The crystal report 13 flashes when it is scrolling

Read out error code yourself?

Matthias is of course right, there are errors that cannot be read out. Just as you cannot read the tread depth of the tires, of course
In the somewhat older vehicles, the faults in the gearbox, for example, are not stored in the fault memory of the car, so they cannot be read out via OBD, unfortunately. However, this is no longer the case with newer vehicles.

I have my plug from
They cost a little more, but they definitely work with ALL standards. With the ebay things the problem is that europe, usa and japan use different protocols to read out the memory. Therefore you will usually only find those on ebay with the description for vw or audi, they DO NOT work with jeeps. I don't have the prices of in my head, but I mean the adapter is completely finished at 90, as a kit for soldering yourself at 60. But the ELM chip in there can also handle all protocols, that is, everything that the plug you can read it out with it. I paid 130 at the time, I ordered some decent software right away.
The adapter runs over a USB converter chip from ask-me-dead, so far I have successfully read our jeeps, our van, a Ford Windstar, a Fiat Punto and a Touran with my laptop (win xp sp2), works without any problems.
Oh, one more thing: You can read out the fault memory on all vehicles with OBD2, but the number of live sensors varies. With our 5.0 I can measure approx. 12 live values, with the van are 20.
Information from the head, it's been something that I've tried


the Tobi

PS: If you are around you can contact me, then I'll show you the thing