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Kagami Taiga

Your bestfriend, kagami taiga has always cook for you.At first, you're happy and excited but when the rumor spreaded, you have lost your appetite. The rumor is about you making taiga as your slave / about you getting bigger.

You did told taiga to stop making lunch for you but he wont stop.You're wondering why he always making lunch for you.You did develop feeling for him but you knew you're not 'perfect' for him.

As for now, you're going to the gym to meet with the others and also taiga.You entered the gym and walked toward them.Taiga was the first to greet you.He greet you the special way (he lift you up, twirl you around and finally kiss your chubby cheek) .You tell him you dont like his 'special' greeting yet in your heart, you love it.

Taiga taking out the bento he made for both of you.You sit beside him and hold his big hand.You could see blush forming on both of his cheek. "(YY / N), what's wrong?" He ask.You just shake your head and giggle.You take the other bento and open it up.Instead of feeding yourself, you feed Taiga who is know blushing furiously.His face is almost the same color as his hair.He didnt realize that you were feeding him with the food hey made for you.Soon you stop because the food already finished.You give the bento back to taiga and kiss his forehead and his cheeks.You walk out of the gym and to your class.Along that time, your heart was beating fast.Taiga was froze by your action.He didnt realize you're already gone to your class.Daiki pull his ear. "Oi, stop daydreaming" he said.Taiga just blushed more, remembering your kisses.Little did you know, Taiga also fall in love with you.

He knew you like his cooking so he decided to make for you everyday. He planned on making suprise for you but that have to wait until you both have achieved your goals.

-After 8 years-

You work as a doctor and Taiga work as a basketball player. You were amazed that your friendship still go on. "I was wondering hows Taiga-kun today .." you ask to no one. Lately you have become busy with your work and You both only meet when there's huge occasion or a holiday hang out.
"Doctor, There's patient who want to meet you" the nurse said and you replied with nod. Taiga come in and sit on the chair in front of you. He smile looking down at you. You smile with your best smile.

Y: So, Mr. Kagami, how can I help you today?

T: Oh, I would like you to check my heart. I think I lose it.

Y: How did you lost it?

T: Cause you stole it * wink and smirk *

You both laughed at your both action just now.Taiga showed this side of him only to you.Then his face become serious.He pulled you by your plump waist and holding your chubby cheek.You put your cute chubby hands on his chest.His hot breath hit your face.When you realized your closeness, you blushed.

Y: wha-what's wrong, Taiga-kun?
T: (Y / N), we have been friends for too long and I dont like it.
Y: huh!? Yo-you w-wa-want t-to b-b-break oo-ou-our fr-riend-ship? * Tears formed at the corner of your eyes *
T: No.
Y: Then?

Taiga kneel down infront of you and take out a cute little box. "(Y / N) (L / N), For the longest time, I have been loving you. The day we first met is the day where I knew I love you so much.The day I made my first bento for you.The day you kiss my cheek and forehead.The day we graduated from schools.The day we become adult.The day I'm gonna confess my love for you and the day where we gonna live together as husband and wife.We're gonna have child of our own.We're gonna create memories.I'll be your knight and protect you from negative people and danger so ...
(Y / N) (L / N), will you marry me and make me the luckiest guy in the whole world? "He said with hope in his eyes.You cant believe your crush propose to you.Tears started to stream down your face.Taiga stand up, panic when he see you cry.He thought you rejected him but soon that thought was vanished as you kiss him.His eyes widened but soon started to close.You wrapped your arms around his neck and he wrapped his arm around you plump waist.His hand started to wandering around.He squeeze your ass making you yelp.He smirk.The kiss getting intense.

Then a nurse poke her head through the door. She widened her eyes then cough. You and Taiga was suprised. You push Taiga away slowly but he didnt let you go. You look at the nurse meanwhile Taiga glared at the nurse. "Yes, Yumi-chan. How can I help you?" You ask smiling. "Uh ... Um, There's another patient who need to see you" She said with sweatdrop .You tell Taiga to wait for you at the lobby but he insist on staying with you.Taiga glare at every male patient that came to see you.When you done your shift, You walk home holding hand.You look up at Taiga and kiss his cheek.You see a blush form on his cheek.Oooh ~ Old memory.you remembered this has happened a few years ago.You smile happily and say "Taiga, I love you too.You have been the only guy I love, well after my father.I have love you since our first met too.I thought you like girl who is skinny and pretty so I shut myself up.I do love your cooking but if you constantly cook for me, wont you get bored? what if I get bigger and you hate me? I'm afraid of what happen in the future but if you truly love me and will always love me and will always be my knight then Yes, I'll marry you". You give your cutest smile. Taiga hold you close and whisper in your ear." (Y / N), I love you no matter how big you are beside the bigger you are, the less need in buying clothes. You dont need clothes to cover yourself. You look better without clothes "He said. Both of you blush furiously at those words.

After a few weeks, You both marry in the school gym to remember all the memories.Taiga keep his words and loving you till the day you both went to heaven.You and Taiga did argue but end up with laugh.You both have a son and three daughters.Taiga become strict when your daughters bring their boyfriend or soon-to-be husband home.You giggle at your husband behavior.Soon after all the discussion, one of your daughter broke up with her boyfriend because he insulted you.Taiga broke that boy arm.Your son is short-temper so everytime you went shopping, he'll join you.Everytime he hear anyone insult you, there'll be big fight occur.You love your family.They protect you, love you and always care for you.You also love them, protect them and always care for them.
"I love every one of you dearly"you said.They hug you and said "We love you too mom "They said with a smile.Taiga hug you and kiss your forehead, cheeks and lips.You guys hug for long time.You smile knowing that there's someone love you for you and you were grateful for this.