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Monster Hunter Rise How to Use Photo Mode

Photo mode allows you to take pictures of your favorite moments in Monster Hunter Rise. Here's how to use it.

Photo modes are an integral part of the last generation of games, as video games are simply becoming more and more impressive and complex to look at. This goes hand in hand with social media and the ability to share your favorite moments online with the community. In the case of Monster Hunter Rise, some will certainly want to snap photos with their favorite monsters or show off their new gear.

The game introduces photo mode as part of the tutorial. However, it is only touched briefly so that it can easily be overlooked if one is not careful. Experienced players in the Monster Hunter series in particular like to skip the tutorial to jump straight into the game. After completing the tutorial, you can call up the photo mode. From here, the left or right side of the D-Pad can be used to navigate through the user interface.

How Photo Mode Works in Monster Hunter Rise

During a mission you can switch to the camera with the left and right parts of the D-pad. The trick with this is that the game doesn't freeze in place like it does with many other photo modes. The camera allows the photos to be tilted, rotated, positioned and zoomed. Then you have to time your favorite moments perfectly to get the best photo. At a later point in time, you unlock the ability to take selfies if you have access to the owl. Since the game runs on the Nintendo Switch, your favorite moments can be shared online immediately at the push of a button.

Since Monster Hunter World never appeared on the Nintendo Switch, it's great to see that Monster Hunter Rise is currently exclusive to the platform. The game will come to PC at some point in the future.