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How do you play bingo online?

Where does bingo come from?

When you think of bingo, you immediately have one image in your head: a room full of people with their glasses on their noses, concentrating on gazing at dusty pieces of paper. On the edge a woman in apron turning a wheel full of yellow balls. However, the fact is thatBingo is played by more than 100 million people around the world and that in different forms and variants. It can be cheered in a bingo hall or with the family in front of the television.Nowadays, bingo is also available online, so you can at any time of the day and from any place to be there.

When and where was bingo played first? Sources of origin lead to the 16th Century back to Italy, here one coined the early Game variant. Later, in Mozart's time around 1800, the wealthy aristocrats in France paved the way. Today's game concept was developed through its spread in the rest of Europe: simple game rules and fast game play.

It wasn't until the early 20th century that the game traveled across the Atlantic to the United States to become known as the bingo we know today.At the time, however, the name was "Beano". It all changed when one player won and instead said, full of ecstasy, "Bingo!" called. By 1940 the game had really picked up speed and was popular across the country.

Today, bingo, whether offline or online, is very common worldwide. The numerous variants fall under the category of number games and are therefore considered to be descendants of the parlor game lottery.

It is particularly popular in the USA, the Philippines and the UK, and so do celebrities likeCatherine Zeta-Jones, Cristiano Ronaldo and Robbie Williams have also proven to be real bingo lovers.

How can you win at bingo?

No matter which variant of bingo you play, the basic principles often look the same. In short, it is a wheel with an opening that spins and randomly ejects balls with different numbers. On your square piece of paper you can tick the numbers of the balls drawn and create your winning pattern. Depending on the game variant, there are up to 75, 85 or 90 balls, each with a number in the wheel.

Thats how it works:

• Choose a bingo game and how many numbers you want to play.

• If the randomly drawn number matches one on your bingo card, the first thing you do is mark the field. Hopefully such a pattern can be created from the lines, which then leads to profit. Which patterns mean a potential win amount depends on which variant of bingo you are playing.

• In bingo halls it is important "Bingo!" Say it out loud to signal your win to all participants. Because this way everyone knows that you are the first player to fill out a row or a pattern on your bingo slip. On the other hand, when you play online it happens automatically, but of course you can still "Bingo!" For fun. call.

Play bingo online in Lottoland

Of course we also have bingo! You can also let the balls roll here. In our extensive game library you will find two different versions of the lottery-inspired classic - bingo and 90 ball bingoBoth games follow the basic principles but have some differences:

•   bingo is designed in a traditional way, with the classic bingo cards lined up against the blue background and the illuminated bingo sign. Here you can choose up to six bingo cards to make room for different pattern combinations with the 75 balls spinning around the wheel. Start by choosing your bet. If you want, you can also choose an autoplay function. To win, you must match the balls against the patterns, which can include anything from classic lines to champagne glasses and frames. If you get a full token, this can mean a multiplier of 1,000,000!

•  90 ball bingo has a slightly different design on its bingo cards than the lavender decor. In the wheel in the upper right corner, balls with numbers between 1 and 90 roll forward. Here, too, you can play with up to six tickets at the same time. You can win prizes by filling your bingo card with different patterns, for example with a plus sign or a pyramid. The maximum win, i.e. a full token, can generate a multiplier 50,000 times. The total potential win amount therefore depends on how much you deposited as a bet.

You can of course test both games in a demo version first to see how they work and which one is best for you.

Curious about other lottery games? Check out the offer here! With us in Lottoland you will not only find the biggest lotteries in the world, such as MegaMillions and PowerBall. Variants of the popular KENO, numerous national millionaire games and our extensive games library are also waiting for you. We wish you the best of luck, with or without bingo beans!