Guangzhou Huancuiyuan hardware wholesale market

Mobile glass showcase

Guangzhou BYIDA Shelf, specialized in hardware production and procession. We focus on wholesale, import and export service for over 10 years. Our product range includes storage racks, shelves for storing clothes, shelves for pharmacies, souvenir shops, toy stores, grocery supermarkets, Industrial machinery and hardware stores and so on.We have our own factory, and a total of more than ten cooperation factories, advanced equipment and professional technology make our products competitive in price and quality.

Our goal is to always provide the total solution to our customers; we target the customer experience, from layout design to production and processing to post-sale installation. We know our customers 'needs and understand our customers' thoughts, so to ensure our service, we have experienced technicians who have been working for 20 years, professional designers who can draw 3D design, CAD floor plan and a highly skilled production manager, we believe that with our sincere hospitality, we can help our customers and partners save money, worry and time. "We suffer, we get stronger" is our spirit. "Take customers as our best friends, not for profit, only for the best service" is our business philosophy. We never stop improving, so we grow fast. We have had stable and good relationships with our customers for over 20 years established, particularly in Australia, South Asia, America, Canada, Africa and Europe.