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Magazine for Health & Beauty www.swidro.ch Issue 3/2015 Women's complaints sometimes being a woman is difficult! Pet care take care of your four-legged friend Foot and nail fungus ugly, stubborn and in need of treatment Sugar Dealing with the sweet temptation Women's complaints Pet care Foot and nail fungus ASPIRINNOVATION Now stronger against pain. * The new Aspirin® S www.aspirin.ch Please read the package insert. L.CH.CC.02.2015.0131 * Relieves pain in the first two hours more than Aspirin® tablets. 3 Editorial / Contents Healthy & Vital Women's complaints - sometimes being a woman is difficult !. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Dear Readers, Sugar (carbohydrates) is converted into glucose in the body, regardless of whether it comes from “healthy” whole grain bread or “unhealthy” sugar cubes. Nevertheless, there are significant differences. Find out interesting facts about the omnipresent topic of seductive sweetness. Obesity is not always to blame when the legs get bigger and bigger. It could be lipedema, which is caused by pathologically altered fat cells. Read more about the misunderstood and stigmatizing suffering of those affected in the current issue of “fit und lively”. Pets enrich a human life immensely. It is therefore important to know how to care for your animal and to act appropriately if complaints or disorders arise. The excursion tip takes us to the beautiful Lake Lucerne, where the traditional Seehotel Waldstätterhof is enthroned. The **** house scores with a new spa, "delicious" cuisine and combines Mediterranean flair with an enchanting mountain panorama. Forget everyday life and let your mind wander! We wish you a flowery spring! Your “fit and lively” editorial team Pet care - taking care of your four-legged friend. . . . . . . . . . . 10 Foot and nail fungus - unsightly, persistent and in need of treatment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Sugar - Dealing with the Sweet Temptation. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Beauty & Care Age and pigment spots - harmless but unaesthetic. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 People & Knowledge Lipedema - when the legs are getting bigger and bigger. . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Excursion tip Seehotel Waldstätterhof - Mediterranean feeling with a mountain panorama. . . . . . . . . . 35 own brands Spagyrik Menopause Spray - regulate hormonal complaints naturally. . . . . 20 Our current monthly offer tt a b Ra set e g fle de p n m u i Int e ges in ra e o r fl fü Intim 20% intimate care set for a healthy intimate flora LACTACYD® Plus + Calming helps relieve discomfort and irritation in the intimate area and is suitable for daily intimate hygiene. GYNOPHILUS® vaginal capsules with lactobacilli (Döderlein) to restore the vaginal flora. Promotion valid from 04/29/2015 to 06/30/2015 Available in your swidro drugstore. + To restore the vaginal flora BECAUSE SELF-CONFIDENCE COUNTS Interdelta SA | 1762 Givisiez | www.interdelta.ch 5 Women's complaints sometimes being a woman is difficult! Being a woman is wonderful! If it weren't for phases and conditions specifically reserved for women, such as premenstrual syndrome, vaginal thrush, bladder weakness or the multifaceted menopause. Every age has its own problems. But complaining is of little use; let's do it, women! With tips and effective (auxiliary) resources. Feelings, feeling depressed, irritable, restlessness, tiredness, insomnia, blemished skin, cravings, digestive disorders, circulatory problems, back pain, headache or stomach pain, painful or oversensitive breasts and weight gain due to the accumulation of water in the tissue. For many women who suffer from PMS, the time before the menstrual period is a great burden, because they have to deal with limiting disorders. And this every month for four to 14 days! What can be done about the "in-state"? Already the adaptation swidro The female body undergoes major changes in the various phases of life between puberty and menopause. The hormones have the most formative influence. The first menstrual period occurs in girls between the ages of 10 and 16, the last in the mature woman at around 51 years. Menstruation refers to the regular monthly shedding of the uterine lining. A menstrual cycle lasts an average of 28 days. The beginning of the menstrual period marks the first day of the cycle. The cycle arises from the interplay of different sex hormones; mainly estrogen and progesterone. They are involved in the maturation of an egg in one of the two ovaries, ovulation and the preparation of the uterine lining for the fertilized egg to implant. If the egg is not fertilized, the progesterone level in the blood drops after ovulation, in the middle of the cycle. This ultimately leads to menstruation, which is hormone withdrawal bleeding. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) - Relieve symptoms sensibly Between the 14th and 28th day of the menstrual cycle, around 20 to 30% of women of childbearing potential complain about symptoms that are summarized under the term premenstrual syndrome (pre = before, syndrome = several symptoms) become. The cause of the PMS has not yet been fully clarified. In addition to the obvious hormonal component, lifestyle (diet, stress, lack of exercise, etc.) also has an influence. On “the days before the days”, the list of complaints of affected women reads as follows: Mood swan tip! Sweats? Sage helps! During the menopause, hot flashes and sweating are some of the most uncomfortable symptoms. To alleviate this, many women prefer a gentle, herbal therapy method. In this context the sage was rediscovered. Its antiperspirant effect is traditionally passed down. Menosan® Salvia, made from fresh sage leaves, helps against excessive sweating and feelings of warmth and lets you enjoy the day fresh. Please read the leaflet. www.menosan.ch 6 Anyone who suffers from PMS can reduce their symptoms by adjusting their lifestyle. These include a balanced diet, exercise and regular bedtime. lifestyle can be promising. This includes a varied diet, regular endurance sports and fixed sleeping times. It is better to avoid coffee, cigarettes and alcohol. Stress reduction and the practice of relaxation techniques such as yoga also help. Medicinal plant preparations with monk's pepper, lady's mantle, yarrow, black cohosh, pomegranate, evening primrose oil and hops also provide support. They ensure balance on a physical and emotional level. Mixtures of flowers are also helpful. Magnesium also has an antispasmodic effect on abdominal complaints. Warming patches or the tried and tested bed bottle specifically alleviate back or abdominal pain. The pain reliever ibuprofen can be used for more severe pain. Taking the birth control pill relieves most premenstrual symptoms or makes them go away completely. Menopause - with support in the more mature years As if the troubles of menstruation and PMS were not enough, middle-aged women finally reach another stage of life that is “dictated” by hormones: menopause (climacteric). Typical menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, sweating, restlessness, depressed mood, sleep disorders and dry mucous membranes affect around 94 out of 100 women. Menopause describes the hormonal changes in women before and after menopause (last menstruation). This transition phase begins with some women at the age of 40, with others in their mid-50s. The menopause is divided into 3 phases: premenopause (pre = before), perimenopause (peri = around / around) and menopause / postmenopause (post = after). In the premenopause, the ovaries produce less and less estrogen and progesterone. This influences physical and psychological processes. Ovulation does not occur and the menstrual "black cohosh and monk's pepper help with symptoms of PMS and menopausal" cycles become irregular until the intervals between menstrual periods are a few months in the perimenopause. After menopause (postmenopause), when there is no menstruation at all, only small amounts of sex hormones are released. More and more women are foregoing the hormone replacement therapy prescribed by doctors (tablets containing estrogen, active ingredient patches, creams, etc.) and are opting for “pure nature”. In fact, there are some natural skills to deal with the annoying symptoms of menopause. These do not intervene synthetically in the hormonal balance. Honor your femininity and the cycles that characterize it. Discover the true power of your femininity. Mens or other complaints? Let nature take care of itself with the different Odin flower mixes. Find the right spray for your situation at www.odinelixir.ch. 7 These include monk's pepper, black cohosh, sage, yam, soy, red clover, St. John's wort and evening primrose. Menopausal women who suffer particularly from sweating can find support by taking a sage preparation. Dragées with a dry root extract of black cohosh help with sleep disorders, nervousness and moods. Using an innovative magnetic button that generates a static magnetic field, menopausal symptoms can be alleviated easily and without side effects. The handy magnet is attached to the underwear with a clip. Dry mucous membranes in the genital area can be effectively countered by taking pomegranate and sea buckthorn oil capsules or topical creams. A well-moistened intimate mucous membrane strengthens the resistance of the vagina so that, for example, an infection such as a vaginal yeast does not stand a chance. Vaginal fungus - strengthening the intimate flora The “cave-like” vagina normally cleans itself and thus keeps itself healthy. It is helped by the vaginal flora, which, in addition to lactic acid and Döderlein bacteria, also contains yeast fungi (Candida albicans). The pH in the vagina is acidic. If the vaginal environment gets out of hand, the pH value changes. This enables the yeast to multiply unhindered. The result is red clover, a vaginal fungus that occurs in three out of four women at least once in a lifetime. Itching, reddening and swelling as well as the secretion of a whitish, almost odorless to slightly fishy-smelling discharge are characteristic of the vaginal fungus. An imbalance in the vaginal flora can result from visits to swimming pools and wellness facilities, sexual intercourse, excessive intimate hygiene, heat and moisture build-up through plasticized and perfumed panty liners or through synthetic and / or tight underwear, etc. But also certain drugs (especially antibiotics), hormone fluctuations (menstruation, pregnancy, birth control pills, menopause), stress, reduced immune system, tendency to allergic diseases or diabetes promote the development of vaginal fungus. The trigger is not always clear. Anyone who is prone to recurring vaginal thrush should take some basic preventive and follow-up measures: - Wear breathable, loose-fitting cotton underwear - Change wet bathing suit immediately - Clean from front to back after defecation - Do not wear plasticized and perfumed panty liners - Underwear at at least 60 degrees washing Better to look cool than wallow in the heat: - Use special intimate care wash lotions, avoid using shower gels, etc. - The intimate area should be treated as lovingly as your own face and cared for daily. A mild intimate hygiene oil containing lactic acid or almond or jojoba oil is suitable for this. At the first signs such as itching or burning sensation, probiotic capsules for oral use can be started. They promote a healthy vaginal flora, strengthen it when there are signs of weakening and regulate the pH value from within. Natural vaginal tablets also help with unpleasant complaints. In cases of hardship, a visit to the gynecologist is indicated, who will either dispense a therapeutic agent to be used locally or internally. After the treatment, it is advisable to strengthen the immune system of the vaginal flora again. Tampons, gel applicators or vaginal capsules with lactic acid and / or Döderlein bacteria as well as vaginal suppositories with herbal extracts are suitable for this. Vaginal douching or hip baths with chamomile extract improve the resistance of the bagged vaginal mucosa. Those who tend to get vaginal fungus should limit their sugar consumption, as yeasts feed on sugar. Urinary incontinence - can be alleviated or remedied In addition to vaginal thrush, bladder problems are also common in women. Cimifemin ® neo relieves menopausal symptoms safely and easily. Vegetable, without hormones. Available in your swidro drugstore. Please read the leaflet. Max Zeller Söhne AG, 8590 Romanshorn www.zellerag.ch Of course from Switzerland. 8 Where is the nearest toilet? This is a question that concerns people with bladder weakness. not infrequently. Usually, you can control the timing of emptying your bladder at will. In the case of urinary incontinence, this is no longer possible and there is an involuntary leakage of urine. There are various reasons for this. In addition to accidents, surgical nerve damage or neurological diseases, a weak pelvic floor can also be "to blame" for the uncontrolled loss of urine. Urinary incontinence is more common in women. The pelvic floor is a supporting, muscular, connective tissue "network" below the pelvis, through which the woman's urethra, vagina and rectum emerge. Pregnancy, childbirth, and old age cause the pelvic floor to sag, which can make it difficult to hold back urine. Even when lifting heavy loads, coughing, sneezing, laughing, etc., urine can suddenly leak due to the increased internal pressure in the abdomen. People who suffer from urinary incontinence are often very ashamed. As a result, it happens that they no longer socialize and increasingly isolate themselves socially. It doesn't have to be! Because many causes of uncontrolled urine loss can be alleviated or even remedied by drinking plenty, bladder and pelvic floor training or effective aids from the swidro drugstore or swidro pharmacy. If incontinence occurs as a result of acute cystitis, the medicinal plants goldenrod, bearberry leaves and lingonberries can help. To maintain hygiene, incontinence pads are available for every degree of bladder weakness. Do not hesitate to ask about specific preparations, aids and tips in your swidro drugstore or swidro pharmacy if you have problems with women. Pelvic floor training is very effective for urine loss due to pelvic floor weakness, for example after giving birth or during menopause. When iron is worth its weight in gold ... ... it reduces your tiredness Nutrexin Active Iron is the ideal iron therapy for you! The basis is the special processing (fermentation), during which iron fumarate and some of the herbal ingredients are broken down and can thus be better absorbed and processed by the body in this form. Nina’s TipMpai e valid until the end of 5th - cheap iron is necessary for blood formation, for the transport of oxygen into the tissues for energy production and it helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Available in your swidro drugstore and swidro pharmacy. www.nutrexin.ch STAY YOUR FAVORITE PLAYMATE TM Just because your bladder changes doesn't mean you have to. TENA Lady Extra Plus and Maxi with InstaDRY Zone offer you TRIPLE PROTECTION against leaks, moisture and odors. TENA - BE AS YOU ARE. Available in your swidro drugstore. FREE SAMPLE on 08 40 - 22 02 22 * ​​or www.TENA.ch * 0.08 CHF / minute, mobile phone prices may differ. Calls are only possible from Switzerland. 10 Caring for your four-legged friend with pets Living with pets such as cats and dogs is a valuable enrichment for people. That is why the animals deserve our unconditional care. In addition to the species-appropriate attitude and social interaction, this also includes external care. In addition to care products, preparations for treating four-legged friends are also available in the swidro drugstore or swidro pharmacy. Today's pet ownership emerged from the taming of wildlife. Certain animal species have proven to be particularly effective in keeping pets over time, including mainly rodents, birds, dogs and cats. Keeping animals has long been of great social importance to humans. The dog, for example, is considered to be man's best friend. Dogs have a close bond with their owner. However, they are complex to maintain and require a lot of attention and time. Cats are more headstrong, more independent and somewhat “easier to care for”. But they too need a lot of attention.Anyone who would like to buy a pet should not only be clear about their needs, but also about how much time they want and can spend themselves. flows. The health aspect has several reasons. Dog owners have to go for a walk with their four-legged friend every day in wind and weather, which is good for their fitness and the immune system. Why pets make people happy Pets and children It has been scientifically proven that pets make people happy. Contact with the animal increases well-being and joie de vivre and lowers the stress level. When petting and cuddling the pet, the pulse slows down - a sign of relaxation. Cats and dogs in particular help mum and dad to distract themselves positively. The overall state of health is positively affected. Children who grow up with pets have experiences that have a positive effect on their psychosocial development. Not infrequently, they are more patient and find it easier to feel compassion. You learn to take responsibility. Parents should guide their child in handling the pet. For example, the little ones need to learn to respect the pet's rest times. Also 11 pet care - the four-legged friend should take care of children who dearly want a "rabbit", muck out the enclosure themselves. In this way they learn that a pet is not just there for its own enjoyment, but that it needs care and attention. Cats, dogs, rodents and birds are particularly suitable as pets for children. While the focus is on observing birds and rodents, you can communicate with cats and dogs. Guinea pigs, hamsters and rabbits can at least be petted. Hamsters in particular are very popular with children, but not necessarily suitable because of their nighttime activity. Dog or cat? You clearly have to spend more time on a dog than on a cat. The owner should be willing to take long walks at least twice a day for the average dog's life of 10 to 15 years. The outdoor exercise area is not only needed for “going for a walk”. Daily exercise is also beneficial for health and interaction with other dogs. A dog must not be left alone for more than half a day. Prospective dog owners must therefore carefully consider whether the animal can go to work or whether someone is there for the dog at home. The choice of breed in terms of size, exercise and grooming should also be carefully considered. When deciding whether to buy a pet, NEW: also available as tablets, the financial aspect should not be disregarded. Because the food, the annual veterinary check-up, vaccinations, flea and worm prophylaxis and the holiday accommodation are very expensive. Cats have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. Outdoor cats are relatively uncomplicated to keep. In contrast to the indoor cat, they come and go as they please. “House cats”, on the other hand, need more variety. You can make your life more interesting by playing and resting places (e.g. cat trees with different heights). In addition to the cuddling hours, you should actively spend time with the cat every day. This aspect is important for the cat's mental health. It must be emphasized that not only dogs but also cats (indoor and outdoor) want to be kept busy in addition to petting. A special cat 15% discount is suitable for playing. When you hand in this token, you will receive a 15% discount on all Anima-Strath products in your swidro drugstore or swidro pharmacy. Valid until May 30th, 2015. For the love of your animal! Ensure a happy, fulfilling life for your faithful companion. With a unique combination of high quality yeast and herbal extracts, Anima-Strath® increases the immune system of your pet, promotes vitality and helps to achieve a healthy, shiny coat or plumage. A proven recipe from the power of nature. anima-strath.ch 12 toys, but also a simple feather or a string awaken the innate play and hunting instinct of the ball of fur. The game strengthens the bond between cat and human. Coat, claw and teeth care Basically, a shiny coat means a healthy animal. Cats are very clean animals that keep their entire fur, paws and muzzle clean by licking their tongues every day. In the young and middle age of cats, a dull, lackluster and neglected cat fur usually indicates a deficiency or a disease. The cat only neglects its grooming when it is really bad. The twice-yearly, seasonal coat change of the cat can be accelerated with combs. The coat is also a health barometer for dogs. If it shines, the dog is usually healthy. Matt and flaky fur also indicate a swidro tip! Safely protect dogs and cats from ticks We recommend Psorinum vet. comp., a homeopathic tick remedy that can be administered internally to pets. It provides a very high level of protection against ticks and flea infestations. This is shown by previous experience with this product. The application of critical substances to the fur of the animals is no longer necessary. With it, children can stroke their dogs and cats without hesitation. Deficiency or illness. It is recommended to comb or brush the coat (depending on whether it is short or long haired) at least once a week. This avoids tangling of the fur and skin problems. The same goes for long haired cats. The regular grooming of «Tigerli and Bello» also serves to identify changes such as crusts, lumps, bald spots, inflammations or parasites. At the same time, the blood circulation in the skin is stimulated, which supports the healthy regrowth of the coat. After walks in the rain, the dog should be dried off well and, if necessary, bathed with a dog shampoo. Cats sharpen their claws as they roam the ground and trees. Indoor cats need a wheteboard, preferably with sisal cord. The claws of dogs, which almost only walk around on soft forest floors and in parks, do not wipe themselves off by themselves. Therefore, the dog owner has to take care of the pedicure, because claws that are too long hinder the dog when walking and cause pain. Dog claw pliers from specialist dealers are suitable for cutting claws. The dog's teeth need good dental care. The teeth are a weapon, a feeding tool as well as a hunting and communication instrument (showing / baring teeth) at the same time. As a dog owner, it is best to include dental care (e.g. special food or chewing bones) in your daily program. How do you deal with fears? August 1st, New Year's Eve and various fireworks at summer festivals are pure horror for cats and dogs. The be-all and end-all in dealing with animal panic is: not to let it show! It would be fundamentally wrong to calm the animal down with soothing words. This achieves homeopathic prophylaxis against skin and hair parasites For prophylaxis against tick, flea, mite and lice infestation, dog and cat owners can now fall back on a homeopathic remedy. Untreated animals are not only susceptible to various parasitically transmitted diseases, but can also infect humans. you get the exact opposite. The animals sense that there has to be a reason for their agitation, which means “danger” in animal language, and they get more and more into their restless state. However, if the person exudes serenity, the animal usually calms down as well. Dogs and cats can be given a few spritzes of an emergency bach flower spray on their paws before noisy events, visits to the vet, traveling and other potentially stressful situations. You absorb the ingredients by licking them with your tongue. Other natural preparations such as spagyric sprays, homeopathic globules or a liquid anti-stress agent especially for cats strengthen nervous resilience. They are added to the feed. Self-medication for pets Cats are originally desert animals, so they tend to drink little. For this reason, they tend to have kidney - "Animal preparations from the swidro drugstore or swidro pharmacy are good for self-medication" problems, while problems with the musculoskeletal system (e.g. rheumatism) are common in dogs. For these and other health problems, the swidro drugstore and swidro pharmacy have various specialties for 13 Pet care - taking care of your four-legged friend Interview with Dr. med. vet. Jürg Waser, veterinarian Dr. med. vet. Jürg Waser has been a veterinarian for almost 40 years and has had his own practice for almost 30 years. He has also been involved in homeopathy for around 30 years. After completing his basic studies in veterinary medicine, he received a doctorate in molecular biology and then received clinical training at renowned positions in Germany and abroad. He came to homeopathy because conventional medicine could not satisfy him. Dr. med. vet. Jürg Waser, dogs and cats often react sensitively to the administration of medication, including herbal ones. How should pet owners proceed? It is indeed the case that dogs and cats react to chemical drugs with sometimes severe side effects. This also applies to certain herbal medicines. The reason for this is as follows: With these drugs, molecules are administered to the body that are foreign to it and have no business here. In contrast to this, with homeopathic medicines we do not introduce any foreign molecules into the body from a certain potency level. We give the body a signal so that it comes back into balance. We heal him. If undesirable symptoms occur when homeopathic drugs are administered, these disappear again when the drug is discontinued. We are talking about the appearance of a so-called drug picture. In contrast to the side effects of chemical or herbal medicines, these symptoms are practically always harmless and reversible. Animal owners are therefore advised to treat their animals with homeopathy whenever possible. Cats and dogs available. For example, an animal health line with preparations for maintaining gastrointestinal function, mobility and vitality, for skin and coat health, for wound care, for the care of ears, eyes and teeth, etc. The purchase of animal homeopathic single or complex preparations for which preparations for Do you recommend self-medication from the drugstore for complaints from dogs and cats? In the swidro drugstore or swidro pharmacy there is a whole range of homeopathic complex remedies for the treatment of our pets. There is a compendium for this. Where do you see the limits of self-medication? Self-medication is subject to the following limits: a) The diagnosis must be clear. For example, there is the remedy Euphrasia officinalis vet for cat flu. comp. There are other indications for self-medication, e.g. motion sickness or diarrhea. b) If the diagnosis is unclear or the course is difficult, it is advisable to seek veterinary advice so that valuable time is not lost before professional treatment can be provided. What was the reason for inventing a homeopathic complex remedy for the prevention of tick, lice and flea infestations (psorinum)? The drug Psorinum comp. ad us vet. was developed by me over several years. Originally used to treat our cows against mange. These animals were often treated with highly toxic substances. If these substances get into the water, the fish die. Over the years it has been shown that this agent also has a deterrent effect against insects and ticks. The conventional tick remedies are mostly very toxic. The effect of the Psorinum complex as a pure homeopathic has no toxic effect. be useful for home use. This means that the pet owner always has a remedy ready for most complaints. Attention, animals do not tolerate drugs (e.g. paracetamol) from human medicine! They are not suitable for animals and can lead to serious health problems and even death. What is Psorinum's success rate? Psorinum comp. has been commercialized mainly through drugstores for several years. The feedback is consistently positive. We estimate the success rate at 90%. If an animal is stung once anyway, a few drops of the agent should be applied locally. Then the puncture site remains largely free of inflammation. It is actually amazing that an internally applied agent has a deterrent effect on ticks and insects. The explanation comes from a very high vantage point. In 2009, the Nobel laureate in medicine Luc Montagnier demonstrated that homeopathic dilutions send out electromagnetic signals. As we know from the electrocardiogram, we have electrical potentials on our skin. The psorinum complex probably changes these skin potentials in such a way that the insects and ticks flee, because the changed skin electricity sends out corresponding electromagnetic signals. Do you use other homeopathic remedies in your veterinary practice? If so, for what? Of course, in addition to complex remedies, I also use the entire range of homeopathic medicines in my practice. There is hardly a disease for which an appropriate homeopathic remedy does not exist. Dr. med. vet. Jürg Waser, the “fit und lively” editorial team thanks you for the interview. A natural preparation made from yeast and herbs is ideal for improving the immune system and vitality of cats, dogs and rodents. In your swidro drugstore or swidro pharmacy you can get competent information about which preparations are suitable for your pet. ✂ Well prepared for the demanding needs of cats and dogs with the PHA animal pharmacy: From A for eye care to Z for tick protection. IN RA B 15% IH PH AT RE A T R P AU G ült SW RO F ig I D DU AL bi s1 R LE K O 6. M DR TE ai 20 O 15 G ER IE ✂ PHA. ANIMAL HEALTH FROM YOUR PHARMACY & DRUG STORE. www.p-h-a.ch 14 Foot and nail fungus ugly, stubborn and in need of treatment Fungal infections of the feet and nails are not only unsightly, they should definitely be treated, because foot and nail fungus are highly contagious. The persistent fungal pathogens also have a tendency to return. The treatment is relatively lengthy, which is why preventive measures and hygiene rules are particularly indicated. The fungal pathogen that most commonly causes foot and nail fungus belongs to the group of dermatophytes (thread fungi). These fungi attack the skin and nails. Dermatophytes feed on keratin, the horny substance of the skin, fingernails and toenails. They are long-threaded, which is why they reach deep into the skin and nails where they multiply. Foot and nail fungus are by no means trivial and should always be treated. Athlete's foot - a survivor Athlete's foot is a fungal infection of the spaces between the toes, the soles of the feet and, in severe cases, the back of the foot. The filamentous fungus Trichophyton rubrum is responsible for around 75% of all athlete's foot diseases; yeast or sprouts are less common. Some types of filamentous fungus can lodge in the skin by deliberately damaging the protective acid mantle. Others have special adhesive organs for attachment to the skin cells. These and similar attack methods can usually not harm an intact skin. The bacteria of the protective, natural skin flora destroy the fungi immediately. On damaged skin or a weakened immune system, however, the fungi can "gain a foothold" - in the truest sense of the word. Their threads penetrate the epidermis. They then get into the deeper layers of the skin, where they nest and multiply. Fungal spores survive outside the skin for days or even weeks. This athlete's foot is a true survivor! The most reliable symptom of athlete's foot is severe itching between the toes. The skin will later redden in this area. In the further course, small blisters can form, the skin flakes and appears whitish and softened. The "rash" spreads. Sometimes itching, cracks and redness occur in the area between the toes without an athlete's foot being present. The trigger can be wetness due to insufficiently breathable shoes (safety shoes, shoes made of plastic, etc.). To prevent moisture build-up, you can put a special foot powder from the swidro drugstore or swidro pharmacy in the spaces between the toes in the morning. 15 Foot and nail fungus - unsightly, persistent and in need of treatment Preventing foot and nail fungus - Do not walk barefoot in public facilities (indoor swimming pool, hotel, etc.). - Alternately put on everyday shoes so that they can dry off in between. - Put on fresh socks every day. - Do not share terry towels with others, change them daily. - Dry the spaces between the toes well after showering and bathing. - Keep dirty laundry separate from other family members. - Wash terry towels, bath mats, bedding and socks at at least 60 degrees or with a special fungicidal detergent. - Better to avoid tight shoes in the front area. Prefer breathable materials such as leather or microfiber. - Wear socks made of natural fibers or mixed fabrics (sports socks). - Regular foot and nail care. - In the case of recurring foot or nail fungus, spray the affected areas, socks and shoes with a fungicidal disinfectant spray every day.- Put fungus-preventive, deodorant, breathable and absorbent fresh soles in the shoes. - Disinfect nail scissors, clipper files and files and do not share them with others. - Strengthen your immune system. Who does athlete's foot affect? In principle, athlete's foot can affect anyone. Appropriate prophylactic measures are therefore important. Elderly people with circulatory disorders, people who take immune-weakening medication or who sweat profusely on their feet are particularly prone to athlete's foot. Women are slightly less affected than men. Primitive peoples who go barefoot, on the other hand, do not know of athlete's foot. What helps with athlete's foot? In the swidro drugstore or swidro pharmacy, preparations with various antifungal ("anti-fungal") ingredients are available. The substance clotrimazole, for example as an ointment and spray, disrupts the structure of the fungal cell wall. Tolnaftate (powder, ointment, spray) is also a particularly skin-friendly fungicidal active ingredient. Another effective preparation contains the substance terbinafine (gel, solution, cream, spray). Undecylenic acid (ointment and powder), which has been tried and tested for decades, has an anti-fungal effect. A good result can be achieved with a combination of the applications. You start with a special foot bath. Warm water allows the "fungal pathogens love the greenhouse climate in sports facilities and tight shoes" to swell the horny layer slightly and the antifungal agent can penetrate optimally. After the feet have dried well, they can be treated with an ointment or spray, which also helps with itching. People who sweat a lot are also recommended to use a foot powder, as it minimizes the warm and humid environment that the fungus loves so much. A valuable tip is to use an antifungal detergent, especially for textiles that cannot be washed at 60 degrees or hotter. This means that you are on the safe side of receiving fungus-free laundry. Athlete's foot therapy can easily take two months. It requires a lot of discipline and should definitely be continued for two weeks after it has completely subsided. Athlete's foot has a high relapse rate because those affected often do not carry out the treatment until the end. In principle, a few remaining spores will suffice and the disease will break out again. After overcoming athlete's foot, consistent preventive measures will help to avoid re-infection (see box next to it). This includes wearing bathing shoes in the wet area of ​​sports facilities. Because the infection with athlete's foot often happens in public spaces where there is a damp warmth. These include swimming pools, wellness areas, showers and changing rooms. Swidro tip everywhere! Nail fungus? Don't wait, act now! Fungal nail infection is the most common disease affecting nails. Without treatment, the disease spreads. It is important to start treatment at the first symptoms. Excilor for the treatment of nail fungus is now even more effective with a new, particularly effective formula. 1 minute per day - no filing required. Magnesium Biomed helps with calf cramps ® In the form of tablets, effervescent tablets and as drinking granules. M 20% RA ag be ne im s ium Kau r Bo er B f e n sw iom ine n G ül ic idr ed r P tig ht ® a o ku Dr. E cku bi s i m o n n 30. M ul gelös g r i ai er ie ba 20 ba. ri 15 r. n. BA TT This is a medicine. Please read the leaflet. Biomed AG, 8600 Dübendorf, www.biomed.ch © Biomed AG. All rights reserved. 17 Foot and nail fungus - unsightly, stubborn and in need of treatment Where many people walk barefoot, the fungal pathogens find paradisiacal conditions in which to multiply. Tight shoes and sports shoes also pave the way for infection. These are all conditions that also favor infection with the stubborn nail fungus. Nail fungus Nail fungus is a fungal infection of the toenails or fingernails. This is the same pathogen as in athlete's foot. The disease occurs mainly in damp areas, which is why the toenails are affected more often than the fingernails. The fungal attack usually begins at the front edge of the nail. From there it can spread over the entire nail plate and change the structure of the nail. The keratin, the nail substance, is slowly dissolved and air-filled cavities form, which become visible as white spots or stripes. The nail thickens and changes color from white-yellowish to yellowish-brown. Typically, the nails become brittle and individual nail layers sometimes split off. Fungal nail diseases can on the one hand cause pain and even make walking difficult. On the other hand, they can pave the way for further infections. Because the fungi cause tiny injuries to the nail, which bacteria or viruses make it easier for them to penetrate. Therefore, nail fungus should not be taken lightly. Risk groups Like athlete's foot, nail fungus can affect anyone. The main risk group for nail fungus includes not only athletes but also seniors and diabetics. There are several factors affecting older people. Bathing shoes should always be worn in the barefoot and wet areas of sports facilities (wellness facilities, swimming pools, showers, changing rooms, etc.). Because this is where foot and gnawing fungi feel particularly comfortable and multiply in abundance. together, which favor the development of a nail fungus. The blood circulation and the immune system are WE CELEBRATING BIRTHDAY 10 YEARS OF SWING. FROM THE EXPANSION OF NATURE CHILES. YOUR ANNIVERSARY GIFT *! WITH THIS RECEIPT YOU WILL RECEIVE A FREE BLENDERBOTTLE® - SHAKER ** WHEN YOU PURCHASE LITOZIN®. PROMOTION END: May 31, 2015 INCL. PATENTED BLENDERBALL ® * Only while stocks last ** Especially suitable for the Litozin® drink pack 40.15-LIT SCHWUNG FROM NATURE. In addition to rosehip powder, LITOZIN® capsules and drink contain vitamin C. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of bones and cartilage. LITOZIN® powder is 100% natural. Takeda Pharma AG, Freienbach 18 a little weaker than when we were young. Diabetics are particularly at risk because they have a combination of beneficial features: circulatory disorder and reduced sensitivity of the feet as well as a weakened immune system. Treatment of nail fungus The treatment of nail fungus is much more protracted than that of athlete's foot. If only the superficial nail layer is affected, the infection can be treated externally with antimycotics. Suitable active ingredients for external therapy are available in the form of a nail polish or stick. In the case of nail polish, it is sometimes recommended to file the nail plate beforehand so that the active ingredient penetrates better. A product series with lactic and citric acid, among others, includes a solution, a pen and a spray. Healthy and well-groomed feet not only look beautiful, they also protect against nail fungus and other infections. Ingredients penetrate the nail and change living conditions to the detriment of the fungus. A practical and quick to use pen has a similar effect; it is applied to the entire surface of the nail and also to the underside of the nail edge. To the natural proer rtl polo! S h n Vo pfo em dukt tea tree oil is also said to have an antifungal effect on nails and athlete's foot. However, if the fungal spores have already penetrated further, the growing nail may be infected again and again. Internal treatment may then be necessary in consultation with a doctor. The fungicidal agent reaches the spores in the nail bed via the bloodstream. Without treatment, nail fungus will not go away on its own. The crux of the therapy lies in the slow growth of the toenails. If the big toe is infected, it can take nine months to a year for the infected nail to grow out completely. Patience is required! Your swidro drugstore or swidro pharmacy will be happy to advise you on the various prevention and treatment options for foot and nail fungus. Interview with: Chinese knowledge in Swiss quality. Chinese healing knowledge, Asian herbs with Swiss quality: the CH’i Energy product line releases blockages in the meridians and strengthens the flow of muscle energy during exercise, sport and relaxation. The unique herbal formulations from the rich treasure of the traditional Chinese method have profound capabilities: They work in their entirety, not just superficially. Rather, they release the deep-lying chi blockages in the meridians and bring the energy to flow again. The herbs used are imported from China, subjected to a strict analysis process in Switzerland and then processed under pharmaceutical conditions. CH'i Energy products are quickly absorbed by the skin and give the skin a refreshing feeling. Warms when you have to, cools when you need it. • to relax and loosen muscles and limbs • to increase elasticity and to invigorate the body before sport • for faster regeneration after sport or other physical exertion www. .ch Piniol AG, Erlistrasse 2, 6403 Küssnacht am Rigi National Team XC, Elite Women Cross Country What are the advantages of CH’i Energy products for you? Corina Gantenbein (C.G.): With the CH’i Energy products, no sticky film forms on the skin, so the skin can breathe freely. What was your experience with the CH’i Energy products after rubbing them in? (C.G.): Before the races it increases my resilience and after the races it helps me to regenerate as quickly as possible. TOP offer Hirsana® golden millet oil capsules - for beautiful and healthy hair! Geschen® k Hirsana shower gel Hirsana® golden millet oil capsules for beautiful, strong, dense, voluminous hair and strong fingernails. Hirsana® makes the most of your hair! If you buy a pack of Hirsana® with 90 or 150 capsules, we will give you a Hirsana® shower gel (75 ml each)! Available in swidro drugstores (while stocks last). Valid until May 16, 2015. Bad Hair Day? Hirsana golden millet oil capsules make the most of your hair! ® www.hirsana.ch 20 own brands Spagyrik Menopause Spray regulating hormonal complaints naturally Menopause brings various physical and emotional challenges with it. The new phase of life is characterized by changes in the hormonal balance that trigger the typical menopausal symptoms. Spagyric essences can help alleviate these discrepancies with no side effects. Irritability, alleviates agitation and anxiety, and also promotes natural sleep. Expert tip! Jörg Wittwer dipl. Druggist HF St. John's wort In the "modification" the female body changes from fertility to the sterile years. As natural as menopause is, it should also be addressed. So-called phytohormones are a good alternative to the controversial hormone therapy. Phytohormones are hormone-like substances that are found in many plants. These have a regulating effect on the human hormonal balance that is comparable to that of the body's own hormones. You can thus compensate for the hormone fluctuations during the menopause and alleviate the typical symptoms. These include hot flashes, sweating, dizziness, weight gain, mood swings and sleep disorders. These and other unpleasant symptoms often accompany women between the ages of 50 and 60. Spagyric Menopause Spray The swidro spagyric mix for menopausal symptoms contains essences from the rhizome of black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa), real hops (Humulus lupulus) and St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum). The black cohosh proves to be very effective, especially with the typical hot flashes and sweating, as it has a hormone-regulating effect. But the medicinal plant is also effective for sleep disorders, nervousness and moods. The black cohosh root extract was traditionally used by the indigenous people of eastern North America. St. John's wort is one of the psychotropic phytopharmaceuticals, which means that it has a positive effect on the psyche and the nervous system. It has a mood-enhancing and calming effect. The real hops also have a calming effect. Sage is proven to have a balancing effect on sweat production and thus counteracts hot flashes. Especially in combination with black cohosh, sage is recommended as a well-tolerated and effective natural support for menopausal symptoms. Monk's pepper is another valuable and proven medicinal plant in connection with female hormone regulation. Monk's pepper extract is often recommended at the beginning of menopause, when irregular or uncomfortable bleeding causes problems. Chasteberry can reduce breast tenderness and water retention in tissues, and is also used to treat severe abdominal pain and mood swings. 21 Spagyrik Menstrual Spray - gently calms hormones and psyche Strictly speaking, a woman's monthly period is a hormone withdrawal bleeding. The temporary, natural “hormone deficiency” can have various effects on the body and soul of women. In addition to stomach and back pain, especially on the first day of menstruation, nervous disorders are common. Menstruating women usually feel anything but balanced, are in a bad mood, are sensitive and often complain of poor sleep. The Spagyrik menstrual spray jumps into this breach. It contains the sensible combination of spagyric processed KawaKawa and black cohosh roots as well as St. John's wort. Kawa-Kawa has a balancing effect on anxiety and tension. The well-tried medicinal plant St. John's wort helps with tense nerves and a troubled psyche. And the “all-rounder” black cohosh has a regulating influence on the hormonal balance. swidro evening primrose oil capsules - essential unsaturated fatty acids The valuable evening primrose oil contains a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, namely linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid. These are essential for humans, that is to say vital, because they cannot be produced by themselves. They provide energy and regulate, among other things, the moisture and elasticity of the skin. In addition to the valuable essential fatty acids, swidro evening primrose oil capsules also contain vitamin E, amino acids and minerals. The regular supply of these active ingredients to the body brings relief from skin problems such as eczema and acne. Even with neurodermatitis, a congenital, itchy, eczematous skin inflammation, evening primrose oil has achieved therapeutic importance. The complexion calms and stabilizes. It can be used just as effectively in premenstrual syndrome ("the days before the days"), in menopause and in childhood hyperactivity (ADHD). The active ingredients soothe and promote concentration. swidro kidney and bladder dragées - supportive of urinary tract infections Frequent need to urinate, pain and burning sensation when urinating - women in particular are familiar with these symptoms of bladder irritation or inflammation. Almost every woman experiences such an infection at some point in their life, men are affected by it much less often. A weakened immune defense and hypothermia promote the development of inflammation in the bladder and kidney area. Herbal active ingredients are particularly important in the treatment of such urinary tract infections. The swidro kidney and bladder dragées contain plant extracts from goldenrod, birch and bearberry leaves. These have a diuretic, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. The natural, side-effect-free dragees support the therapy for pain in the urinary tract. It is important to drink two to three liters at the same time, ideally a mixture of kidney and bladder tea from the swidro drugstore or swidro pharmacy. swidro Preiselvit tablets - for keeping the bladder healthy The lingonberry is an "old friend" in keeping the bladder healthy as well as in the prevention and accompanying treatment of cystitis. Women in particular often suffer from recurrent irritation, weakness and inflammation of the bladder. You can get relief from extracts from the lingonberry. The sour berries contain dehydrating glycosides and tannins similar to tannins, which have disinfecting properties and form a protective layer that prevents bacteria from forming on the bladder mucous membrane. The swidro Preiselvit tablets contain a concentrated dry extract from fresh, exquisite Scandinavian cranberries. The red fruits grow in their natural environment under optimal growth conditions. They thrive without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. The lingonberries are picked under controlled conditions and gently processed in Switzerland into a high-quality extract. The sugar, lactose and gluten-free capsules also contain vitamin C. Note on own brands: The composition and packaging may differ from the products shown. SPECIAL OFFERS Daylong ™. Because your skin is irreplaceable. High-quality sun protection from Switzerland Eduard Vogt AG, 6301 Zug Gift ™ r sun Repair Daylong afte The Daylong ™ products meet the highest standards and offer safe and long-lasting protection against UV rays. Daylong ™ ‘s strengths: formulations with a high feel-good factor.When you buy a 200 ml Daylong ™ tube, we give you a 50 ml Daylong ™ after sun repair for the regeneration of sun-stressed skin. Dolocyl® forte 400 Dolocyl® forte 400 is a pain reliever for headache, toothache, back pain and menstrual pain. Dolocyl® forte 400 has a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect at the same time. Benefit now from a 20% discount when you buy a pack of Dolocyl® forte 400. This is a medicinal product. Please read the leaflet. COMPEED® blister plasters Don't let blisters stop you: 98% * recommend COMPEED®! 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Available as a douche, body lotion, body spray, massage oil and bath. - Balance with oranges and linden blossoms - Energy with green tea - Sensitive with nourishing almond oil Benefit from a 20% discount on Eduard Vogt Therme body care products. 20% valid until May 16, 2015 Eduard Vogt Therme discount valid until May 16, 2015 Pampering care for your skin OXYPLASTIN® Dr. Wild & Co. AG, 4132 Muttenz Valid until May 16, 2015 Valid until May 16, 2015 22 TOP offer On the direct route to your desired weight - natural and sustainable Gift Shaker Discover the innovative weight management products from Biomed. New: Lose weight with pleasure with InShape-Biomed® Choco. When you buy a can of InShape-Biomed®, we give you a shaker for free. Available in swidro drugstores (while stocks last). Valid until May 16, 2015. ha lic Meal for a weight-controlling diet Achieve a feeling of satiety Reduce calorie intake from dietary fats Reduce caloric intake from carbohydrates Medical products Get competent advice from your swidro drugstore. ng er ru tu fah Discover Biomed's innovative weight management products. Replace meal h r: e di n nte .c n You e u n ich te me se nl ich Le ersö ber eh p s bn Er na «Everyone can lose weight." Biomed AG, 8600 Dübendorf © Biomed AG. 01/2015. All rights reserved. 24 Sugar Dealing with the sweet temptation Our relationship to sugar is paradoxical: we love and demonize it equally. On the one hand, it is bad for your figure, your teeth and your blood sugar level. On the other hand, it is difficult for us to do without sugar, because people are born with a sweet tooth. Sugar is tasty and stimulates the production of the happiness hormone serotonin. affect blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates are divided into single, double and multiple sugars according to their composition. Single and double sugars are processed the fastest. They provide the body with immediately available energy and cause the blood sugar level to rise rapidly, with the exception of the simple sugar fructose (fruit sugar) in fruits: it causes blood sugar to rise more slowly than other simple sugars. Granulated sugar, for example, is one of the double sugars. The body can swidro multiple sugars, such as those found in whole-grain bread, for example. Even the newborn's first food, breast milk, contains sugar. The sweetness nourishes and calms the baby. The fact that humans like and need sugar is therefore nothing they can do about it. There is nothing wrong with an occasional piece of cake. Yes, sugar is very important to humans. The problem is the daily excessive consumption of sugar (including the many hidden sugars in soft drinks, for example). The source of the sugar is also crucial. A little detour into biochemistry Sugar is a carbohydrate with a sweet taste that is found in numerous foods. Along with fat, carbohydrates are one of the most important sources of energy. It doesn't matter whether you eat a lump of sugar, a slice of wholemeal bread or an apple - their carbohydrates are all converted into sugar (glucose) in the body. In the gastrointestinal tract, glucose is distributed to cells via the bloodstream. When the cells do not need glucose at the moment, the muscles and liver convert it to glycogen, the storage form of glucose. If the glycogen stores are overfilled because there is more energy available than you can absorb, for example because you have eaten too much cake, the excess glycogen is converted into fat and stored in adipose tissue. The result: you gain weight. But how do granulated sugar, wholemeal bread and a fruit differ in terms of carbohydrates? The answer is: firstly in the nature of their chemical composition and secondly, to what extent they tip! High sweetness, very neutral sweetness, good solubility The agave grows in the tropical steppe regions of Mexico. Their juice is 20% sweeter than table sugar and has a tasteless sweetness. The agave syrup from Allos is obtained from the blue agave and is particularly easy to process due to its fine consistency. It is ideal for sweetening drinks, desserts, cakes and jams, but also for sophisticated salad dressings. 25 Sugar - Dealing with the sweet temptation to waste less quickly. The blood sugar level rises slowly and the person stays full longer. The role of insulin When talking about sugar, the hormone insulin must also be considered. Insulin is produced in the pancreas. It lowers blood sugar levels by stimulating body cells to take up glucose from the blood. This process runs smoothly in healthy people. Due to a genetic predisposition, illness or obesity, sugar no longer gets into the body cells because they respond less well to insulin. As a result, the cells cannot gain enough energy. As a result, the sugar remains in the vascular system and the blood sugar level rises. For a while, the body can compensate for this by producing more insulin than would be needed in a healthy person. Sooner or later, however, this “emergency mechanism” weakens, which has far-reaching consequences for the entire organism: insulin resistance. Fatally, this preliminary stage of diabetes mellitus is not felt. If, in this situation, a very high-sugar diet is added, the insulin "insulin resistance - when the body cells no longer react to the hormone insulin" is no longer sufficient - and sugar becomes poison. Persistently high blood sugar values ​​damage the blood vessels and lead to circulatory disorders and nerve damage up to an increased risk of stroke and heart attack. Conclusion: A diet rich in sugar promotes the development of diabetes mellitus and is therefore a pioneer of consequential damage to health. Sugar substitute - curse or blessing? The substitution of sugar harbors a paradoxical problem: because artificial sweeteners do not trigger a reward effect in the brain, one always wants more; rarely is there just one glass of diet cola (sweetened with aspartame). And typically, light products are less satiating. If you want to lose weight, it is therefore badly advised to rely heavily on light products. You subconsciously compensate the saved sugar calories with more food. Artificial sweeteners such as Da can be applied thickly. 70% fruit brings an unadulterated, natural fruit taste to the plate. The bread becomes a minor matter. suisse i Of course, vegetarian. Available in your swidro drugstore. MORGA AG, CH-9642 Ebnat-Kappel, www.morga.ch 26 Natural sugar substitute Product Origin Special feature - Steviol glycoside (stevia plant) - As drops, powder, tabs, granules - 0 kcal / 100 g / ml - Perennial plant Stevia rebaudiana, South America - Production: The water extraction of the stevia leaves releases steviol glycosides. These are then cleaned and filtered. - Hardly any calories with up to 300 times more sweetness than table sugar. - Special taste, similar to liquorice. - Not cariogenic. Agave syrup: approx. 310 kcal / 100 g agave plant, Mexico Pear syrup (pear honey): approx. 324 kcal / 100 g pears, e.g. Switzerland apple syrup: approx. 327 kcal / 100 g apples, e.g. Switzerland coconut blossom syrup: approx. 312 kcal / 100 g Coconut blossom juice, tropical maple syrup: approx. 348 kcal / 100 ml maple tree sap, North American continent - a little healthier than granulated sugar. - Slightly fewer calories than granulated sugar. - Cheaper for the blood sugar than granulated sugar, as the glucose is released more slowly and you stay full longer. - Intense taste, bring variety to the menu. Birch sugar (xylitol): approx. 240 kcal / 100 g - birch wood, e.g. Finland - maize, e.g. Austria, Germany Honey: approx. 306 kcal / 100 g flower nectar, e.g. Switzerland Aspartame or cyclamate have also fallen into disrepute for causing possible harmful side effects . In principle, diabetics are allowed to consume “real” sugar, but not in any quantity. The same goes for thick juices, syrups and the fructose in honey. Because they also make blood sugar rise in principle, albeit more slowly. Use For sweetening tea, shakes, muesli, baked goods, pancakes etc. - Birch sugar: anti-cariogenic effect (chewing gum, toothpaste etc.). Ways out of the sugar trap The best way to escape the “sugar trap” is to largely avoid household sugar and industrially manufactured foods. But no matter how you twist and turn it, in the end the following applies to all foods: the amount counts! A balanced diet sometimes includes a piece of chocolate with real granulated sugar. Ask your swidro team for advice on how you can limit your sugar consumption sensibly and in a way that is suitable for everyday use. Cold-pressed. Dearly beloved. MORGA edible oils. The high-quality oils from MORGA are a real treat for your dishes. With valuable ingredients for tasty and healthy cuisine. suisse i Of course, vegetarian. Available in your swidro drugstore. MORGA AG, CH-9642 Ebnat-Kappel, www.morga.ch Increased blood sugar levels favor circulatory disorders High blood sugar (diabetes), high blood pressure, obesity and other risk factors lead to circulatory disorders that lead to intermittent claudication, sensory disorders in the feet and the risk of a Heart attack or stroke. Effects of high blood sugar If the blood sugar level is too high, glucose attaches itself to proteins. These sugar-protein complexes (called AGEs) worsen the cell supply and damage the cells, especially those of the inner walls of the vessels. Over time, arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) develops, which leads to circulatory disorders. Tingling, pins and needles in arms and legs, leg cramps, and hands and feet falling asleep can be the first signs of a circulatory disorder. If this progresses, it can lead to peripheral arterial occlusive disease (intermittent claudication). Because the leg muscles are insufficiently supplied with oxygen, those affected experience leg pain and have to take breaks from walking, preferably in front of a shop window. If AGEs damage the small vessels, this leads to damage to the eyes, nerves and kidneys. They also promote inflammation, which in combination with oxidative stress impairs wound healing. The result can be a diabetic foot, i.e. a poorly healing wound on the toes or on the foot. What to do with circulatory disorders The most important measures against circulatory disorders are a healthy and sugar-balanced diet, enough exercise (1–2 times a week for 30 minutes), stress and weight reduction, not smoking and, for diabetics, a correctly adjusted blood sugar level. Herbal medicines are available from your swidro drugstore to provide effective support. The Tibetan medicine Padma® 28, which consists of 20 plants and two minerals, has proven itself. Padma® 28 stimulates blood circulation, is anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Until the improvement is noticeable, it is recommended to take 2 capsules 3 times a day. Please read the leaflet. PADMA AG 130215 / sto.ch Most of the 500,000 or so diabetics in Switzerland are between 40 and 59 years old. However, anyone who describes the diabetes mellitus type 2 as "old age sugar" forgets that more and more children and adolescents are affected by the modern lifestyle. Since type 2 diabetes begins painlessly, it takes an average of seven years to be discovered, mostly due to the occurrence of secondary diseases. Healthy blood circulation with PADMA® 28. Tibetan medicine. Made from plants and minerals. Made in Switzerland. Please read the leaflet. PADMA AG Circulatory disorders: Feet falling asleep can be a warning signal. www.padma.ch 28 UND news trends Body emulsion from Louis Widmer with a new texture and new scent The body emulsion is more modern and fresher. The new texture leaves the skin feeling pleasant, beautiful and smooth. The active ingredient pentavitin provides even more moisture that lasts for a long time - it is also known as a moisture magnet. The pentavitin forms a natural bond with the keratin (horny substance) of the skin and transfers the moisture retention capacity to the top layer of the skin. www.louis-widmer.ch LAVILIN - Nature's Power Deodorant Creme Pro-Active Light: The new night care from Louis Widmer Fragmented hyaluronic acid as a CollagenBooster ensures more elasticity and a better skin-water balance. Ideal for normal and combination skin. The light cream Pro-Active Light nourishes, moisturizes and regenerates the skin tissue during the night. The active ingredient combination with biostimulators (amino acid complex), fragmented hyaluronic acid, panthenol, vitamins A and E stimulate and preserve the natural anti-aging functions of the skin. The result: a firmer, even complexion. www.louis-widmer.ch Long-term protection from nature - without aluminum! New in 3 fragrance variations: Women, Men, Sensitive - without aluminum, alcohol and parabens - water-resistant - long-term effect - mineral antiperspirant - no influence on natural sweat gland function - antibacterial and antiseptic - skin-friendly www.lavilin.ch The new savior in times of need. The popular FLAWA pharmacies will make you fit for spring. Be it for on the go, for sporting occasions or as a trendy accessory: FLAWA has the right pharmacy for every situation. www.flawa.ch Undex® nail solution - the solution for nail fungus Omida Kalium phosphoricum No. 5 plus Omida Kalium phosphoricum No. 5 plus in the practical sachets contains the Schüssler salts No. 2, 5, 7 & 22. These are proven for excessive Stress, stress and hectic rush, but also with nervousness and inner tension. It supports children in learning and promotes concentration in school. Schüssler Kalium phosphoricum No. 5 plus is stomach-friendly, tasteless and dissolves quickly in water. Kalium phosphoricum No. 5 plus is available in a pack of 30 and is suitable for the whole family. www.omida.ch • Duo effect: treats & protects • easy application on the nail • no need to file a nail • the solution dries on the nail and forms a protective film • inexpensive product This is a medical product. Please read the leaflet. Melisana AG, 8004 Zurich, www.melisana.ch 29 My sleep puzzles. My wellness. elsa flake pillow. The pillow made of elsa Mineralschaum® flakes in a cotton lining always takes the shape you want. It is ideal for everyone who loves it a little more cuddly and still wants to be well supported. It not only helps with neck, shoulder and headaches, but is also ideal for allergy sufferers. Contents and cover can be washed in the washing machine at 40 ° to 60 ° (without fabric softener), ideally 3 to 4 times a year. This keeps the pillow clean and mite-free and ensures a long service life. All elsa products are manufactured exclusively in Switzerland. Wake up relaxed: www.elsaschweiz.ch Take part in the crossword puzzle competition and win one of five elsa flake pillows (size 50 x 70 cm) worth CHF 159.– each. My sleep. My wellness. Wake up relaxed: www.elsaschweiz.ch Ins_Elsa_50x50_Fit + Munter.indd 1 05.02.15 15:23 Participation: Telephone 0901 919 901 (CHF 1.50 / call from landline) SMS Send SWIDRO + solution + address to 919 (CHF 1.50 / SMS) . Example: SWIDRO skin care Hans Muster, Musterstr. 12, 8000 Zurich. Online www.swidro.ch/Wettbewerbe Postcard swidro gmbh, Hinterbergstrasse 26, 6330 Cham Entry deadline: May 31, 2015 No correspondence will be conducted. The judges' decision is final. Resolution in the next issue. By participating, you agree that swidro may send you further attractive offers and information in the future. 30 Age and pigment spots harmless but unaesthetic Age and pigment spots are changes in the color of the skin.These brown spots and spots are harmless, but many people find them annoying - especially when they appear exactly where you don't want them. How do you get rid of the unwanted pigmentation? Or can something be done preventively? The more suntanned the skin, the more damaged it is. Age and pigment spots can indicate that someone has enjoyed too many hours of sunshine. The consequences are wrinkles and an increased risk of skin cancer. People who have experienced many sunburns are particularly at risk. Perfume, medication, genes and hormones In addition to the «color enhancer number 1», the sun, perfume and preservatives or swidro pigment disorders are most likely to occur on areas of the skin that are frequently exposed to light: on the face, neckline, hands and poor. The color errors are harmless from a medical point of view, but are often perceived as cosmetically annoying. Pigment spots - brown spots, speckles or areas of color Pigment disorders appear as brown spots in the form of spots, speckles or flat areas. They occur individually or in groups and are clearly differentiated from the surrounding skin tone. As a result, the skin in the affected areas is darker than the natural color of the skin. Examples of pigment spots are freckles, birthmarks and the so-called age spots; In principle, a sun tan is nothing more than a pigment disorder. Sunlight has the greatest influence on the development. Sunlight and melanin The cell type melanocyte located in the epidermis forms the brown pigment melanin, which gives the skin its natural color. How much melanin is produced is individual and characterizes the six different skin types from light to dark skinned. UVA and UVB sun rays stimulate the formation of melanin in the skin. As protection from sunlight, the skin accumulates more melanin in the upper layer and the skin turns brown as a result. If too much melanin is produced, pigment spots appear (hyperpigmentation). In principle, this is a disruption of melanin production. Tip! Spotner Agespot Pen Spotner Agespot Pen is a pen for lightening age spots and other hyperpigmentation caused by excessive exposure to the sun. The innovative product guarantees simple, clean and precise application and has a sun protection factor of 50. Available in your swidro drugstore www.spotner.ch 31 Age and pigment spots - harmless but unaesthetic, medicines play a role in the development of brown spots. These substances increase the skin's sensitivity to light and, in combination with sunlight, often leave permanent stains. Factors that cannot be influenced at all, such as genes and hormone metabolism, also affect the skin. Above all, the female sex hormones have a major influence on the cell activity of the skin. They can increase the tendency towards over-pigmentation. For example, pregnant women and women who take the contraceptive pill sometimes develop flat, yellow-brown facial spots, the so-called melasma or chloasma. Inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis can also promote the formation of pigment spots. Even larger, healed pimples sometimes leave a permanent brown spot on the skin. And last but not least, external influences such as cold, heat, pressure or friction can be partly responsible for pigment disorders. An unhealthy lifestyle with smoking, alcohol and stress also negatively affects the aging process of the skin. This leads to the development of so-called “free radicals”, which under certain circumstances promote the appearance of age spots. Age spots - often on the back of the hand The real age of a person often reveals the neck - or the hands. Here, on the parts of the body that are probably most exposed to the sun, age spots appear more frequently; but also on the forearms, face and cleavage. Age spots are yellowish-brown to dark brown, a few millimeters to a few centimeters in size and, like moles and freckles, are benign skin changes. The shape ranges from round to oval to an irregularly delimited spot. Age spots can be tiny too. Unlike freckles, age spots hardly fade in winter. Contrary to their name, age spots do not only appear at an advanced age. The decisive factor is how many hours of sunshine someone has enjoyed. Therefore, the spots can already occur in 40-year-olds. Age spots are sometimes difficult to distinguish from certain types of skin cancer. Therefore, if you notice any changes to the skin - no matter what it looks like - a dermatologist should be consulted so that he can examine the affected areas carefully. Lightening or concealing pigment disorders Some perceive age spots as blemishes and want to get rid of them. They can be concealed with a strong make-up or treated with special products. In addition, there are My are strong as a For the layman it is difficult to distinguish harmless pigment disorders from skin cancer or its precursors. Therefore, in case of doubt, it is advisable to go to the dermatologist, who will carefully examine the skin change. Various invasive procedures such as grinding, freezing, lasering or peeling with fruit acid or trichloroacetic acid to remove age spots. "Lightening products effectively reduce pigmentation disorders when used in a curative manner" An uncomplicated removal of age spots and pigmentation disorders at home offers a treatment with whitening and / or peeling products. A pen from the swidro drugstore or swidro pharmacy enables extremely precise application. It contains a combination of herbal extracts, Alpha-Arbutin,. HALIBUT® osteo - for maintaining healthy bones. Dietary supplement on a natural basis, rich in vitamin D3 and vitamin K1 as well as the omega-3 fatty acids EPA + DHA. Available in your swidro drugstore | www.halibut.ch Merz Pharma (Schweiz) AG, Allschwil The highly effective day care offers long-term protection against premature skin aging and negative environmental influences. It stimulates and preserves the natural anti-aging functions of the skin. UVA and UVB filters protect against ultraviolet rays. Slightly perfumed and available without perfume. MADE IN SWITZERLAND. DAILY CARE WITH UV PROTECTION FOR SENSITIVE SKIN ADJUSTED TO YOUR SKIN TYPE FREE with every facial care product with UV protection: Night care cream Pro-Active Light (10 ml), value CHF 6.50. While stocks last. 33 Age and pigment spots - harmless but unaesthetic Alpha-hydroxy acids and UVA and UVB filters to reduce and prevent age spots. Lightening facial care products effectively reduce pigment spots, age spots, acne scars and hormone-related pigment disorders when used in a curative manner. Vitamin C and B3 lighten the skin tone and reduce wrinkles. The skin tone decreases, which evens out the skin tone. The vitamin A derivative retinol (or retinoid) is also effective on brown spots. In addition to serums and day and night care, there are other specified products, for example for the treatment of dark eye blue lotus rings or a liquid make-up that not only provides perfect coverage, but also contains pigment-reducing ingredients and a physical sun filter. For age spots on the hands, we recommend an AntiAge hand cream with SPF 15, blue lotus, Q10, Brazil nut and bearberry, which counteracts over-pigmentation and premature skin aging. The treatment of pigment disorders requires patience, as the skin's cell renewal takes 28 days. An application of at least 8 weeks is necessary to register a visible success. During the treatment of age and pigment spots, the daily use of a high sun protection filter is mandatory in order to avoid the formation of new spots. Camouflage is ideal for optical retouching of pigment and age spots. The highly opaque, those who are bothered by their pigment spots, have various lightening and / or peeling special products to choose from. Due to the high pigment density, waterproof special make-up perfectly adapts color-disruptive skin problems such as brown spots or redness to your own skin tone. Camouflage makes blemishes visually disappear and makes the complexion appear uniform. Your swidro drugstore or swidro pharmacy will know more about the prevention, treatment and retouching of age and pigment spots. Sensitive skin Sensitive skin loses its charm. loses its charm. pH neutral Because beauty is a matter of trust. Available in your swidro drugstore. BATTERY EMPTY? GLYCORAMIN ENERGY-RELEASING, BREATHING AND CIRCULAR-RUNNING For symptoms of fatigue due to physical exertion and discomfort at altitude. Available in your swidro drugstore. Read the leaflet. Hänseler Ag, CH-9100 Herisau www.haenseler.ch/glycoramin Q10 Sandoz® Full energy for the whole day. Food supplements Sandoz Pharmaceuticals AG, 6343 Rotkreuz, www.generika.ch Q10_190x124.4_e.indd 1 02/2015 Please read the package insert. 02/13/15 14:41 35 Excursion tip G EWIN N E N YOU Seehotel Waldstätterhof a wellness weekend for 2 people Mediterranean feeling with mountain panorama The Seehotel Waldstätterhof in Brunnen is located directly on the lake promenade and enchants with a breathtaking view of Lake Lucerne. The traditional house opened a new chapter a year ago: Since then, the "Waldstätterhof SPA" has warmed the hearts of many a guest. Competition If you choose the Brunnen exit from Axenstrasse, you will come to a place where you feel like you are on Lake Garda. The beautifully situated Seehotel Waldstätterhof, surrounded by high cliffs, offers a wonderful view of the Uri Alps. The structure of the 145-year-old house is linked to tradition. The offer, the hospitality and the cuisine are geared towards modern times. With the SPA area opened in December 2013, a new chapter in the history of the hotel was written. The hotel guest finds relaxation and revitalization in the Finnish sauna or the sanarium while the view sweeps over the lake and the mountains. An ice fountain with ice flakes provides refreshing cooling. Everyday life is forgotten! During the day you can satisfy your hunger in the rustic Sust-Stube. In the evening, after an aperitif at the Bartli-Bar, the hotel guest is spoiled with culinary delights in the Rôtisserie. The elegant restaurant for gourmets and connoisseurs attracts with classic international cuisine, seasonal specialties, a large selection of cheeses and fine wines. And in the morning the rich breakfast buffet strengthens you for the day ahead. For example, the region of Urschweiz can be explored with historical excursion destinations such as the Rütliwiese or the Tellsplatte on foot or by boat. The hotel team looks forward to seeing you! Seehotel Waldstätterhof Waldstätterquai 6 6440 Brunnen Tel. 041 825 06 06 www.waldstaetterhof.ch [email protected]