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Mallorca: mask requirement tightened - these corona rules apply

  • In Mallorca, a strict mask requirement came into force on July 13th due to the corona
  • It should apply to all people in all public places
  • There are a few exceptions, however
  • In Palma people demonstrated against the tightened mask requirement

"Topless" is forbidden in Mallorca. July 13th is open Mallorca and on the neighboring Balearic Islands of Ibiza, Menorca and Formentera the total mask requirement entered into force. As soon as vacationers leave their hotel room or holiday apartment, they have to wear respiratory protection almost always and everywhere in public. There are only a few exceptions.

The relevant regulation was published in the Official Journal and has therefore come into force. Anyone who does not adhere to the mask requirement therefore risks a fine of 100 euros. In the first few days, however, there should only be exhortations.

So far, the mask only had to sit in front of the mouth and nose in shops, museums and in local traffic on Mallorca. And outdoors only if a safety distance of 1.50 meters could not be maintained. Now the duty always applies, regardless of whether there are many, few or no people in the area. So, for example, even on lonely walks.

Mallorca: Mask requirement does not apply on the beach

Only on Beach and on Hotel pool the mask may be removed. After all, holiday guests do not have to worry that the respiratory protection will leave a large white stripe on the face when sunbathing. And of course you can do without the hygiene article at the table, when eating and drinking in restaurants and bars.

"We want to continue to be a safe holiday destination," said Patricia Gómez, Minister of Health of the island government. In view of the increasing number of tourists coming back to the island, protective measures have to be expanded. Studies have shown that more and more people infected with the virus have no symptoms of the disease and therefore cannot be identified by measuring fever at the airport and in hotels.

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People protest against the mask requirement

According to the "Mallorca Magazin", around a hundred people had gathered in the center of Palma to oppose the tightened mask requirement to demonstrate. Some demonstrators also warned of compulsory vaccination and 5G and carried banners with slogans such as “New World Order” - topics that are mainly attributed to conspiracy theorists.

Many demonstrators who work in the catering and hotel industries were particularly concerned about possible cancellations. According to the report of the "Mallorca Magazin" the demonstrations were peaceful, only a few police officers were on site.

Mallorca has recorded more and more holidaymakers since the Corona restart

The number of passenger jets landing at Palma's airport has been increasing every day since tourism was restarted on June 15th. In July alone, the tourist authorities are expecting two million passengers to arrive and depart from the airport. This would mean that the airport would already have almost 50 percent of the summer passenger volume in July 2019.

The previous holiday rest in paradise, which in the last few months looked like a ghost island, seems to be over. Although it has been in the last few weeks no case of infection among vacationers yet known. There was only a small number of new infections among local residents. But there is growing concern that the return of mass tourism will also increase the risk of viruses.

The police had to intervene several times: Some beaches had to be closed due to overcrowding. The officials also imposed penalties at numerous private parties and public drinking bouts because too many people without masks crowded into a small space. Summer heat and the holiday mood evidently provoke an increasingly lax approach to the corona hygiene rules.

Pictures of party tourists at Ballermann, mostly young men from soccer clubs, who celebrated between “Deutschem Eck” and “Viva Colonia” / “Las Palmeras” late in the evening caused a stir - as if Corona had never happened.

Catalonia quarantined 210,000 residents

Where too much summer relaxation leads can be observed in two other Spanish holiday regions: In Catalonia, an area around the city of Lleida with 210,000 inhabitants was quarantined after the number of infections there skyrocketed. After the virus continued to spread, all of Catalonia, including the tourist strongholds of Costa Brava, Costa Dorada and Barcelona, ​​is now completely masked again.

The second new Spanish focal point is on the Galician Atlantic coast, in the A Mariña district, which is also under quarantine after a massive corona relapse. Some of the most beautiful beaches in Spain are affected by this corona restricted area, in which 70,000 people live - including the famous bizarre rocky bay called "The Beach of the Cathedrals". (with dpa)

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