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Beauty questions explained in a nutshell - everything about eye make-up

Colorful, creative and a very personal statement - eye make-up is the favorite of many beauty junkies. Because here there are endless possibilities to discover trends, underline your own advantages and try out new colors.

For everyone who has always wanted to know more about it, we have collected and answered frequently asked questions about eye make-up.

What helps against slipping, smudging eyeshadows?

The reasons why eye shadow settles in the crease of the eyelid are the movements of our eyes and our own skin oil that allows the product to smear. On the other hand, an “eyeshadow base”, an eyeshadow primer that you apply thinly with your fingers before any other product, helps. For this purpose, many make-up artists also use skin-colored eyeshadow or some powder that they dust over the eyelid. Both products also act like a primer and extend the adhesive strength.

What are the best make-up tips for women who wear glasses?

Due to the refraction of the glass, the eyes appear smaller in myopia and therefore have to be made up larger. Light and pastel-like tones are therefore particularly suitable as eyeshadows because they open the eye. Dark kohl, on the other hand, should be avoided entirely, as it makes the eye appear smaller.

With farsightedness, the eyes can appear very large through the glass filter. Women with high diopters should therefore use matte eye shadows in muted colors such as gray or brown. A dark eyeliner is also ideal to make the eyes look a little smaller.

Do eyelash curlers damage eyelashes in the long term?

With the correct application, nothing speaks against the use of an eyelash curler. However, it should always be used before ink, otherwise the fine hairs on the lash line can break off. Too much pressure leads to unsightly creases and can also help lashes break off faster. The forceps should also never be applied too close to the transition to the lid, otherwise it can be very painful.

How do you fill in the eyebrows?

First of all, every woman has to find the perfect shape for herself, because only with perfectly shaped eyebrows can you get the perfect frame for expressive eye make-up. For this purpose, a brush handle or the like is simply placed straight on the inner corner of the eye and ideally the eyebrows begin exactly above the inner corner of the eye.

Then the brush handle is led from the outer corner of the eye and towards the nose. The stem now marks the end of the eyebrow. Various products are suitable for filling in the eyebrows. Eyebrow pencils and special powders are very often used, but normal eye shadow can also be used for this and applied with a narrow brush in the direction of growth.

What makes the eyelashes look longer?

For women with short eyelashes, small brushes with short bristles are suitable because they grasp every little eyelash at the base and bend it upwards. Special two-phase mascaras with a white base also lengthen the eyelashes. As an insider tip among some make-up artists, dusting the eyelashes with a little powder has also proven itself. This gives the fine hairs more fullness and makes them appear more voluminous and longer.

How do you apply mascara without sticking your eyelashes together?

Don't apply too many coats. Make-up artists recommend applying the eyelashes twice so that they become nice and thick. After the first ink process, you should wait about three minutes for the ink to dry completely before starting again.

How do you accentuate your brows naturally?

Too dark and too heavily made-up brows quickly appear hard and unnatural. It is therefore advisable to use the brow pencil or powder to only emphasize the curve of the brow and / or fill in small gaps. Be careful when choosing colors: light types use beige or light brown, dark types can accordingly fall back on darker nuances. Black should not be used for coloring.

What is the beauty blender?

A beauty blender is an oval-shaped sponge with which make-up can be applied particularly finely. Due to its shape and processing, it adapts particularly well to the contours of the face and helps to achieve an even, flawless complexion with a professional finish.

What is the difference between kohl and eyeliner?

Kajal is a charcoal pencil that can be thicker or thinner. Eyeliner has a different consistency - the most famous form is the liquid eyeliner, which is a little more difficult to apply and requires a steady hand. There are also eyeliner pencils and creamy eyeliners that make the eyeliner look less harsh.

What types of eyeliner lines are there?

The classic way is to draw an even line directly over the upper lash line - from the inner lash line to the outer edge. The line can also taper upwards with a small curve.

New eyeliner styles are z. For example, the “smokey look”, in which dark kohl, preferably with the tip of a sponge, is placed far outside on the upper lid and the lid is painted far beyond the corner of the eye and the color is blended. For those who like it more subtle, draw a classic eyeliner line on the upper eyelid - but with the end just tapering off instead of swinging upwards. The lower eyelid is not painted. A cool, modern look that opens your eyes!

How do you apply liquid eyeliner?

It is best to draw the eyeliner in front of a slightly magnifying mirror. You should be able to prop up your elbows to keep your hand steady. Then a line is drawn over the upper lash line with the eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye (or from the middle of the eyelid) to the outside - starting with a thin line that becomes wider towards the outside.

Individual points can also be set, which are then connected to one another to form a uniform line. The eye should then remain closed for a few seconds so that the eyeliner can dry.

Extra tip: An eyeshadow base as a primer not only ensures that the eyeshadow lasts longer, but also prevents the eyeliner from running too quickly.

How do you fix eyeliner errors?

Mishaps with liquid eyeliner are not as easy to correct as eyeliner pickers. However, if something goes wrong, the color can be dabbed away with a damp cotton swab, which should therefore always be close at hand.

Which colors are the best for eyeliner?

The classic eyeliner is black or brown. Both tones can be worn "alone" or combined with colored eyeshadow. With light hair color and skin, however, z. B. dark blue or brown, which are also softer than classic black. A striking colored eyeliner that emphasizes your own eye color is even more intense - the selection of products is currently very large and ranges from green to purple to fine gold and glittering silver.

How do I shape my eyebrows?

You can easily determine the perfect individual eyebrow shape yourself. All you need for this is a pen that you place on the alar of the nose and at the same time on the inner corner of the eye. The ideal starting point is where the pencil and eyebrow meet. If you now run the pencil through the pupil, so to speak, you will get the highest point of the brow. Pushed a little further - over the outer corner of the eye - this intersection marks the ideal end point of the eyebrow.

How do you trim your brows?

Always in the direction of growth. With angled tweezers, eyebrows can be plucked into the right shape, as they capture even the finest hairs. Too long hairs are cut with the scissors. If you are unsure, it is better to use stencils or let the professional do it.

What techniques are there besides plucking?

Plucking isn't the only technique for shaping your eyebrows. You can also epilate them with warm wax. The thread technique, which is considered to be one of the oldest forms of epilation, is also becoming increasingly popular. However, due to its complicated application, it should best be carried out by a professional (beautician, hairdresser).

What emphasizes the eyebrows?

You can have your eyebrows tinted at the hairdresser's or beautician. But you can also choose the special brow color yourself. It is particularly important for light types that the color is not too dark, as this can quickly look unnatural. Women who do not want to go to re-dyeing regularly use eyebrow pencils or powders. The hairs can of course be traced and filled with wooden or pencil pencils. Those who want a particularly long-lasting result can even have their eyebrows tattooed with permanent make-up.

To emphasize eyebrows, one uses eyebrow pencils or eyebrow powder. (Image: Olena Yakobchuk -

Can you care for your eyebrows?

There are now special eyelash and eyebrow serums that stimulate hair growth and care for the fine hairs. But you can also give them an extra dose of care with a few common home remedies. Castor oil is an insider tip among home remedies. Because of its nourishing properties, castor oil is also part of many care products these days.

Do eyebrows grow stronger and darker as soon as you pluck them?

No, because the number of hair roots is genetically determined. They do not grow back when they are plucked.

How do you recognize the best mascara brush?

It all depends on what effect you want to achieve. If you have long eyelashes, it is best to opt for a thick brush that applies a lot of color, with short eyelashes a narrow brush ensures length, curved brushes conjure up curvature.

Are there any tricks for particularly long and voluminous eyelashes?

For a particularly large volume, a "base" can be applied first. This mostly white "primer" envelops the individual lashes so that they are more voluminous and longer even before the ink is applied. Then apply mascara - the XXL eyelashes are ready!

Does mascara have an expiration date?

Usually six months after first opening. Care should be taken to ensure that the mascara is always well sealed - oxygen dries out. Therefore: do not "pump" into the tube - and regularly remove dried-on paint residues from the opening so that these do not prevent the mascara from closing completely.

Do I always have to remove my make-up?

Yes, definitely - if the eyelashes are not removed from make-up in the evening, they can break. Therefore, all mascara residues should be thoroughly removed with a special eye make-up remover. If nobody is at hand in an emergency, e.g. B. because it was forgotten while traveling, you can also remove make-up with a rich face cream.

Which ink helps against brittle eyelashes?

With brittle eyelashes, waterproof mascara should be avoided. It is better to use a mascara with nourishing ingredients, e.g. B. Aloe vera or beeswax.


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