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How VIP Access works at Disney +

Most recently, "Raya and the Last Dragon" started in the stream at Disney + in the VIP area. Now “Black Widow”, “Cruella” and even “Jungle Cruise” are coming to your home soon.

With so-called VIP access you can see the “Black Widow” premiere, “Cruella” and also “Jungle Cruise” with Dwayne Johnson before anyone else on the Disney + stream. You have to pay an extra 21.99 euros for the respective film. You can download the film and watch it as often as you want. The only condition for success is that you have a valid Disney + subscription.

How does VIP access work on Disney +? We clarify this question in our Video:

VIP access Disney +: This is how you see “Black Widow” and “Cruella” in Corona summer 2021

  • Booking VIP access is very easy
  • But it only works with a Disney + subscription, which you have to take out beforehand. That goes annually and monthly.
  • If you are then logged in with your account, you can use the Get VIP access for 21.99 euros.
  • “Cruella” is scheduled to open in German cinemas on May 27, 2021. But even if that is not an option due to Corona, there is the film from May 28, 2021in the VIP area to see.
  • The same is true for “Black Widow”: The film should be in theaters on July 8th and on July 9, 2021 start in the stream.
  • Most recently it was announced that "Jungle Cruise" will start from July 29, 2021 appears in the VIP area at Disney +.

The price of just under 22 euros does not sound cheap at first, but on the other hand, Disney + allows you to download the film and carry it around with you, as well as being able to play it in the stream at any time. As often as you want. Actually, the expensive blockbusters produced should conquer the cinemas worldwide.

Will “Black Widow” come to Disney + at no additional cost?

No date has been set for this yet, but all films were also included in Disney + subscription a little later. We think that after about two months of waiting, this should also apply to “Cruella” and “Black Widow”.

Will there be more films with VIP access?

The big blockbusters are permanently being pushed back and it is still unclear when cineastes will venture out onto the streets again and get admission to their actual home, the cinema. A tragedy. With Disney +, Disney is taking a path that does not make many cinema operators look very happy and is launching big blockbusters with its in-house streaming service Disney +. "Artemis Fowl", "Mulan" and "Raya and the Last Dragon" were the first films to be dealt with in this way. It remains to be seen whether Disney + will stick to this strategy or maybe just be allowed to reopen the cinemas in the foreseeable future.

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