Where is Wheeler's treatise now


When we set the direction for the equipment of our new bikes, we quickly and unanimously decided on something that we call the price-performance principle. It just means that we took a close look at what we wanted to see as drivers and what would be causing unnecessary expense. With that in mind, we went out and selected the parts that we really believe are great value for money. Instead of using so-called “bling” parts, we decided to take a different route.

Many riders choose to upgrade the components of their bikes, especially if they are making rapid progress in their riding skills. However, there are a few key components that have to be chosen correctly from the start in order to offer our customers the best possible basis.

Our main focus for 2020 is on the following parts.

Spring elements. Since retrofitting would be extremely expensive here, our solution is simply to use only top models.
Brakes. Especially with e-bikes but also with the 29er enduros, which reach enormous speeds on the descent, an indestructible, strong braking system is a must. This is why Magura's MT5 is fitted with large discs on all bikes in this category.
Impellers. The FUNN wheels that we use have the features of much more expensive parts and that at a very competitive weight.
Handles. Well, swapping handles doesn't cost the world now, but now that we have installed the stickiest and most comfortable option out of the box, DMRs Death Grips, this is completely unnecessary.
Circuit. Since everything from the freewheel to the lever often has to be swapped for an upgrade, we save you that. Complete SRAM GX without mix on the house.

For all the other components such as the cockpit, saddle, etc., we use the light and stable parts from FUNN.