Innermetrix assessment and how to respond

This is the best way to answer "Why should we hire you?"

You're almost there! The interview went well, you did an excellent job and you were in a positive mood. And then it comes, one of the toughest interview questions. "Why should we hire you of all people?"

And now it's getting serious. Here is your chance to convince your interlocutor of you - but it is next to impossible to answer correctly. Yes, why should you hire us? You work in the company, how do we know if we really fit in? But of course you can't reveal that. So how do you answer correctly?

"Almost every candidate will answer the question by praising themselves," writes former HR manager Liz Ryan in an article for the business magazine "Forbes". But begging for the job and praising yourself to heaven is the worst thing you can do.

Now you are faced with a dilemma: do not exaggerate and praise yourself to the sky, but also do not put your light under a bushel - how does that work?

Here are four possible answers that Liz Ryan thinks is good:

1. Why should we hire you?

“If I get it right, this position takes a lot of quick action all day, and that's exactly the kind of job I thrive in. I love to always have something to do and to perform many functions. Is my assessment of the position correct? "

2. Why should we hire you?

“To be honest, I find it difficult to truthfully say that you absolutely have to hire me because you have already met other candidates or will meet more and of course I don't know them.

But what I can say for sure is that I am very excited about the company and its future prospects. So far I have worked very successfully in inventory management and production planning. I love it, and if I'm the right person for the job for you, I really look forward to continuing the conversation. "

3. Why should we hire you?

“If I got the job, it would be my third inventory management job. The reason I love inventory is because it's about tangible things - parts and finished products - not just numbers in tables.

I like to work with tangible things. I enjoy organizing inventory systems and watching products come off the assembly line. For this reason, I feel drawn to jobs in the manufacturing industry. "

4. Why should we hire you?

“In the course of our conversation, you mentioned that it is a challenge to keep spare parts available for products that are only produced in small quantities. At my last job, I set up a system with the suppliers for these spare parts.

I created a report that showed us when our parts were running low. We almost never ran out of spare parts again. I love identifying the most time-consuming problem in a company and solving it. "

Don't explain that you are the best, explain why you love the job

As you can see, the trick is not to praise yourself and say, "I'm the smartest and best for the job." It consists of showing with concrete examples that you enjoy working in the industry. Because only a concrete example will convince the HR manager and show him that your claims are more than just hot air.

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