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Canary Islands: Many of the "minor refugees" are bearded

BY MANFRED W. BLACK | The media mainstream reports hardly at all about it in this country: Among the well over 23,000 African “refugees” who are currently in the Canary Islands, there are around 2,600 “refugees” who pretend to be “unaccompanied minors”. This is what the news portal "Teneriffa Aktuell" writes, for example.

Hardly any newspaper dares to report that these “children” and “young people” are often adults and “economic refugees”. The Internet portal "Canary Market" is an exception.

Often people stay in hotels

The “minors” come without their parents. Young Africans claim privileged all-round care - preferably in Canarian hotels. And as soon as possible in Germany.

Because a number of "refugees" are now being accommodated in hotel complexes - and crime is increasing on the islands - many islanders fear for the future of international tourism. "Watson", a Swiss online newspaper, knows that many hotels in which black Africans stay are already rated badly by holidaymakers in Internet portals.

Spicy: Quite a few of these “children” wear well-groomed three-day beards or even carefully trimmed full beards. The "Canary Market" reports: Official experts estimate at least 750 of these alleged minors as adults.

Age tests required

Quite a few seem even older than 21 years. The age information can only rarely be checked because the “refugees” mostly have the most modern cell phones, but supposedly no passports. Or the papers are forged.

With X-ray examinations or ultrasound analyzes, for example of carpal bones, forensic doctors can determine the age of test subjects fairly quickly. But that rarely happens.

Juan José Domínguez Navarro is the head of the Mundo Nuevo Solidarity association. The association manages the reception centers for migrant minors. Radio "Maspalomas Ahora" writes that Navarra has called for more and faster age tests to be carried out. In his opinion, about half of the supposedly “minors” are significantly older than 17 years.

Ultrasound analyzes are "discriminatory"?

But it is uncertain that forensic age analyzes will actually be carried out comprehensively in the Canary Islands or on the Spanish mainland. Because the vast majority of politicians and journalists in Spain are also considered to be left-wing and extremely refugee-friendly. Age tests are strictly frowned upon in these circles.

Interestingly, the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Technology (Saarland) has "developed a mobile handheld ultrasound scanner with which the age information of young people entering the country, recorded in their passports or orally, can be checked for truthfulness" ("Cicero").

But age checks are generally no longer allowed to be carried out on “asylum seekers” in Germany, because such examinations are officially described as “discriminatory” - and even “racist” - in German countries. Although general ultrasound examinations are common practice even in general practitioners' practices for indigenous Germans.

Expensive tickets

Millions of people in Africa and the Orient also know that age information in Western Europe is usually not seriously checked. Therefore, in the future - when the weather becomes more summery again - even larger flows of "refugees" and allegedly "underage" black Africans or Orientals can be expected.

For the transports of the "fleeing" blacks - whether older or younger - to the Canary Islands, smugglers' organizations, which have their bases in Africa and the Canary Islands, are primarily responsible. This is also reported by the Canarian media. A place in a "refugee" boat should - depending on the transport route - cost between 1000 and 5000 euros.

Teams of smugglers bring the "refugees" from Africa, often in their own larger ships, to the vicinity of the Canary Islands and let the "refugees" transfer to specially dragged boats, which then chug towards an island.

Rescue ships are radioed

Smugglers then often use radio to ensure that the migrants are caught in good time shortly before they reach the EU archipelago, in particular by the Spanish coast guard or by ships operated by refugee organizations. Many of the refugee boats make it directly to an island beach.

The preferred final destination of the African “asylum seekers” is Germany. The world's highest social benefits await the “refugees” there.

The media often speak of a large number of drowned "refugees". The figures are usually based on estimates by refugee organizations. On statistics that no one can seriously check.

A “minor refugee” costs 4500 euros per month

A single “unaccompanied minor refugee” costs in Germany - depending on the federal state - 4,000 to 5,000 euros. Per month.

These colossally high costs are mainly due to the special, specially made available "youth apartments", in which social pedagogues, social workers, interpreters and other service staff ensure privileged care around the clock. At the taxpayer's expense.