Foo Chow Food Recipes in Sitiawan

The Foochows of Sitiawan - a historical perspective; written by Shih Toong Siong. This book was published by Persatuan Kutien Daerah Manjung in 2004. The author is a Foochow; born and educated in Sitiawan.

Very interesting book which I believe every Foochow from Sitiawan would want to read. This is our roots. My daughter who in only half Foochow and not from Sitiawan is already devouring it.

There are a lot of pictures and maps and definitely lots of figures too. The pictures are of great help; showing Sitiawan before it becomes what we have today. The portraits of well-known people are real interesting. My mother was able to identify quite a number of them. If I show it to my father, I'm sure he would be able to identify even more. There was this picture of a certain Ong Seok Kim .... Ong Siew Chu's grandfather (my good friend from Convent School) and my mum and I went into a discussion about his wealth and family and the kind of stuff we could remember about this very old family. He is a Hockkien; not a Hockchew.

Mena Jetty .... that is the jetty at Kampong Sitiawan. That was where the pioneers landed when they first came to Sitiawan ... 363 in total. The writer gave detailed account on the role of the Methodist Church and the muksu (pastor) in helping the growth of Sitiawan.

From the book I discovered that the late Bishop CN Fang was from Sitiawan. There is a family tree showing the Fang Genealogy. Incidentally, the late Bishop's daughter, Agnes was in my house this morning to tune the piano. She told me that her parents lived in Simpang Dua (my mother's kampung) and she still has relatives in Sitiawan. They are Hockkien, but the late bishop was fluent in Foochow.

The Ling and Ding Genealogy shows the roots of Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik (related to my paternal grandmother). There is also a list of the Foochows from Sitiawan who had / have made waves in the political / financial scenes of Malaysia. Not to forget a short chapter on Chin Peng or Ong Boon Hua.

There is a picture of certain Yu Teck Pock whom my mother still remembers. He is Dorcas Yu's late grandfather and somehow or other related to my mother as my mother is also a Yu.

A short writeup on Nabon in southern Thailand which has many Foochows too. I remember this place well as my aunt (mother's sister) was sent there. I have cousins ​​in Nabon today and other parts of Thailand too.

A very factual book in a way as a lot of facts and figures are stated. As a historian, this is a very important book to me as it contains the historical facts of my roots. This is the first book that I have come across that gives such accurate facts on the Foochows of Sitiawan. I must get a copy for myself.