (Ben Bird) that handles a variety of video capture devices simultaneously, from directly attached cameras to network cameras and video servers. Features include multi-camera support, a built-in web server for remote monitoring, FTP upload for offsite storage, motion-triggered events and alarms, timelapse capture, pan / tilt / zoom support, real-time compression,… Continue reading "SecuritySpy "

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Suspicious Package

Suspicious Package is a Mac program from Mothers Ruin Software for examining an OS X Installer package to find out what files it installs and what scripts it runs, as well as checking identity information (Developer and Gatekeeper IDs, signing certificates, etc.). Features include search, filtering and browsing of package contents, AppleScript support, a Quick… Continue reading "Suspicious Package"

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Leak of the Galaxy Z Flip: Samsung's next folding experiment in the video

Regardless of the teething problems and technical problems of the first in-house folding smartphone “Galaxy Fold”, Samsung is already planning the market launch of the next model with a folding mechanism. The South Korean company announced the device known as the "Galaxy Z Flip" a few weeks ago on Twitter. Although Samsung has not yet published any details or pictures, this is to come

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Apple News launches special coverage of the 2020 presidential election

Apple has introduced special coverage of the 2020 US presidential election, curated by Apple News and featuring, per the company, "reliable news, information and data throughout the election from dozens of trusted news sources." Apple News 2020 election coverage offers reporting and analysis from ABC News, CBS News, CNN, FiveThirtyEight, Fox News, NBC News, ProPublica, Reuters, The Los Angeles Times, The […]

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iPhone 12: Video shows design changes

Will this year's Apple smartphone be called the iPhone 12? We assume it here for the sake of simplicity. Today it's all about the design, not the name of the iPhone 2020. Today there are new mockups [...]

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Google is giving away exercise bike app: Pro version free for Android for a short time

Especially now in the cold season, it takes a lot of effort to exercise outside, and gyms are expensive. The Android app "Heimtraining Gym Pro" promises to keep you fit with a training program for at home. The app normally costs 1.79 euros. At the moment it can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. As the

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Buy iPhone XR cheap: Here you can get the Apple cell phone at a low price

When the iPhone XR appeared on the market in September 2018, it was already considered a cheap alternative to the expensive flagship models. At the time of release, the entry-level iPhone was still a proud 850 euros. In the meantime, however, the smartphone has fallen in price and some retailers are offering the best-selling mobile phone in 2019 at particularly low prices. Which are

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Quick end: Netflix is ​​kicking the new series out again

Another series on Netflix came to an end after just one season. The musical drama "Soundtrack", which was only launched by the streaming giant last December, is already being kicked. In the video we will tell you why series on Netflix often go out of service after a short time.

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