How does the Uview app work

Clubhouse: This is how the new social app works

The rooms already mentioned play a crucial role in Clubhouse. Every user of the app has the option of either opening a room himself or joining a public space. Those who prefer to stay among themselves can also open up a private room in which to communicate undisturbed with their friends.

  • If you are in a room that interests you, you can take on three different user roles.
  • Moderators lead the discussions and have the task of turning users into active speakers by bringing them onto the virtual "stage". In turn, moderators also have the competence to remove speakers from the stage.
  • Asspeakertake an active part in the conversation and contribute to speeches.
  • If you'd rather thanlistenersWhen you enter a room, you can initially only listen passively and follow the discussion - just like a live podcast. If you would like to contribute something in the course of the conversation, you can simply give a hand signal at the push of a button to the moderator that he is bringing you onto the stage.
  • Using a calendar view, there is an overview of planned rooms so that you do not miss out on exciting discussions.