Bov fluttering noise when accelerating

Fluttering noises when accelerating

MCV1 1.5 dCi, 86 PS, Laura Comet Gray metallic, 07/2009
That was my first thought too.

First of all, a warm welcome here!

First try a simple measure to get rid of the noise.

Why don't you go to such a self-service wash cubicle.
The coin-operated vacuum cleaners there, in contrast to the domestic ones, are designed for a relatively high air throughput.

Remove the suction nozzle from a vacuum cleaner there and place the hose directly on the corresponding round nozzle in the vehicle.
*** But first close the 3 other round nozzles ***!

In this way you get the entire suction power on a single nozzle connection to the blower housing, which could loosen a foreign body.

Before doing so, select the ventilation position for the round nozzles using the selector knob, otherwise everything will fizzle out in nirvana.

Good luck!