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The ARD team in the Middle East

News from Israel and Palestine:

Mass panic in Israel: "a terrible disaster"

    At least 45 dead, many injured: the gruesome end of a major religious event in Israel raises questions about the causes and responsible. Eyewitness reports give an increasingly clearer picture of the events.


    Holiday Lag Baomer: Dozens of dead on festival in Israel

    According to rescue workers, dozens of pilgrims were killed in a crowd at a large Jewish festival in northern Israel. Thousands of ultra-Orthodox had celebrated the Jewish holiday of Lag Baomer in Meron.


    Morgan Freeman suddenly speaks German

    An Israeli start-up wants to replace voice actors for films or series with artificial intelligence - with software that digitally processes original voices.


    Bethlehem: emptiness in the Church of the Nativity

    Bethlehem is suffering badly from the Corona crisis because there are no more tourists coming to the city.

    Lockdown blues in Israel

    The second lockdown in Israel is a disaster, especially for smaller businesses and the self-employed.

    Israel: One city - two Corona worlds

    A few meters can be decisive in Barta'a: Those who live in the Israeli part of the village are better protected against the corona virus than the residents of the Palestinian part.



    The divided village: Barta'a in Israel and the West Bank

      The border between Israel and the West Bank runs through the middle of the village of Barta’a. Some of the residents are Palestinians, the others are Israelis. The differences are particularly clear in the corona pandemic.

      Tourism boom in the West Bank

        The UN tourism organization recently surprised everyone with a report: The Palestinian territories recorded the highest increase in visitor numbers in 2017 so far. But the boom is almost completely bypassed in numerous cities.

        The crime of others