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... but is that true?
Of course, at first glance there is something wise and constructive about the saying. But if you think about it a little longer, it makes you a lot more sad.

You have known someone for a long time, maybe for years.
Sometimes you have more, sometimes you have less contact or even small radio silences.
But when you talk to each other or even just look at each other briefly and smile when you see each other again, it's as if you had never stopped living without the other.
You start talking about everyday things like work, school or sports. You laugh a lot at the same time, share a lot of them same opinion and shows interest in the life of the other.
Then suddenly you start talking about more serious topics like your future and plans. Everyone accepted the dreams of the other and shows be Like about it, even if it is not his.
In the conversation you notice again how well you get on and how respectful you deal with each other.
You feel good and slowly start to enjoy seeing each other together in the future.
But according to the saying, fate has not yet brought you together because you supposedly would not go together.
But I think with such a relationship to each other, this saying is wrong.
It's just up to you and the circumstances of your life.
What if you tried to establish more contact again?
What if you take it into your own hands to bring you together again?
Well worth a try, maybe 2 or 3.
In any case, you should really take care of yourself with texts and quotes on the subject of fate watch outhow close you can let them to you because they can violate and hope to destroy.

who or What is and actually determined by fate?
Start thinking about fate when something good or seemingly hopeless has happened and stop when something bad has happened.


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