Reinforcement of the firewall VPN configuration What is it

If a VPN connection cannot be established on the Windows server, this could also be due to these firewall rules!

A VPN connection is essential for a secure connection in the company network or in the home network today. But sometimes it can happen that a connection does not want to work. There can of course be a lot of different possibilities as to why that might be. One possible cause could be the Windows Firewall represent. So it is quite conceivable that the rules for the VPN access are not activated on the Windows VPN server.

Depending on which protocol is used, the rule can also be different. There are basically three pieces for this, which differ depending on the protocol.

  • Routing and Remote Access (GRE)
  • Routing and Remote Access (L2TP)
  • Routing and Remote Access (PPTP)

If the VPN access is not working properly, you should definitely use the Windows Firewall and check these rules. Of course you have to do both the detailed rules as well as the outgoing rules check.

The Windows firewall can be reached very quickly using the command "Wf.msc", which you type in the start menu and open with administrative rights. By the way, there are also public VPN providers that you can use to surf the Internet. One of them is e.g. SurfShark.

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