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Flowchart with every potion and its simplest brewing options

Brew is the method used to make Potions, Throwing Potions, and Lingering Potions in Minecraft.

General instructions for brewing

Brewing stand with the filling of Lohenstaub on the left, a place for the ingredient at the top and three places for bottles at the bottom.

In order to be able to brew, you have to create or find a brewing stand (igloo, church or ship in the end), place it and right-click on it. An ingredient can be placed in the single upper space to be distilled into the lower spaces, which can contain glass bottles and / or potions. Lohen dust is required for brewing, which is poured into the twisted tube on the left and slides down. One Lohenstaub is enough for 20 brewing processes, but an interrupted brewing process also consumes one unit of the Lohenstaub catalyst.

A brewing process starts after the tan dust has been filled in and when the upper space and at least one of the lower spaces are filled, and is indicated by the animated row of bubbles on the left. At the same time, the progress of the brewing is indicated by the arrow on the right. When it is full, the brewing process is complete. The ingredient has been used up and the contents of the glass bottle change depending on the ingredient. In addition, a brewing process is withdrawn from the combustion chamber, which must be refilled after 20 brewing processes.

As long as at least one of the three lower spaces is filled, brewing will continue and additional water bottles or potions can be added. If the ingredient is removed or the bottom three slots are empty at any point in the process, the process will end and nothing will be brewed.

Objects for brewing

The following items are related to brewing. However, the boiler can be replaced by any other source of water. It was originally intended for mixing potions until the brewing booth existed.

Surname picture Use
Brewing standDistilled ingredients in glass bottles.
LohenstaubIs required as an educt for all brewing processes. One tan dust is enough for 20 started brewing processes.
glass bottleVessel for all potions.
boilerCan be filled with a water bucket.
Each kettle can fill three bottles.
Water bottleThe basis for all potions.
Made by filling a glass bottle with water
(at a normal water source or a kettle filled with water).


The ingredients determine which potion is made. Basic potions are those that have no effect. They are the basis for everyone Effect potions. This can be due to another ingredient extended or reinforced become. Nether warts are required for all potions, except for the Potion of Weakness.

Basic materials [edit]

The main raw material for brewing are nether warts. This becomes the Strange potion brewed, which is the basis for most other potions. Other basic substances change the potions in the same way: they lengthen, strengthen or deteriorate them or create a throwable version.

Surname picture Characteristics
Nether wartIngredient for the Strange potionwhich is the basis for most potions.
RedstoneWith this basic substance, the duration of action of many potions can be extended.
Glowstone dustThis basic substance can be used to increase the strength of many potions, which reduces the duration of their effects.
Fermented spider eyeWith this base material, a negative potion can be brewed from many positive potions.
GunpowderA throwable version of the potion is brewed with this base material. However, this will reduce the duration of the effect.
Dragon breathA lingering version of the toss potion is brewed with this raw material.

Effect ingredients [edit]

These ingredients create the potion's status effect, which it has on the player or creature.

Potions [edit]

Basic potions [edit]

All Basic potions are brewed with a water bottle and the first ingredient. They can be mixed with black powder to make throwing potions. They have no effect and are the starting material for the effect potions.

Effect potions [edit]

Effect potions are usually brewed from a base potion with an additional ingredient. There are a few exceptions: the Potion of weakness can also be brewed without a base potion. The Drink of slowness, harm and of invisibility cannot be brewed from basic potions, but only from other effect potions. All effect potions can be combined with black powder to make throwing potions. They can also be lengthened or strengthened with other ingredients.

Extended effect potions [edit]

Redstone can be used to extend the duration of many - but not all - potions. In some cases, extended potions can also be brewed from other extended potions by adding a fermented spider's eye. The extended effect potions can also be combined with black powder to make throwing potions.