Nimmagadda Prema Chowdary Veerender

Frosting N Fashion

Most of you people know me as a cake designer! Well there is another girly side of me that itself is motivated to design my cakes in a fashionable way. I find inspiration in what ever I see, feel, hear and touch. Yes, fashion is my passion and it comforts the way of my living.

A small town girl born in India, grown up and graduated from Melbourne, Australia and settled down in United States. I believe, neither a small town nor a big city matters if you have the passion! things will fall your way and will lay a floral path through out.

Daughter to a loving mom and wife to a handsome husband, life has never been much exciting with these two as they shower the endless support in every step of mine.
Fashion to me is fun, the way you play with clothes defines your personality. If you are not much of a fashionable person, that is fine too. one doesn't have to be a fashionista to talk about fashion. Things that bring you comfort, colors that brightens your day and the walk that elevates your self esteemed personality is what fashion is all about.

My blog is personalized not just for me to talk about fashion but to hear from different people in their own words. I will write for me, for friends, businesses, for weddings, for different occasions and all other good stuff who want to share their memories and ideas about fashion and how it take part in life.


Welcome my lovely people!
I'm Prema, a frosting n fashion addict.